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   Chapter 122 Misunderstanding

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Victor nodded and said, "Zelda, go back to your room and have a rest. By the way, where is Sophia? " He looked around, but didn't see her in the living room.

Zelda yawned and stood up, replying, "Miss Sophia has been back for a long time. She might be resting upstairs now."

Victor walked up the stairs briskly and opened the door. Sophia, she sat on the edge of the bed, motionless.

Victor initially wanted to hug her, but the cold wind inside sent a chill down his spine. Taking a look at the window, he found it was open. He stepped forward and closed the window.

"The window is wide. Aren't you afraid of catching a cold?" Holding Sophia from behind, Victor buried his head around her shoulders, absorbed in the special scent from her.

After a whole day's work, what Victor expected most was this moment.

"I want to wake up for a while." Sophia's body was very stiff, and she sat still, let Victor do the intimate action.

Feeling that Sophia's emotions were not normal, Victor softened his action and asked in a low voice, "what are you sober about?"

"Clear my hot head." Sophia tried to control her feelings. But she always felt very disappointed. Sophia had to face the reality by strangling her neck.

She just came back from the jaws of death, and at this time, where was Victor, accompanying Teresa. He even accompanied another woman when Sophia was in danger.

Sophia's head top was covered by the huge palm from behind by Victor, which was rubbing her soft hair. He was exhausted physically and mentally, and he didn't want to play this so-called game with Sophia.

But Sophia remained unresponsive. She sat on the double bed, absent-minded and thinking about something.

It took Victor a long time to get excited, but now he was depressed to see Sophia's uncooperative behavior.

Then Sophia said gently, "it's late now. Go to bed. You must be very tired." Then Sophia got into bed and ignored Victor.

"What's going on?" Victor asked tenderly, as he strode towards her and held her in his arms.

After a while, Sophia asked, "why do you come back so late?"

A knowing smile spread across Victor's face. Knowing that Sophia had a fight with him because he had gone home late, he replied in a doting tone, "Teresa is in the hospital..."

Sophia interrupted him, "I don't want to know about your affairs!" Yes, she didn't want to know what happened to Teresa in the hospital at all.

Thinking carefully, Sophia felt that what had happened during this period was quite odd. It seemed that Sophia got this idea intentionally to separate her from Victor. No matter before, Jenny

n the darkness. He didn't know whether she fell asleep or not, but he knew that he missed her very much tonight, even though she was sleeping next to him.

Looking at Sophia which was lying with her back to him, Victor gently held her waist with his arm.

Sophia open her eyes in darkness and felt the weight of her waist. She sighed slightly. She knew that he felt bad, so was she

…… After returning from the hospital, Teresa wore a facial mask and comfortably leaned against a chair for imperial concubines. The hall was playing classical music, and Connie was reading a magazine on the sofa beside her.

Teresa was in a good mood tonight! She knew that if Sophia got raped, Victor wouldn't want to live with Sophia as he did now. After tonight, Sophia would be thrown away like a used rag by Victor!

She wanted to know how could Sophia compete with her for the man named Victor. Victor was hers, only hers. Whoever tried to take Victor from her must pay the price. No one could see the terrifying expression on Teresa's face under the mask.

The ringtone of her mobile phone broke the peace. Connie glanced at the screen and waved the phone to Teresa with a smile. Teresa immediately understood who was calling and sat up to wait for the good news.

"Hey, it's me." Connie answered the phone with a smile. Teresa turned to look at Connie expectantly, but to her surprise, Connie's face darkened after she heard what he said. Teresa suddenly had an ominous premonition. Was there something wrong with the flawless plan?

"I know!" Then Connie hung up. Seeing this, Teresa quickly asked, "what's wrong, mom? Is there anything wrong? "

"They failed. Sophia should have returned home now," Connie said, nodding with a cold face.

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