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   Chapter 121 Disappointed

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However, Jeremy was smart. He help Sophia at this critical moment indicated that she had a difficult relationship with Victor. Now what he wished the most was that Sophia could stay in the hospital for a few days, so that he could take care of Sophia.

"No, thanks." Sophia shook her head and reached for her cell phone on the bedside table. She looked at the time and found that it was nine o'clock to ten o'clock now.

"I want to go home, please, Jeremy." Sophia's lips were so pale that they had no blood. Since she was too tired, her eyes were also red. She begged Jeremy. All she wanted now was to stay at home and have a good sleep.

"But..." Jeremy wanted to refuse, but he couldn't bear to say anything more when he saw Sophia begged him like this. Well, let her be. Putting Jeremy's selfish motive aside, he thought since Sophia's health condition was not well, the most important thing for her was to have a good rest in the hospital.

Then Sophia struggled to sit up. Jeremy hastened to hold Sophia as soon as possible, lest she would feel unwell.

Sophia made her clothes and grabbed her handbag. She smiled at Jeremy with a pale face and said, "let's go."

Jeremy nodded and didn't look at Sophia anymore. Fearing that he couldn't control his emotions, he forced her to stay in the hospital and tried to protect her. In fact, Jeremy was angry when he got to the path. He had planned to give up the competition with Victor and let Sophia get the happiness she wanted. However, he didn't expect Sophia to be hurt so much.

Sophia had never offended anyone, so Jeremy was well aware that this must have something to do with Victor!

Although Sophia's physical strength recovered a lot, every step she took in the hospital was like walking on the blades of a knife. She ran for her life with bare feet. Her feet were covered with countless wounds.

How was she feeling now?

In the most difficult moment, her boyfriend who she got along with day and night could not give her the support she wanted, but she needed an outsider to help her.

Sophia was finally realized. Tolerance couldn't gain others' respect. If someone didn't fight back with a bad person, he could only be bullied all his life!

She was led into the elevator by Jeremy. The moment the elevator door closed, she said goodbye to old her. At the same time, the elevator door was closed. Arm in arm, Teresa hold Victor's arm walked towards the ward.

The four people missed perfectly.

The moonlight fell on the window, where the smiling face of Teresa was reflected.

"Thank you, Victor. Without you, I don't know what to do." Teresa said in a coaxing voice. There were some rashes on her face, but her temperature had declined. She might be fine.

Although Teresa pretended to be sick, she was very happy in her heart. She had never been so comfortable in the past few days. Every time she thought t

room, he suddenly remembered that this piece of news, which was about Sophia and him a few days ago, had been on the front page. So the news had finally subsided a little. If it was messed up by Teresa tonight, all his previous efforts would be wasted?

Victor turned around and asked gently, "what do you want, Teresa?"

"I just want you to accompany me!" The moment she opened her mouth, Teresa started to cry.

"I won't leave until you fall asleep. But you have to lie on the bed and go to sleep now!" Although it seemed that Victor was in the wrong, and he was giving an order that no one dared to resist.

Seeing that her goal was achieved, Teresa obediently jumped down from the window. To be honest, Teresa was a little scared by Victor's attitude. She was afraid that if she kept on arguing with him, Victor would really do some unreasonable things and fall out with her.

She looked at the clock on the wall again. It was almost half past eleven. Sophia's thing must had be done. Teresa even hoped that Mike could go home now and witness Sophia's dilemma!

"Victor, I'm sorry for being unreasonable. It's late and you don't have to wait for me to sleep. You can go home now!" Teresa changed her original attitude and said thoughtfully, "I don't want to stay in this hospital either. How about sending me home now?"

The idea of driving Teresa home was good. 'It's a good idea, ' Victor thought.

After they prepared for a while, Victor drove the car to send Teresa back to An family. Then Victor turned around and headed for his villa.


In Victor's villa.

When Sophia got home, she took a cold shower to wash herself. Then she opened the window to let the cold wind seal the warm current in the bedroom. Sitting alone in the big bedroom, Sophia waited for Victor.

"Sir, you are finally back!" Leaning against the door, Zelda almost fell asleep. She immediately woke up when she heard the noise.

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