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   Chapter 120 He Saved Her

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'Why does Victor always trample on my sensitive and fragile heart like this? When she needed and even her life was in danger, Victor was not with her. Instead, he stayed with a woman who was against her everywhere in the hospital.

The more Sophia thought about it, the more she felt disappointed. The two men behind her followed her slowly. She was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. Her mind was in a mess and didn't know how to get rid of the two men behind her.

Sophia took a look at the phone that was not connected, and had to try to text Jeremy.

The message simply read, "Jeremy, watch your wechat message and save me."

Then, Sophia opened the wechat app. Jeremy had quickly sent her a dialog box, so she successfully got the real-time location of Jeremy's phone.

Sophia put her cellphone back into the handbag. Sophia turned her head to look at those two people. Like before, they kept a short distance from Sophia.

The path was very remote. Sophia reached the middle of the path, which was the most desolate place. She looked up at the royal blue sky. There was no star in the sky after the rain. There was only a large grey cloud, which made Sophia's heart uneasy and more fear.

The middle part of the road seemed to have been empty for a long time. There were several street lamps that should have been on, but they were all out of power now. The road was stained with dust, and the light was not that much.

Sophia almost didn't walk on the night road alone. She always went to work with Victor, and sometimes she went home by subway during the daytime. Today she wanted to take the short route back, but she never thought that the seemingly ordinary road could be so frightening at night.

There was no fork in the path. They went straight from head to tail and directly went out. It should be the path that people conveniently take while deliberately stepped out. If Sophia wanted to escape, she could either use the high grass on the roadside to hide, or she could only bite the bullet and run out of the path to seek help from the passers-by outside.

Either way was risky.

It was hard to imagine that there were such desolate and remote roads in the bustling city.

Sophia looked down at the mobile phone and found that Jeremy's location was always moving, which should be on the way to come. But he was still far away from the here, so it would take him some time to get there. She had just reached the middle of the road and had to face the remaining long distance alone. If Sophia kept going on at this speed, she couldn't guarantee that she could still see the sun tomorrow!

Sophia glanced at the two men behind her with the corner of her eyes. They didn't want to let her go at all. Since she had been followed for so long, her heart was beating so fast that it could almost jump o


Seeing that the situation had been unfavorable, the two of them hesitated for a moment, grabbed their clothes that were thrown aside and escaped from this remote path.

When they ran away, Jeremy immediately walked up to Sophia. Looking at her in the grass, he felt sorry for her. He asked gently, "are you okay?"

Sophia's trembling body fell into the grass, leaving her fair skin exposed in the darkness. Due to the resistance just now and the injury caused by the sharp weeds and leaves, Sophia's skin was covered with countless red bloodstains.

Jeremy's heart missed a beat. He quickly took off his coat and covered Sophia.

Sophia said slowly, "I'm fine." Then she fainted.

Jeremy frowned. He held Sophia in his arms and strode towards the car parking not far away.

As the night grew darker, the bug frogs were still shouting, and the grass had returned to its peace, as if nothing had happened. A sound of engine rose, and Jeremy's car drove away from the remote path.

Lying on the back seat of the car, Jeremy wanted to take Sophia to the nearest hospital to have a check. Sophia's state couldn't let Jeremy rest his heart.

After a short period of coma, Sophia was choked by a pungent smell of disinfectant. When she opened her eyes, she saw white tiles and walls. Jeremy fixed his eyes on her and asked with concern, "how are you feeling now?"

Sophia wanted to speak, but her throat ached. Her head was dizzy. So she had to say softly, "it's not a big deal. Thank you, Jeremy. "

Jeremy put his ear on the bedside and listened carefully to Sophia. Then he touched Sophia's hair with love and said, "don't be so polite to me! The doctor said that you were all right. You just had a fright and passed out because you were too tired. How about you rest in the hospital for a few days? I can help you talk to Mr. Victor or you tell him yourself. "

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