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   Chapter 119 Come Back For Help

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"Of course. You have been well behaved and haven't made any trouble recently. Men like obedient women!" Connie patted on Teresa's shoulder and analyzed to her with her experience.

Teresa thought it was reasonable. She also hoped that Victor could get rid of Sophia as soon as possible. The thought that the man she loved was going to be her official fiance made Teresa's heart skip a beat.

The reason why Victor held a special place in her heart was not only because she was attracted for his powerful assets, but also because she adored him since she was a child. In fact, he was the best husband in Teresa's heart. And what's more, the dream of Teresa since her childhood was to be the wife of Victor. For this reason, she was constantly flattering Xiao family's members and trying to pretend to be a good fiancee of Xiao family.

At the same time, Connie's ultimate goal was "to enjoy the wealth of the rest of her life". Seeing that this goal was about to be achieved, she could not hold back the excitement in her heart.

"Victor often worked overtime in the company, and Sophia gets home alone most of the time. How about we take her back tomorrow?" Teresa was a little anxious. She wanted to make everything as planned right now, and Victor had kicked Sophia out of his life early next morning.

Grabbing Teresa's hands, which had been excited but quickly turned into fists for fighting, Connie said in a soft voice, "Teresa, don't be carried away with intoxication. We have to think of a perfect plan to separate them so that we can have the chance to take action."

By this time, Teresa had calmed down a lot. Thoughtfully, she nodded in favor of what Connie had said. If she wanted to solve the problem between Victor and Sophia, she must solve it once for all.

We can't fail this plan

…… A few days later.

When it was just five o'clock in the afternoon, the sun had already disappeared in the sky. It was cool with the wind, which made people feel particularly comfortable. It was a rare cloudy day today.

But somehow, Sophia had a bad feeling when she looked at the sky outside the window. Her heart beat so fast that she felt a little uneasy.

"What are you thinking about? I'm off duty." This tall man had already stood behind Sophia. He naturally stretched out his arm and held on to Sophia's slender waist.

Sophia turned around and leaned her head against Victor's strong chest. It was the first time for Victor to finish his work before he got off work for more than half a month. Sophia was happy and relieved. She closed her eyes and listened to Victor's rhythmic heartbeat.

All of a sudden, some hurried footsteps came from outside the office. Then, Teresa's voice was heard in the whole office.

"Victor, I seem to be allergic. My whole body is red and swollen, and my forehead is very hot. What should I do

te, and her uneasiness was getting stronger...

When she came out of the subway station, it was already dark outside. The road was full of the smell of earth, so she guessed that it had been a heavy rain. However, the air was still drizzling. And the raindrops on Sophia's body could just reduce her burning body temperature.

To get home from the subway station, Sophia had to go through a remote and somewhat desolate road, on which there were only a few street lights. As it was the entrance to the villa area, there were very few people passing this road.

Maybe it was because of the bad weather today, Sophia felt cold on her back when she walked on this path. It seemed that there was someone watching her secretly.

As expected, when Sophia walked to the corner of the path, the weak light shone on the grass beside her, and there were two people following her not far from her.

The grass on this path seemed to have not been trimmed for a long time. It had grown to half a man's head, which could exactly cover Sophia's shank. And there were all kinds of the sound of all kinds of fine insects in the grass, from time to time a breeze with a hint of cold. She couldn't help shivering.

Sophia today was in a white knee length dress, just like a ghost fleeing in the night. Her heart sank. Her day's uneasiness seemed to be a sign of what was coming.

Sophia quickened her pace. On her way, she took out her cell phone and called Victor. But the line was always busy. Just when she was about to hang up, there seemed to be a voice on the other end of the line.

Sophia was happy, but a cold female voice came through, "the other party is on the phone... Her phone was hung up!" Then, Sophia received a short message, which read, "I'm in the hospital with Teresa. If you have something to tell me, we can talk about it when I am back home."

Seeing this message, Sophia's heart sank.

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