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   Chapter 118 Victor's Rejection

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The employees didn't expect Sophia could say this. They were all dumbfounded.

"You are being other's mistress and rebuking us like this!" Said Mrs. Wang sourly, holding her arms. This rekindled the topic that had just been destroyed by Sophia.

"Although Sophia is beautiful, it might be a whole plastic surgery."

Hearing this, Teresa raised her eyebrows and said slowly, "I don't know whether Miss Sophia's face looks natural or not, but the clothes she wears are fake."

The crowd sighed, "no wonder she is a faker. Everything is faked!"

"No matter how she dressed herself up, she must be a fake. How could she get married and become a phoenix?" Thinking of Sophia's arrogant image, Teresa was enraged. She couldn't believe that Sophia wanted to marry into Xiao family and be the wife of Victor? No way, not even in her next life!

Teresa stared in the direction that Sophia was leaving, and thought, 'Sophia, your happy life isn't long.'

In the next few days, Sophia would always hear the discussions of Teresa and other colleagues on various occasions. At the beginning, she could not accept it. But after a long time, she was tired of hearing it. But people were still talking about her unremittingly. Obviously, Sophia had become a hot topic in the company.

After a brief reflection, Sophia got to know several points that had been discussed: being with Victor had destroyed the relationship between Teresa and Victor; being beautiful and doubtful about plastic surgery...

Thinking of this, Sophia smiled helplessly. She took over the water from the tap and patted her face gently to relieve the tiredness of staying in the office in the afternoon.

Sophia went out work alone, today. When she was about to leave, Victor asked her to go home first since he had to work overtime. Perhaps it was because Sophia had guessed it earlier, she didn't show any surprise on her appearance. However, the sense of loss in her heart grew heavier and heavier. After struggling for a while, she left the office with her bag.

When Sophia thought about this, Victor had been very busy with the company these days. And meanwhile, she had led a boring life. Hence, it could easily cause a lot of negative emotions for Sophia if Victor was too busy to keep Sophia company.

After thinking it over, Sophia decided to register for a training class, and she could charge it in her spare time.

Sophia also got something she needed to focus on. She wanted to be an independent woman instead of paying attention to men. She wanted to live for herself.

When she thought of this, Jeremy's name appeared on Sophia's screen of her phone.

Sophia pick up her phone. Jeremy's gentle voice rang again. "Sophia, are you free tonight? Can I have a dinner with you?"

"Well..." Sophia subconsciously wanted to refuse.

Jeremy forcefully in

e Jeremy a favor for some small matters.

Jeremy sighed in his heart. Although he knew he would be refused, he still hoped that Sophia could accept his help.

Seeing that Jeremy was a little embarrassed, Sophia cautiously put her chopsticks on the plate and sat in a serious manner. "Thank you for helping me so much. After a pause, she continued, "friend!"

Of course, Jeremy understood what Sophia meant. He nodded and took up the chopsticks to take another dish the nearest to him. He ate it quickly, trying to hide his emotions.

Sophia didn't talk anymore. She looked out of the window.

…… By this time, S City was shrouded in the night. The too bustling streets had made people forget who they were and lost many vigorous hearts...

Teresa was busy too. In the living room, she was busy discussing with her mother, Connie. How to make Sophia get defeated and keep Sophia away from Victor.

"Mom, do you mean that all the contacts have been made?" The excitement of Teresa had clearly shown on her good-looking face. While speaking, she leaned towards Connie and held her arm, acting like a spoiled child.

Connie didn't resist the intimacy between Teresa and her. After all, she had cared about Teresa since she was a child. Connie nodded. She actually felt a little scared in her heart, but she had the cheers that she could get rid of Sophia. A weird smile appeared on her face. Connie asked tenderly, "how's the relationship between Sophia and Victor?"

Speaking of this topic, Teresa was a little bit complacent. She raised her head half and said proudly, "it's not easy for Sophia to get together with Victor every day. It's rare that they get together in the office and get so busy with their own things that they don't even have a chance to talk!" Teresa blinked again and said shyly, "besides, I don't think that Victor has been rejecting me as much as he did before..."

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