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   Chapter 117 Gossip

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Teresa came in half way and looked at Victor and Sophia innocently. Holding the two glasses, she tiptoed to Victor's desk.

Victor thought it was his subordinate who had something to report to him, so he finally raised his head up from the files. But when he saw it was Teresa, he then went back to work, poker faced.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you and Sophia's work. It's all my fault. I would take you a little time!" Teresa cautiously put a glass of water on the desk in front of Victor, and then put the other one on Sophia's desk.

"It's so hot outside. I think you are so busy that you don't have time to prepare the sunstroke. If you don't mind..."

Teresa's voice was pleasant to hear. She tried to put on a smile, hoping that Victor could notice her. To Teresa's surprise, Victor just glanced at her the moment she walked in and then ignored her. Which annoyed Teresa a lot.

"Sophia, I know how busy Victor is. Why don't you have a taste first?" Noticing that Victor didn't respond, Teresa paid her attention to Sophia besides. Teresa asked Sophia cautiously to find a sense of existence.

Sophia didn't expect Teresa to talk to her, so Sophia felt a little awkward and didn't know what to do. She took up the glass that Teresa handed to her. Although it was only a glass, the body of the glass was delicately carved, which indicated that the glass was very expensive. However, when Sophia thought of the usual attitude of Teresa, Sophia couldn't even be perfunctory. So she said coldly, "Miss Teresa, if you have nothing else to do, you can go back. We still have something to deal with..."

Hearing this Teresa was rage, but she dared not act that she was close to Victor. So, she said, "what's up? I've just arrived, and you have to ask me to leave." Then, ignoring Sophia's expression, she directly sat on the sofa to receive the guests.

It was natural for Sophia to object to Teresa's request, but Sophia couldn't make any comments since Victor didn't say anything.

Sitting at the main desk, Victor was immersed in his work and had no time to think about what was going on. He only knew that Teresa came here with a glass of water for him, and then he didn't care about anything else. After all, he didn't want to waste even one second on such a woman.

Time is money for Victor now.

…… Although Teresa didn't know what was on Victor's mind, she was glad that Victor didn't turn her down. Teresa glanced at Sophia, flaunting. The gentleness and modesty on her face disappeared all of a sudden. She put her hands on the handle of the sofa aside and sat there squarely. Obviously, she was the hostess.

Sophia knew that Teresa was deliberately provoking her. But she still couldn't control her anxiety. It was not easy for them to enjoy a 'happy moment' with each other since Victor stayed in the company today, and now the 'lovers world' wa

es began to gossip about her. Most of them blamed Sophia for being such a bad woman who was doing shady things

After throwing a glimpse at her colleagues, Teresa continued, "it's understandable, though. I heard that Miss Sophia was born out of wedlock, right? She must be trying her best to marry into a rich family so that she could realize her childhood regret! Hehe. "

After that, Teresa covered her mouth and laughed. Seeing this, colleagues also laughed.

At this moment, no one spoke. Sophia got out of Teresa's back, with a document in her hand. She said to the department director, "redo it and send it here tomorrow morning." Then she turned around and was about to leave.

A female colleague who didn't get used to Sophia said, "you are so cold-blooded. Don't put on airs. The real fiancee is not order. But she..."

Other colleagues who dared to make a sound echoed, "yes, you're right. She is no big deal! If I were her, I would have left on my own! "

"Because she is pretty, she can do whatever she wants!" The buzz of conversation rose among the crowd.

Sophia had walked out of the room slowly. Her eyes were red and tears were about to fall down. Sophia raised her head and looked straight up at the ceiling. She kept telling herself that she could cry, but she didn't have to admit defeat. It was no big deal. She could hear everything clearly but forgot it immediately.

However, the employees didn't see any reaction from Sophia so it was getting bigger and bigger. They all thought that it was because they didn't do anything wrong. And the words became more and more terrible.

Sophia was finally beyond endurance. Looking back, a beautiful palm was full of anger on her face, but her aura could still suppress these boring people. She said, "it's better to focus on your own business than to talk about other things here!" Then Sophia raised her head and left on her high heels.

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