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   Chapter 115 Date With Jeremy

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9708

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Teresa's white face turned red. Because her mobile phone was just grabbed by Connie, her hand was still in the air before she could react. After a few seconds, Teresa lowered her head, at a loss.

"I don't want to see Sophia even for one second! I'll have her raped, and then she'll be a dirty whore. I'd like to see how shameful she is to appear in front of Victor every day!" There was a note of complaint in Teresa tone. She was a little annoyed that Connie had disturbed her when she was on the phone.

Teresa didn't expect that when Connie heard what Teresa said, Connie's eyes suddenly brightened. She thought carefully, and found that what Teresa said was more feasible than their previous plan. If it was to assault Sophia, as long as there was a good control of it, it wouldn't do any harm to human life, and it was also smooth. In the past, Connie had been reluctant to take any action because she was afraid that too many people might be involved.

"I will arrange this as soon as possible. You can try to meet Victor and Sophia less when you are at the company. That way, when our plan is carried out, you can have a good reason to get rid of this. " Connie had always been thoughtful. Since the feasible plan had been set, she wouldn't delay any longer. In fact, Connie was also very worried. It was easy for Victor and Sophia to get along with each other even if they had some conflicts.

Teresa nodded and said, "okay." The serious look on Teresa's face was rare, but she acted like that only when things about Victor.

"But, Teresa, you must keep me informed of Sophia's schedule all the time. I will find someone to do it." When told Teresa, Connie looked as calm as water, but there was a sneer on her lips. Seeing her mother's expression, Teresa couldn't help shivering.

However, at the thought that Sophia would soon disappear from Victor's side, Teresa's heart had long been covered by excitement. When she met the meaningful eyes of Connie, they smiled at each other.

"By the way, do not expose yourself!" Connie then grabbed Teresa's hand with a neither too heavy nor too heavy force.

Teresa blinked her eyes as a sign of acknowledgement. Although it was a little difficult to deal with Sophia, Teresa and Connie had to do something bad. But the mere thought of that the man Teresa loved would soon become a complete to her without Sophia, Teresa couldn't hold back the excitement in her heart. The so-called moral fears, by contrast, were nothing to her at all. Teresa felt like she could throw it out of the sky.

At this time, Connie was also a little floating. After all, in the face of the temptation of the huge assets of Xiao family, she sacrificed a small Sophia and gave Sophia a chance to be a stepping stone.

"All right, all right. You can go back to the company! Remember not to act rashly! " When Connie came to herself, she wanted to push Te

ed and said, "well, my family has held a very important party recently. I want to ask you to choose a suit of clothes for me."

Sophia waved her hand and said, "I don't know much about this, so I don't think it's a good idea."

"You got on the car. Why did you change your mind? Can't you do me a favor as a friend? " Jeremy raised his eyebrows, looked straight ahead and avoided this beautiful face.

Sophia lowered her head and thought it was not appropriate. In fact, she had a good impression of Jeremy, but since they were not predestined to be lovers, it was also a good thing to be friends. So Sophia nodded.

Five or six minutes later, Jeremy stopped his car at the door of a French restaurant.

Jeremy walked to the other side and opened the door for Sophia. He took off her safety belt and got out of the car. When she saw the hotel in front of her, she asked in confusion, "didn't we agree to pick some clothes for you? Why are we here?"

"It's normal for me to buy you a meal before you pick up clothes for me, isn't it?" Jeremy gently replied, and then led Sophia to the dining room.

Sophia took back her hand which was held by Jeremy, to move away and put on her handbag awkwardly. She deliberately kept a distance from Jeremy.

The expression on Jeremy's face didn't change, as if nothing had happened. He walked gentlemanly beside Sophia.

The waiter seemed to know Jeremy. When he saw them coming in, he walked up and said, "Mr. Jeremy, the order you have given is ready. Please come in."

Jeremy nodded and were taken to a table by the window in the restaurant. The seat was hard to attract attention, and the bustling streets of S City could be seen from the window. It seemed that Jeremy had put a lot of efforts into it again.

Jeremy took the menu to read and was about to pass it to Sophia. Obviously, Sophia was absent-minded. She didn't recover until a slender arm shook in front of her.

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