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   Chapter 112 The Sprain

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"What's up, Victor?" When Karl's gentle voice reached Victor's ear, Victor immediately imagined the kind expression on his father's face. If it hadn't been for what Jay had just reported to him, Victor would not have connected the fire with his father!

"Why did you do that?" Victor asked.

And Karl knew Victor well, so Karl knew that Victor would say that. Karl's voice was still calm and steady. "Really? Is this your first reaction, not to rethink yourself, but to question me? "

Like Victor, Karl didn't concede. It seemed that Victor inherited his father's genes.

"I don't understand why you did that. I have handled everything in the company in a neat and orderly way. If you hadn't interfered in this cooperation, it had already been concluded!" Victor told truth without angry.

"Victor, you've got too much gossips lately. I did this to reduce your pressure and give you time to calm down and think. Everyone will face many temptation in his or her life. It doesn't matter. What's important is the decision. " "You young people always do something wrong. But you should realize it in time..."

After hearing what Karl said, Victor understood what happened. Her father wanted to put pressure on him by carrying out the business of the company, so he tried to force him to give up Sophia.

"Dad, I don't think I made a wrong choice. Now that you don't want to take your orders back, I can do it on my own," Victor retorted. Then Victor hung up the phone. Since he knew that his father had played a trick on him in cooperation, Victor had lost all hope. He made this call because he wanted to know the reason why his father did it and also wanted to test his attitude.

Although Sophia didn't take part in the call, she had gotten to know about it according to what Victor had said through the phone. It seemed that the gossips were not groundless!

Out of concern, Sophia asked, "Victor, what happened?" Everything happened because of her. She felt bitter, guilty and ashamed now. If it wasn't Sophia, the power of Victor in the company wouldn't have been suppressed. He would have taken over all kinds of affairs smoothly, and there wouldn't have been a legendary successor...

Victor suppressed his anger when he heard Sophia's words and said in a low voice, "it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter."

It seemed that Victor wasn't willing to pour out his doubts to her. Although Sophia felt a bit of disappointment, she couldn't interfere too much in the company's internal business. Therefore, she stopped asking.

But Victor wasn't as relaxed as he said. He put on a cold expression as usual. He showed a memo and wrote something on it. Then he called his secretary on the company's internal telephone to come to his office at once.

it suddenly occurred to Sophia that she had overheard the discussion among her colleagues in the tea room. She was caught in a dilemma.

After a while, she deleted the word "Okay" and typed on the screen again, "no, I will go back myself."

The message was received immediately. Sophia read, "be careful."

Wearing a bitter smile, Sophia put her phone back to her handbag, adjusted her clothes and was about to leave the office.

In fact, Sophia hoped that Victor could pick her up. She didn't expect that someone would gossip about Victor behind his back. Her guilt towards Victor was overwhelming.

For now, the best way was to keep a proper distance from Victor. The employees could not find any evidence. Over time, it would be forgotten by everyone.

Sophia was so preoccupied that she stumbled on her ankle when she walked to the staircase.

Sophia's delicate ankle immediately became red and swollen. She squatted down dejectedly and slowly took off her high heels. It was rare for Sophia to wear such high-heeled shoes, but the pair she was wearing today was about eight centimeters high. If she didn't work in a big group like the YS Group, which required her to pay attention to her personal image in all aspects, she would definitely not wear high heels.

What should I do now? Sophia looked at the broken shoes and admired herself, 'how hard did she put on the high heels?' And this pair of shoes was a gift from Victor. It was of no quality issue.

Sophia recalling this period of time, looking at the high-heeled shoes in her hand, she sighed, "sure enough, if one's heart is not satisfied from the beginning, everything will be bad...

Sophia sat on the bench outside the company helplessly. Looking at her injured foot, she felt a little worried. He planned to go home when the pain on her feet eased a little.

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