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   Chapter 111 Victor's Father Was Furious

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"You're right. But I'm afraid that Terence will hold on to this. They must just take this opportunity to bully Victor..." However, Grace was still very worried. To be honest, her mood had not been good since afternoon. As long as she thought of the news and the situation she was about to face, she had a bad feeling.

There had been nothing going on between Grace and Karl, since the day they got married, and their marriage had been a success. Now she was praying that Sophia the unlucky girl could leave Victor earlier...

"By the way, Grace, have someone investigate Sophia. She isn't as simple as she looks. There must be some exaggeration in this news. It was a slander against Victor and Sophia. I think it's just a beginning... " The yummy food on the table couldn't arouse Karl's appetite. He thought for a while and then continued to speak to Grace, "find out the culprit. I'd like to see his ultimate goal!"

Karl's words reminded Grace. 'This news is just a beginning. They don't know what will happen next, ' she mused. Therefore, she must investigate it.

"You are right. I have thought about it carefully. If it's only about Sophia, their goal is not that terrible, but for Victor, Xiao family will certainly be put on the top of the line... " When Grace analyzed the current situation, she couldn't help shivering.

"Well, let's have dinner now. The dishes are getting cold!" Karl interrupted Grace's train of thoughts and urged her to have dinner.

Grace lost her appetite while muttering to herself. As far as she was concerned, Victor might be the one for their aim. She couldn't watch her son going into the abyss...

…… It was late at night. Although Sophia threw herself on the bed, she couldn't fall asleep for a long time. She looked at Victor in sound sleep and sighed.

"Why not sleep?" Unexpectedly, Victor's low voice rang in her ears, breaking the quiet of this night.

Sophia was surprised, "you haven't slept either, have you?" Slowly, she moved her body and rested her head on Victor's broad shoulder. It seemed that only in this way could her dangling heart relax.

At the same time, Victor stretched out his long arms and held her in his arms. He frowned and said, "you're getting thinner again..."

"Well... I was thinking about what happened earlier. I couldn't fall asleep... " Sophia pressed her cheek against his chest and took a deep breath, enjoying the unique mint tobacco scent from Victor next to her. Somehow, she had a feeling that this man was about to leave her.

"It's okay. I have known all the truth. I'll look into it." Victor understood that it was a big blow to Sophia. Having been at the top of the power, the tenderness in Victor's eyes had long gone, which prevented him from

ia recalled what she had heard and asked worriedly. She walked up to the side of Victor and found a tiny scratch on the phone screen held by Victor. The scar was new, apparently.

Victor stared at the phone in his hand with sharp eyes. It seemed that he didn't hear what Sophia said. 'It seems familiar that Victor is really angry now! 'Wondered Sophia!

"By the way, didn't you say that you would go out to talk about a cooperation at ten o'clock? It was already ten fifteen..." Sophia looked at the hand on her wrist and reminded him.

Only then did the expression on Victor's face change a little. He waved his hand and said, "there's no need. It canceled."

Call off? Sophia didn't understand the real situation. Victor had paid much attention to it before, and they had discussed it the other day. In addition, with today's conversation, the cooperation could be almost settled. She saw on Victor's desk that the contract was ready. Sophia wanted to ask something, but a phone ring stopped her from asking.

On the other end of the line, Jay said, "Victor, we have found out the whole thing. It was Karl who forced the associated party to cancel all cooperation between our company and them!"

Upon hearing this, the expression on Victor's face darkened with fury. He clenched his fist, and blue veins stood out on his arms. This cooperation had been prepared by Victor for a long time, and if he took it, it would become the most profitable project in this quarter. At the same time, the profits from the cooperation would be used as a new working capital for other projects. But now, everything was screwed up by his father, Karl!

After thinking for a while, Victor picked up his phone and called Karl. The man on the other end of the line picked up the phone immediately, as if he was waiting for a call from Victor.

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