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   Chapter 108 Acted Like An Actress

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Sophia said it firmly. No matter how many people tried to stop her, she wouldn't give up this hard won relationship. The only one she loved was Victor.

Realizing that he couldn't change Sophia's mind due to Sophia's tough attitude, Caspar was too angry to swallow. So he gave up his usual gentleman appearance, pointed to Sophia and swore, "shame on you! I have warned you now. Don't regret it!"

"Let's wait and see!" Then Sophia picked up her handbag and left without looking back.

No one knew that when they met today, they were filmed by a camera not far from Tea Culture...


After Sophia walked out of the door of Tea Culture, she couldn't help but burst into tears. She was aware of what Caspar had said to her just now, but she didn't expect that it would be so hurtful when she heard it in person.

After a few minutes, Sophia took out the powders from her handbag and refined her makeup. She could be a little pretentious sometimes, but she couldn't be weak all the time. She would feel much better after she gave full vent to her emotion. She would not get lost in it and could not extricate herself.

After Sophia sorted everything out, she resumed her usual elegance and walked towards the company as if nothing had happened. And then she found that it was getting dark.

The sun was hidden in the blue sky. The cool night breeze brushed the hair, making people feel relaxed and happy. Before long, the street lights of S City would be on. The whole city would be shrouded in the darkness...

Sophia's cell phone suddenly rang. She took it and the anxiously voice came to her ear, "where are you? I haven't seen you for such a long time."

For some reason, when Sophia heard Victor's voice, she felt a lump in her throat. She said quietly, "I came out to buy something. I'm going to go up the stairs of the company."

"Okay." After hanging up the phone, Victor walked up to the huge French window on the side of the office building. He stood there quietly and watched a delicate figure standing in front of the office door for a few minutes. Then she slowly walked in. It was until then that Victor looked away and sat back at his desk.

To Sophia's great surprise, the moment she stepped into the building, she was stopped by Jenny, who was sitting on the sofa.

"Sophia, long time no see. Do you remember me?" Said Jenny in a voice dripping with sarcasm. It had been only a few days since Jenny last saw Sophia. Sophia hadn't changed much except that she was a little emaciated. Moreover, her face had turned red. It occurred to Jenny that Teresa told her this afternoon that Sophia got her man. How shameless Sophia was... Looking at Sophia with interest, Jenny despised her from the bottom of her heart.

Sophia's feeling go

e a fuss in the company hall today. She believed that Sophia would become the topic of discussion in the company early tomorrow morning.

At the thought of this, Jenny felt extremely happy. She started her car and drove away.


Sophia glanced around the employees who were mocked and laughed at her, and then went straight to the elevator. She knew that Jenny would definitely ruin her reputation after making a scene. However, it was very complicated, with a lot of people involved. It was impossible to solve it with just a few words. She didn't want to explain more at this moment.

Teresa had witnessed the whole process of their quarrel. Now she was extremely happy. It was the happiest day for Teresa that she had been through, unlike Sophia. As long as she saw the doom came to Sophia, she would feel excited inexplicably.

After the crowd left, Teresa came out from the corner behind. She had recorded all their quarrel. Since such a big thing happened, how could Teresa let it disappear in the eyes of people again?

Teresa was in a good mood now. Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by the ring of her cellphone. She saw the name on the screen of the cellphone, so she guessed that Jenny was coming to invite her for rewards. Fortunately, Jenny had done a good job today, so Teresa changed her mind temporarily and was going to treat Jenny a dinner to treat her new "capable assistant".

Teresa picked up the phone and said proudly, "are you free tonight..."


In the office of Victor.

Victor already knew what had happened. Obviously, this was all ready. Their goal was Sophia. He thought Sophia would complain when she saw him, but she didn't say anything and just quietly leaned next to him. "Are you not angry or sad? Do they treat you like this?" Victor asked, stroking her hair, feeling sorry for her.

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