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   Chapter 107 Caspar's Call

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9438

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Sophia was confused when she saw the caller ID. The name "Caspar" was both familiar and strange to her, so she didn't want to get entangled with this man anymore. If possible, she really hoped that she could forget this name from her memory.

"Why not answer it?" Victor got back his seat and looked at Sophia who was staring at the phone in silence.

Then Sophia got through the phone.

"Sophia, are you free now? Let's meet, right now. " The voice of Caspar came through the phone, as if Sophia was overwhelmed by many unhappy memories. Sophia was about to refuse, but she heard Casper say, "don't worry. I'm the only one who have something to talk with you."

Her refusal was now swallowed by Casper's words, and Sophia didn't know what to do. It was not a simple call. If there was nothing important, Caspar would not contact her. After hesitating for a moment, Sophia nodded.

A few minutes later, Sophia received the address sent by Caspar. They were going to meet at Tea Culture half an hour later.

the YS Group was located in a prosperous area, so there were many exquisite shops nearby. Many businessmen would choose to talk about business here. Tea Culture was one of them.

A fresh smell of tea caught Sophia's attention. The restaurant was very distinctive, which looked quaint and vintage. The waiter was very polite. After finishing telling the Casper's name, he took Sophia to the innermost compartment of the tea ceremony. It wasn't a big place, but the layout of Tea Culture was complex. Even it seemed to be extremely complicated, which made Sophia feel a little headache.

The door of the compartment was opened. What came into Sophia's sight was the weather beaten face of Caspar.

"Sophia, long time no see. How are you doing?" Caspar was as gentle and kind as ever.

Sophia didn't want to talk to Caspar for too long. So she said straightforwardly, "good. What do you want to talk to me? Just tell me."

Since Sophia said that, it was proper for Caspar to get straight to it. So he said, "Sophia, I heard that you're dating the CEO of the YS Group, Victor. Is that true?" Caspar had got in touch with Connie a few days ago. She told him that her daughter was lead a dissolute life and began to be a mistress with a purpose of ruining other people's relationship. But when Caspar knew that Victor was the person who got involved in Sophia, Caspar compromised. On one hand, he didn't want to offend Xiao family; on the other hand, he didn't want to interfere in Sophia's affairs. After all, Sophia had cut off the relationship with him.

Others would never get entangled in this complicated thing. As long as Sophia as Caspar's name, people would take them as family, such as the old woman, Connie. There happened to be cooperation between the JH Group and the An Group. And C

Sophia straight exposure of Caspar's true thoughts made him feel that he had nowhere to hide. Caspar was a little angry. He pounded the table hard to show his dignity that could not be challenged. The waiter who was displaying her tea was shocked.

"Sophia, don't be ungrateful! You are such an ungrateful son of a bitch. You are only interested in your own romance, but not the safety of your family! Do you know what others said about you? "

Caspar pointed at Sophia's nose and berated, "people say that you are a tramp. You seduced the fiance of An family's finance and flirted with him in the company. You are so indecent!"" He repeated all the words that Connie had said to him to Sophia. Since this unfilial daughter didn't care about her self-esteem, why should he show respect for her?

"It's so disgusting. I feel ashamed of myself when I hear it! Is that how you live your life after you leave Jian family? Huh! " Caspar said in a stern voice. After counting, he was still so angry that he picked up a tea cup and smashed it on the table. Casper smashed the cup into a crack, which made Sophia present nervous.

Caspar was pissed off and frightened by what he just said. He just wanted to say something heavy to frighten Sophia, but he didn't expect that he had said the worst words without considering.

But Caspar was nervous these days. Since Connie called him, he was thinking about how to deal with this trouble. And Connie asked him about it from time to time. He felt that he had suppressed too much anger, but now it out of cautiousness to Sophia.

Caspar's words make Sophia's blood boil. Caspar shouldn't have said those words.

"You have no right to say this to me. To be honest, I want to say 'you' first because of my self-cultivation, not because I am in awe of you. So please don't bother me any more. I will never break up with Victor!"

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