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   Chapter 106 Your Enemy's Enemy Is Your Friend

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In the afternoon, Teresa went to BOK coffee shop not far away from her. It was the hottest time of the day in S City. The air conditioner was working. Sweat dripped on Teresa's smooth forehead. Annoyed, she took some tissue and powders to fix her make-up. Then, he walked into boss K in an elegant and easy manner.

Teresa thought it was time for her to come, but when she approached the coffee shop, she found that Jenny had already been waiting for her at a table by the glass window. As soon as she saw Teresa, Jenny raised her hand and called her over.

"Hello. Teresa. " With a faint smile on her face, Teresa introduced herself simply as she took off her sunglasses. She reached out her hand, intending to shake hands with Jenny. After all, it was an indispensable movement for an ally!

Holding the hand of Teresa, Jenny replied with a smile, "Hi, Jenny. I've heard that Miss Teresa has an excellent appearance and temperament, but I haven't had the chance to meet you when you stayed abroad. It's not easy to meet you today!"

When Luke saw Teresa, she went up to her and complimented her. Jenny had been longing to meet Teresa for a long time. However, the family property of Jian family was not very big. The An Group, such a big company as An family, wouldn't sacrifice its fortune to make friends with family like Jenny. Now there was a chance for Jenny, which could be said to be her deep thought day and night.

And Jenny was a relatively beautiful woman. Although she didn't have delicate facial features as well as Sophia, she was at least a beauty that people couldn't take their eyes off from her. Looking at Jenny, although seemingly friendly, Teresa sniffed at her in her heart. She didn't like anyone who had connection with Sophia at all. She didn't like Jenny!

"Do you know why we met here?" Teresa asked calmly. She picked up a cup of quadruple concentration on the table and had a taste. Then she frowned slightly and tasted it. So bitter!

Jenny shook her head, indicating that she didn't understand what Teresa meant. Then, she asked tentatively, "do you like the coffee here, Miss Teresa?" Jenny had no idea why Teresa came here to meet her. Although she had heard of Teresa's name, she had never dealt with her, let alone get along with her like this.

Teresa raised her eyebrows and pointed at the YS Group not far away. She said slowly, "because the YS Group is where your sister works. Since you're already here, would you like to have a chat with Sophia?" She said that on purpose to test if Jenny and Sophia were really incompatible with fire and water as people said.

As expected, Jenny stood up. Her face turned sullen. "Miss Teresa, if that's why you asked me here, I think I can leave now.

mething in the company. See you next time, Jenny! " Teresa said in a sweet voice. It was ridiculous of Jenny to think that she could get into Teresa's social circle by doing a few things for Teresa! Teresa turned around and shook her head, as if Jenny was suffering from mental disease. Then Teresa took her belongings and left without looking back.

At the same time, sitting in the cafe inside the cafe, Jenny could not be happier, as if her long-awaited good luck was coming...

In a hot summer day, the temperature in S City was almost 40 degree centigrade. But compared with the outside world, the air-conditioner in the YS Group was very cold. It seemed like the only cool place in the city.

Victor was working in his office on the top floor, and Sophia sorted the documents quietly. Suddenly, Victor quietly walked to Sophia and held her slender waist.

"Why didn't I hear you when you were walking?" Obviously, Sophia was freaked out by Victor's sudden move.

"I have worked too hard. Holding you can relax a little." Victor's sexy and seductive voice sounded in Sophia's ears. It was the work time. Otherwise, Sophia couldn't control herself into this. She stopped her work and led Victor to sit on the sofa. They cuddled up together sweetly.

"I'm a little tired too. I'm taking a break." Sophia said shyly, looking at the flaming eyes of Victor.

But Victor misunderstood Sophia. He thought that perhaps Sophia wanted to be got on top. Sophia covered her chest with both hands and said shyly, "Victor, didn't we agree to have a relax?"

"I just wanted to relax," Victor explained.

Then he was going to kiss Sophia. Right at this moment, Sophia's exquisite phone rang inappropriately. Sophia then cast an apologetic glance at Victor. Victor frowned and had to release her petite body from his arms.

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