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   Chapter 105 Choose To Endure

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Sophia had just mentioned to Zelda that she loved eating food there. It didn't occur to her that Victor would remember it and buy her breakfast here for several times. And today, it was out of Sophia's expectation.

"Why are you standing still? Eat first, or it'll be cold." Victor butted in.

Sophia then returned to normal. She sat opposite of Victor. They had been waiting for their seats and bought the breakfast...

"Don't be absent-minded when you are with me in the future!" Obviously, Victor was not satisfied with Sophia's performance. So he said seriously.

Victor expression on him face suddenly amused her. Sophia said, "I'm wondering why you came here for breakfast. I thought people like you wouldn't come. "

Victor took two sets of tableware out of the table and put them in a hot water. He was meticulous during the whole process. It was the first time he had done this kind of trifle for a woman. But in front of her, Victor pretended that he didn't care about it at all. In a casual tone, he said, "but you've been thinking about it."

Sophia was moved by his words and a warm feeling rose from the bottom of her heart. Sophia shyly kept her head down, saying nothing, with a slight smile on her face.

"The hotpot is ready," Victor put the knife and fork on the table and passed it to Sophia. But she couldn't calm down. If other people saw Victor's wonderful side, they might doubt it was a dream!

All of a sudden, Sophia found that the man in front of her was no longer as indifferent and independent as she had just known him. He was hard to approach. He had obviously changed a lot, but Sophia couldn't tell how. Perhaps it was because he was surrounded by the loving aura that Sophia could feel the care and unique love from the man beside her.

To be honest, Sophia didn't matter how rich Victor was and how great he could make a difference in S City. Perhaps it had something to do with her life experience. She always felt that a simple happiness was the real happiness.

Some were happy while some were sad. Now things were totally different in Teresa's family.

The table was filled with the lunch boxes of FuJi, which was bought by aunt Liu this morning. Sitting at the table alone, Teresa was poking the steamed bun skin absent mindedly with chopsticks in her hand. She had no appetite at all.

At the moment, Connie slowly walked downstairs. As Teresa raised her head, a glimmer of light flashed in her eyes. She eagerly said, "Mom, you said you would arrange a task for me to handle Sophia yesterday. How is it now?"

On the previous day, after the discussion between Teresa and Connie, Connie said nothing but went back to her bedroom to deal with her own business. Teresa's eyebrows were

side the bag was Jenny's phone number.

Teresa dialed Jenny's number.

On the other side, Jenny also got up just now. She hesitated to answer the phone when she saw a strange number on the screen. But the phone kept ringing, never stopping. Then Jenny picked up her phone.

"Is that Miss Jenny?" Teresa said politely, "I am Teresa."

"Oh, Miss Teresa. What can I do for you?" Jenny raised her voice. It never occurred to Jenny that the daughter of the chairman of the An Group, Teresa, would call her in person. What a chance it was! She must make good use of it to improve their relationship.

"Nothing important. Are you free this afternoon? Would you like to go out for a cup of coffee?" Teresa came straight to the point. Teresa had been brought up in a wealthy family. There were always many flattering people around her. If it was not because she wanted to get Victor back, Teresa would never talk to the JH Group who was born in a small company.

Jenny simply agreed. They had made an appointment to meet at BOK cafe near the YS Group.

After Teresa dealt with these things, she was much relieved. When it was time to go back to work, she grabbed her bag.

During the whole morning, staying in the YS Group, Teresa was unexpectedly well behaved. She didn't try to flatter Victor by any means, nor did she get Sophia's trouble. Even when they met in the elevator, the man whom she missed so much had only greeted him in a low voice, "Hello, Victor." And Victor nodded and smiled. He didn't look at her for a moment, and then turned away with Sophia.

Watching the two of them disappear in the distance, Teresa clenched her teeth out of hatred, but when she thought of what her mother had said to her this morning, she controlled her anger. Teresa couldn't believe that she could really do as her mother said.

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