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   Chapter 104 Angry Teresa

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"You must have heard that Victor wouldn't be with me at the family dinner! How could he treat me like this for an illegitimate daughter?"

Teresa blurted out all the words she had been holding back. But the more she said, the angrier she got. She was sure that it was because of Sophia that Victor didn't like her!

After she had said for a long time, Teresa suddenly stopped. And Connie was sitting quietly next to her with a sad face. Seeing that her mother didn't say a word, Teresa became a little anxious. She called out in a sweet voice, "Mom, please say something!"

Connie grabbed Teresa's hand and said in a soft voice, "Teresa, I know you are upset. But do we have to marry Victor, don't we?"

Teresa nodded her head without hesitation and said, "of course. With our family's financial resources, only Victor can match me. He's so nice to me. I've fallen in love with him since I was a child. You know that. " Teresa lowered her head and her voice became lower and lower. She was lack of confidence when speaking of Victor.

"You can't hold off your wedding with Victor any longer. We hold a high profile like this before. If we can't make it. It will disgrace An family." Connie analyzed the matter in a low voice. Teresa didn't goof around anymore. She sat quietly beside her and listened.

"Sophia is troublesome. We have to figure out a way to make Victor to get rid of her." Connie had never thought that an ordinary woman could be so powerful that she could conquer a man like Victor who didn't yield to hard and soft tactics. It seems that she should have a clear mind to deal with Sophia.

Teresa squeezed out the word "Sophia" from the gap of her teeth, and her eyes suddenly became fierce. She was nothing like the daughter of an eminent family as she had been before!

She said mercilessly, "Sophia... I wish I could kill her right now! "

Connie didn't pay much attention to what Teresa just said. Connie just frowned and said, "don't be silly. I'll go to Grace some more times these days and see what she will say."

"You're right. Aunt Grace didn't say anything for me at the family dinner! I have tried my best to please her... " Teresa changed the subject to Grace. When Miranda said that they had a family dinner, Teresa had a grudge against Grace.

Unlike Teresa, Connie answered coldly, "don't trust what Miranda says. Don't be at the mercy of others so easily!"

Although Miranda was chatting mischievously with them and berated beside Grace's sleeves just now, Connie couldn't buy all of them and could only hear a rough idea from Miranda. She didn't believe that Grace didn't help Teresa at all. After all, in the past, the affection in Grace's eyes could not be disguised. If Connie wasn't confident in their friendship, she

d and said slowly, "I didn't expect that there are so many young people who like morning exercises too..."

With a smile, Victor continued as his consciousness moved in and out. He said softly, "of course. Now that people's living quality has been improved, health care naturally can't be left behind." After that, Victor began to run on the lake path.

At first, Sophia was beside him, and the two had the same pace. Ten minutes later, Sophia got to behind Victor. And Victor looked back now and then. He had to make sure that Sophia was under his control.

Hearing this, Victor slowed down and waited for Sophia to catch up with him.

Sophia raised her head and looked at Victor in front of her. He waved to indicate Sophia to follow him. It was obvious that Sophia was forced to go out! But she couldn't help walking heavily towards Victor, gasping for breath.

"So tired?" Victor noticed that, so he asked.

Sophia nodded, too exhausted to speak. Her beautiful face turned red because of the jogging just now.

Seeing this, Victor held her slender waist and said breezily, "since you are tired, let's have breakfast!"

In fact, this was the reason why Victor woke up Sophia in the early morning.

"FuJi," Sophia called out.

It was only six or seven o'clock in the morning. But it was already crowded at this famous breakfast shop in S City. Most of the people arrived early on purpose, just to buy a piece of FuJi's breakfast.

When Victor arrived at FuJi with Sophia, there was a long queue.

"We don't have privileges today. Let's wait in line." "Sophia, let's go!".

Sophia nodded. On the contrary, she was quite satisfied. She had thought that a man like Victor didn't want to eat breakfast in the snack bar with others.

Hence, although she wanted to have breakfast at FuJi, she didn't mention it to Victor.

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