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   Chapter 103 Miranda's Instigation

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9499

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But in fact, Connie didn't welcome Miranda. Instead, she had prepared a sumptuous meal, which was just a basic greeting. The reason why Miranda came to An family was that she wanted Teresa to marry her son. But, according to the observations of Connie over the years, Xiao family's favorite person was Victor, and her son, Zed Xiao was not even ranked in the list!

"Long time no see. You are still as beautiful as before." Miranda said kindly with a forced smile. While saying that, she picked up some food for Teresa and said with concern, "eat more. You are so thin..."

Teresa said in a soft voice, "thank you, aunt Miranda. Please eat more. You're a guest. Don't just care about me." Teresa smiled gracefully and elegantly, and picked up some food for Miranda as well. Although Teresa behaved like a little girl in front of Victor, she knew what she was doing.

"Our Teresa is so sensible..." Miranda kept complimenting

Sitting opposite to Miranda, although there was no expression on Connie's face, Connie sneered at her in her heart. She didn't want to talk much with Miranda. So she asked, "Miranda, why did you come to visit us today?"

Hearing that, Miranda put down the chopsticks in her hand and put away the previous flattering smile. She said seriously, "yesterday there was a 'family dinner' in Xiao family every month. Terence and I just returned home, went there too."

With a puzzled look on Connie's face, she was very concerned about the upcoming family dinner. She asked, "what did you talk about?" Everyone knew Xiao family held a private dinner for Christopher. Although Christopher had retired from the business and lived in seclusion, he had a voice for every decision he made. Since several members of Xiao family were together. They must discuss about their families, Victor must be the focus in family dinner.

Picking up a wet tissue from the table, Miranda wiped her white hands slowly, completely ignoring the expression that Connie was eager to know about the "family dinner". The more anxious others were, the more she needed to be calm, and only in this way can she take the initiative back. Did Connie and her daughter really think that Miranda didn't know that they didn't welcome her? But one day, she would make these two women stand on her side firmly.

"I don't know what's wrong with Victor. He was obsessed with that woman. I just heard some rumors, but I didn't believe it. " Miranda spoke in detail. She was just like two people in yesterday's "family dinner." It's a pity that our Teresa has a crush on him... " She prolonged the sound on purpose and looked straight at Teresa. She said with some regret.

When Connie heard what Miranda said, she couldn't stay calm any more. With a straight face, she put down her chopsticks and continued to ask, "what did Victor say?"


e on her lips.

Then, seeing the upset look on Teresa's face, Miranda believed that she was the winner. Realizing her goal had been achieved, she picked up the bag that had always been put beside her and said apologetically, "Connie, I see that Teresa doesn't look well. Please talk to her. I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now. "

Connie nodded. It was obvious that she was in a bad mood. She said, ", since Teresa is like this, I won't let her send you out. Aunt Liu - "she called the butler at home," you go to see Miranda off. Let's have a get-together next time when you're free."

Although Connie had said that she was going to have a date with Miranda next time, in fact, she was actually hoping that Miranda would not come again. As a smart woman, Connie knew clearly that if there was nothing important, she would not come to the palace. Therefore, Miranda was not kind enough to send a message to her. What Miranda said was not completely impossible. Connie just didn't know how to deal with it.

After Miranda left, Teresa couldn't hold her anger anymore. She grabbed the plate on the table and pounded on it. Her pretty face twisted with anger and her eyes were wide open.

"It's all Sophia's fault to make all this troublesome! Without her, Victor and I could have been together now! "

Said Teresa, gritting her teeth. No one could understand how she felt now. If possible, she really wanted to tear Sophia to pieces and then burn it into the sea, leaving no dust at all!

"Mom, I have seen her seduce Victor in the company several times. If she didn't do anything evil, how could Victor like her? And ask that woman to live in Victor's house! " Teresa went back to the living room in anger, sat on the sofa directly, and hit the pillow on the sofa again and again. Teresa felt an indescribable fire was depressing in her chest, which she couldn't release!

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