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   Chapter 102 Make An Explanation

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However, Sophia's small movement was captured by Victor. He suddenly raised his hand and held Sophia's hand, trying to make her look straight at him. He said firmly, "Sophia, you have to be confident in our things. You have to believe in me. You are the woman whom I will spend my whole life with. No matter what happens, I will not give up on you. Even if everyone objects, we can still live our own lives. Now I'm sure you are the one I want! "

Victor's expression was serious. He didn't want to shake Sophia's minds. He wanted to give her a sense of security.

Sophia was touched by Victor's words, and her eyes were filled with tears. But she told herself not to cry. It was something worth celebrating that there was a man doing this for her. Victor was right. They had decided that they would be with each other for the rest of their lives. In that case, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Sophia heavy nodded. She said in a trembling voice, "sorry, I won't be afraid and shaking again. Because I know clearly now that you are the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. "

Then Sophia felt a little cold on her forehead. Her forehead was covered by Victor's thin lips, leaving a small mark on it.

Sophia snuggled up against Victor's chest.

"Grandpa is a reasonable man. He'll like you when he see you." Like coaxing a baby, Victor put his hand on her long, soft hair and stroked it gently. "As long as grandpa is okay with it, mom and dad won't get in our way no matter how much trouble they have caused to us. After all, we're the only two who have been through this period of time."

It was good for Victor to get the support of his grandfather, but what if Christopher disagreed with his marriage like Karl and Grace. They couldn't get blessings from his family? If Victor thought of this and knew the feeling of betrayal, would Victor blame her? Sophia was worried... Anyway, since she had decided to be with him, she would not shrink back. Moreover, Victor must have helped Sophia a lot in her back.

Thinking of this, Sophia held Victor's hand and said, "I will try my best to make them accept me. Thank you. "

"There is no need to say 'thank you' between us." Victor smiled and said in a spoiled manner.

Sophia nodded. Ever since she got in touch with Victor, he had been trying to make up for the lack of security for her. Although she didn't say these words, she had watched it all in her heart.

"But, during the dinner, uncle and aunt said that they wanted their son to develop into the YS Group."

Victor felt relieved when he saw Sophia let it go, so he said about other things.

"Their son is your cousin?" Victor nodded.

"They brought this up in a 'family dinner'. Maybe they were afraid that you would refuse them." Sophia took back her previous feelings, she began to analyze it earnestly. "Uncle and aunt came back

ould prove that Victor was not that competitive anymore, even if Christopher liked him, Christopher would have to hand over the business to his husband.

And Victor's marriage was the key problem. As long as they tried their best to make Victor and Sophia, Victor could cut off all the relations with the An Group. In this way, if they took advantage of the An Group, Terence would get the property of the Xiao family

"Go to find Connie when you have time these days and talk with her about what happened tonight. How can such a big thing not be known by others?"

At the moment, Terence's head was completely clear. When he said this, his face was sinister and he seemed to be anxious to stir up trouble. 'Of course, the chief culprit is also his good nephew. If there is no other reason, how can anyone take advantage of it to make a fuss about it?'

"Okay, I'll go and see her tomorrow!"

Said Miranda in high spirits. She would rather do the right things than stay up all night to worry about it! Thinking of this, she lay down and turned off the night light. It seemed that her previous worries had disappeared with the help of her husband.

The next morning, when Miranda just woke up, she couldn't wait to make a phone call to An family and made an appointment with Connie for lunch.

Before leaving, Miranda took a look at the cloudy sky outside. She didn't know why it was always rainy these two days, which made her feel annoyed. Miranda hated rainy days very much. Frowning, she started the car and drove fast to An family's house

When Miranda arrived at An family's house, Connie had already ordered the servants to prepare a table of food, and Teresa sat quietly at the table. As soon as she saw Miranda, Teresa stood up and politely greeted, "Hello, aunt Miranda."

No matter what the reason was, Miranda showed that she liked Teresa a lot. So she hugged Teresa and took a seat in the dining.

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