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   Chapter 101 The Cousin Is Coming Back

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Christopher nodded and exhorted Victor, "office romance should be cautious. You should know what you are doing and don't fall into the trap. You can take her to visit me if you have time. I'm curious about the person you have chosen. "

"Yes, Grandpa. I will be careful. I'll take her back when I get a chance. " At the moment, he was thrilled inside. But he didn't show it on his face. As a leader, he was used to hiding his emotions all the time and not being seen through!

As for Terence, he smiled after he heard what his father said. Although Christopher had exhorted Victor to keep an eye on it, he didn't explicitly object to the relationship between Victor and Sophia. He even allowed Victor to bring her here. As for Miss Teresa, he had never mentioned her!

With a smile, Terence looked at Victor and said, "Dad is right. You don't have to care about family background. The best thing for you is to love someone. Sometimes, the girl from an ordinary family is more virtuous and sensible. I'm glad to support you to choose Sophia."

"Huh." Hearing Terence's words, Victor gave a little chuckle.

"What are you laughing at, Victor?" Miranda Mo asked in confusion. But Victor's laugh made her flustered.

After saying these words, a fierce look came out of Victor's black eyes. He looked up at Terence and said, "will my uncle give his full support to whoever I am with as long as I don't be with Teresa?"

"Of course I will support you if you like her." Upon hearing this, Terence didn't know what was wrong with Victor's words.

"It doesn't matter who I like as long as it's not Teresa. Anyway, as long as I am not with Teresa, then there will be less unnecessary troubles, right? " The smile beside Victor's lips got deeper.

In the face of Christopher, Victor didn't speak too obviously. But it had already made him a little annoyed that Terence always went against his will since Terence entered the company. During tonight's dinner, Terence took advantage of Sophia to achieve his goal. And he almost touched Victor's limit.

After all, Terence and his wife were seniors, so Victor always made some leeway for them. But it didn't mean that he would always tolerate them. But that didn't mean Victor would hand over the YS Group to another man.

"Vic... Victor, I specially help you since you like Sophia! It has nothing to do with Miss Teresa, let alone any purpose." It had never occurred to Terence that Victor would expose his real identity to Christopher. Terence was totally shocked and had no idea how to deal with that.

"Yes, Victor. Since you really like Sophia, uncle and aunt will certainly support you. We care about you so much. We are family after all! " Under Victor's sharp gaze, Miranda Mo seemed t

want to know, but I don't want to know." She didn't want to lie to the man in front of her, so she had to tell him her real thoughts.

"Why not?" Looking at tolerant look on Sophia's face, Victor tightened his grip on her shoulders again.

Sophia shook her head with some self-mockery and said, "maybe it's fear. Then tell me."

"Uncle and aunt are here too. They mentioned you in the meal." Victor knew what Sophia was thinking. To make her less stressed and confused, he specially introduced what happened during family dinner. His tone was so indifferent as if this matter had nothing to do with them.

"Speaking of me..." Although Sophia didn't go to the family dinner, she knew that she would become the topic of this meal. So when Victor talked about this, she was not surprised, and naturally repeated his words.

"My parents don't agree with our marriage. Uncle and aunt will support it, but they want to mess up with me. The most important thing is that grandpa doesn't support us, and he doesn't clearly oppose us either." Victor nodded, his tone softened. For this woman, he always unconsciously lowered his voice. This was his love for her, and also his respect for her.

Christopher was highly esteemed and experienced a lot in the business field, so he was a kind man with good judgment. Therefore, he would never judge a person arbitrarily just because of a few words of the younger generation.

Since Sophia didn't respond, Victor continued, "he asked me to take you home." Victor shook Sophia's hand, hoping to bring her some comfort.

Perhaps Sophia had been worried about it. But she felt a little relieved when she heard Victor's words. She thought Victor would be against and admonished when he was home. Fortunately, the situation wasn't as bad as she had expected. She breathed a sigh of relief.

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