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   Chapter 100 Christopher's Silence

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Terence's attitude of speaking with the tongue in the cheek made Grace very discontented. When she was about to say something, she was stopped by Karl. Karl knew what his brother was planning, but he understood that it was not wise to argue about it in front of Christopher.

The expression in Karl's eyes told Grace that she had went far. Lowering her head, she didn't say another word.

Terence and his wife exchanged a glance with each other and decided to make the best of it! Upon hearing this, Terence's wife went on, "that's right. Grace, as the elders of Xiao family, it's improper for us to meddle in the affairs of the younger generation! I met that girl the other day when I went to the company to see Terence. I think she is a nice girl, well behaved and obedient. Unlike other rich young ladies, they needs to be served as a Buddha every day, and they will lose their temper with the slightest carelessness! "

"People know their faces, but not their hearts. Don't be fooled by her appearance. " With a smile, Grace stifled her sobs.

"So you know her well?" Victor's aunt was a tough nut to crack. Upon hearing that, she asked Grace immediately. "If you really know something, just tell me. I'll learn." She stared at Grace and was very interested in her.

"Sophia is pure in her face. In fact... Do you know she is the illegitimate daughter of Caspar?" Grace snorted with contempt.

"Caspar? Who is he? I have just come back from abroad and am not familiar with the domestic affairs. What kind of celebrity is he?" She pretended to know nothing. In fact, in order to return to China, she and Terence could take away the YS Group from Victor, but they had done a lot of homework. It was not difficult for her to know that the JH Group was a little famous in the business circle.

Of course, Terence understood what his wife was thinking about. He reminded in a low voice, "it's just that everybody in the entertainment circle knows about the Jian family of the JH Group. It's not surprising that you don't know. I heard that this woman was his ex-fiancee's daughter. So they didn't know when they broke up. "

"Oh, I see! Even though she is illegitimate, her origin of birth has nothing to do with the child, as it is not her choice. "

"How can it be okay? You should know the matter of fact. How could she behave as a decent woman as her mother could do such a shameless thing?" Again, Grace swallowed her saliva.

"Sophia's mother was Caspar' ex-fiancee. She is not a home wrecker. How could she be called immoral? You are too arbitrary, Grace! Do you think, Terence? " She asked, throwing the question to her husband.

Terence was glad to accept it and said, "yes, Sophia is a good girl. Although a small company like the JH Group can't compete with the YS Group, our Xiao family is not a snob. I th

boy. Please help me persuade him. Teresa is really a good girl, one in a million and one out of ten. "

After hearing that, Terence and his wife exchanged a meaningful glance with each other, frowning. Terence knew that Christopher still didn't have a clear hand with this thing. If Christopher could persuade Victor, then Terence would be sure that the marriage between Victor and Teresa would be successful...

At the same time, Terence stared at Christopher and clenched his fists tightly under the table. Terence's palms were already wet with sweat. Although he was so nervous in his heart, he didn't show any expression on his face, as if he didn't care about it at all.

After hearing what Grace said, Christopher put down his chopsticks, took a piece of napkin on the table and wiped his mouth. He slowly opened his mouth and said, "Grace, I haven't met that Miss Teresa before, but I believe that you're a good judge of people. I can say that Miss Teresa is a big deal."

When Grace heard her father's words, Grace felt very happy. She said with a smile, "father, Teresa is a good girl. You will like her. She is a perfect match for Victor." Grace said with a bright smile, but she was interrupted by Christopher's gesture.

"But sometimes good doesn't necessarily mean the best. Marriage was a big event, which was as important as the water in a person's eyes. Victor was not a child anymore. He had the ability to make his own decision. I'm sure Victor's good at choosing people. After all, he is a capable leader. I believe my own decision." Christopher said with a smile.

"But, father..." When Grace was about to say something, Karl plucked her sleeve to stop her. Seeing that, Grace had to give up.

Christopher then turned to Victor and asked, "Victor, is Miss Sophia, whom your parents mentioned just now, your secretary?"

"Yes, Grandpa." Victor nodded at him.

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