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   Chapter 97 A Family Dinner

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"It's up to you. I'm okay with that. Why do you come here especially for this trifle? "

Connie shook her head and said: "I mean, are you free tonight? If you doesn't, we can manage to find some time to have a meal with Terence and his wife, so that Grace can know that we're not on her side."

"You're right. Arrange everything. I'll be there."

That night, the An couple and the Xiao couple had a meal together. They were chatting in a casual manner. The An couple didn't promise anything to the Xiao couple. The An couple hadn't intended to put in a good word for Terence in the first place, but they had hoped that Terence could help them make Grace worried.

Now that Grace had a sense of crisis, she wanted to help solve the problem between Victor and Teresa as soon as possible.

Under the arrangement of Connie, Grace was informed of their meal plan smoothly. Hearing this, Grace's hand holding the phone was trembling.

"Okay, I know." As Grace tried her best to control her voice, she put down the phone! She knew this dinner must be arranged by Connie. She knew exactly what was on Connie's mind. Connie's purpose was to tell her that if Victor and Teresa didn't get engaged, the An Group could help Terence at any time.

Last time, when Connie came to her place and told her secretly that Terence was about to enter the YS Group, Grace knew that the trouble of Victor was coming. Now that Terence was already a member of the YS Group, if the An Group turned over to him, Terence would gradually cultivate his own power in the YS Group. Then, how about the position of Victor...

Grace didn't dare to think about it anymore! But Victor was now fascinated by Sophia, and Grace couldn't persuade Victor to give up.

The next day, after Grace had talked to Sophia, Victor came to her and questioned her. She had no idea what to do. She couldn't handle the obstinate Victor.

But Grace couldn't allow her son to give up his career and give the whole world to his uncle just for a woman like Sophia.

Being desperate, Grace had no choice but to call her husband. Karl Xiao's cold voice came from the other end of the line. "What is it?"

"Karl Xiao, I just got the news that the An couple had dinner with Terence and his wife last night." There was a hint of resignation in Grace's voice.

"The An group?" "Don't they want their daughter to get engaged to Victor? What do you mean by having dinner with Terence?"

"That's the problem! However, Victor was not willing to be engaged to Teresa. He only wanted to be with that secretary. That little secretary is just Jian family's illegitimate daughter! Now he even let that little secretary move into his office and openly embarr

veryone in the company knew that Terence was the uncle of Victor and Terence came back directly from abroad. There were rumors that something terrible was going to happen in the YS Group since Terence came back. Maybe Terence could replace Victor gradually.

From the interaction of these rumors about Victor and Terence, Sophia understood the relationship between Victor and Terence. For such a big family like Xiao family, there were all kinds of interests conflicts between relatives. The so-called family affection was nothing in front of huge interests.

Not to mention Xiao family, even Jian family is the same. Didn't the reason why Jenny and her mother, Stellar, beat her like this is that they think she will struggle for father's heritage with Jenny in the future? Even though Jenny and she shared the same father but different mothers, the blood tie between them was fine, not to mention the blood tie between Terence and Victor.

"Yes, I'm talking about Terence." "I know why he came back from abroad. I won't let him get his way!"

Sophia shrugged her shoulders. When she was about to say something, Victor turned around with a smile and changed the subject, "Sophia, go to the dinner tonight with me!"

"What?" Sophia was a little surprising, or perhaps one could say that she was flattered. It was Xiao family's dinner tonight. If Victor took her to this party, it would be the same as announcing their relationship to the whole family. It also indicated that in his heart, she was Xiao family's member and his future wife.

It was happy for her to have such a position in his heart, which Sophia also nervous. Judging from Grace's attitude, she could tell that Xiao family wouldn't accept her. If she went to Xiao family's house without warning, she would bring disgrace on herself?

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