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   Chapter 96 Threatening

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When Connie saw Teresa's sad face, Connie couldn't bear. She had come up with an idea. Sophia was just an illegitimate child, so she couldn't compare with the girl named Teresa who was born in An family. But Sophia only earned Victor's love, which made Victor go against his mother's will for her.

When Connie thought about this, an idea came to her mind. Yes, how could she forget that Sophia, who was just a humble illegitimate daughter. Victor tried to defend her. She was still an illegitimate daughter.

If they couldn't persuade Victor, they could start from Sophia! She remembered that last time Teresa's father had mentioned about the cooperation between the JH Group and his company. If she failed to make a direct attack, she had to change her route.

With a wicked smile on her lips, Connie took her phone and dialed Fred's number. The phone was put through, and there came the calm voice of Fred, "Mrs. Connie, what can I do for you?"

"Fred, I'm sorry to interrupt your work. May I ask you if the An Group has given a case to the JH Group recently?" Connie asked with a smile.

"Wait a moment, Mrs. Connie. I'm looking for the information." After half a minute, Fred picked up the microphone again and said to Connie, "yes, it's nearby. It was a project of the next small company and the head company didn't pay much attention to it. Is there anything wrong, Mrs. Connie? "

Getting the positive answer from Fred, Connie smiled more brightly and said lightly, "nothing special. The JH Group and the company are my old acquaintance that I haven't contacted for many years. A few days ago, my husband mentioned it to me. I didn't notice it. Fred, can you help me make an appointment with the JH Group's colleague? I also want to have a chat with my old friend. "

Fred's intuition told him that things were not as simple as it seemed. But he knew what he should ask and what he shouldn't ask after all these years of work. He kept it in mind and replied, "okay."

After hanging up the phone, Connie smiled even more complacently. She knew that the JH Group was not someone else's, but belonged to Sophia's father, Caspar. This deal was just a drop in the bucket for the An Group, but it was different for the JH Group that such a small company. She'd like to see whether Caspar wanted make it or not.

Connie walked to Teresa and sat down beside her. Then Connie smoothed her hair and said gently, "I won't disappoint you, my dear. Victor will marry nobody but you! "

"Really?" Teresa wiped away her tears and looked at Connie aggrievedly.

"Yes, it's true. Don't worry. I have found a way to deal with Sophia." Connie comforted Teresa with a kind smile on her face.


No doubt that Fred was an efficient man. On the third day, he sent the time and place of meeting with Caspar to Connie's phone. After reading the message, Conni

er hearing Mr. Casper's words. I hope that things will go well with the cooperation between the JH Group and the An Group. "


After coming out of the coffee shop, Connie contentedly got on the car driven by the driver. Caspar was really a clever man. Victor was a stubborn man. If Grace couldn't persuade him, she didn't believe that Sophia couldn't disobey Caspar. If Caspar couldn't even handle such a small thing, he wouldn't have to do the business.

However, she still had to be fully prepared. She had to take care of the pressure from Grace. Only when both of them were able to ensure the success of the matter. She couldn't let Teresa continue to suffer grievances.

"Mrs. Connie, shall we go home?" The driver asked while starting the car.

Connie shook her head and said lightly, "go to the company."

"Yes." The driver agreed and drove to the company.

After Connie arrived at the company, she went straight to the office of the chairman of the An Group, the CEO. Connie's sudden presence surprised Adam An and he asked, "Why are you here?" Connie seldom interfered with his work, let alone came to the company.

"I have something to discuss with you." "You know that Teresa is in love with Victor. I am trying my best to help them get engaged recently."

Adam An nodded. He lowered his head and said as he sorted out the documents, "I know. Last time, you told Grace that Terence wanted to return to the YS Group. Now that Terence is officially back, Grace must have a sense of crisis."

"That's right..." When Connie said this, she slightly paused. "But Grace didn't persuade Victor. Now that he has employed Sophia work in his office, Teresa has been sad for several days. I've just made an appointment with Sophia's father, who is talking about cooperation with the An Group. Caspar promised to discipline Sophia, but I'm still worried about it. We'd better talk to Grace. "

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