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   Chapter 93 His Attitude

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9864

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"What did you say? My mother... She really... " Victor was surprised. He had thought that this was their family affair. His mother couldn't persuade him, so she had to give up. It had never occurred to him that his mother would make request to Sophia!

Caught the hesitation in Victor's eyes, Sophia giggled, "you don't believe me? Okay, I'll show you the evidence now!" Then Sophia took out her phone, clicked on the message sent by Grace, and snapped at Victor, "check it out! Who on earth invited me to attend the meeting?"

The message was from the cafe shop downstairs of Jeremy's company. The location of the message was near to where he had been seated at noon. The signature of the message was from Grace, who was sending it! Maybe Teresa had no idea that Grace would have made an appointment with Sophia this noon, so Teresa had intentionally chosen to go to Victor's office and act a play for him! And he was totally cheated by her tricks!

How ridiculous! His mother had conspired with an outsider to set him up with a woman he didn't love at all!

"I'm calling my mother now and ask her not to interfere with my affairs!" The aura around Victor was depressed. He took up his phone from the table, unlocked the screen and dialed.

But when Victor was about to dial, Sophia grasped his phone and stopped him. She shook her head and said, "No."

"Don't dial? If I let it go, they would have a second and a third time, forever! Then we... "

"Don't call her." Sophia still held the phone and said calmly, "you call now will only make your mother hate me more. She will think that I tell you and spoke ill of her in front of you? I don't want you to be embarrassed in front of your mother because of me."

Hearing this, Victor looked at Sophia, and his eyes were even more gloomy.

He didn't insist and put away his phone.


The next morning, instead of heading for the company, Victor drove to his own house.

Due to Sophia's reason yesterday, he couldn't make a call to Grace, but he felt it necessary to talk with Grace about his marriage and his own thoughts. It didn't matter if Grace didn't accept Sophia. Grace could try to accept Sophia slowly and one day she would agree, but if Grace wanted to control his life, he couldn't accept.

He was a man of his word over the years, making a splash in S City. In addition, Grace hadn't paid attention to him in the past few years, let alone arranging his marriage.

At the thought of this, Victor was disgusted. He knew that what Grace was up to. She just wanted to use the power of Teresa to consolidate her position in Xiao family, so that she could maintain her position in the family. After all, his mother was outstanding, let alone Xiao family, a big and well-known family.

Victor didn't deny that Grace had offered to help him out of kindness. But he didn't want a marriage that was mixed with too many advantages and disadvantages. He wouldn't make

her. Although Sophia was the daughter of Jian family, she was an illegitimate daughter. In terms of status, she was a rival to Victor.

On the contrary, the beautiful and elegant Teresa was a perfect match for the wealthy and powerful Victor. Victor and Teresa's marriage would bring not only the present interests, but also the potential benefits.

It had been a long time since Victor's uncle, Terence, appointed himself as the heir of Xiao family. It was not a secret in his family. Now that Terence had frequently made moves, in the eyes of Grace, Victor's position was in jeopardy. If she couldn't find a way to help Victor, the YS Group's president might change at any time.

And if Victor married with Teresa, he would be able to get the support of An family. At that time, even if Victor's uncle of Xiao family played tricks behind Victor, Victor wouldn't be helpless or his power would be overturned.

With that thought in mind, Grace tried her best to bring Victor and Teresa together. However, the more actively she had, the more resistant Victor was to Teresa.

"You see, Teresa is not only beautiful, but also has a powerful background. In this way, she will help you a lot." Grace analyzed the pros and cons carefully.

"Mom, can you stop being so snobbish?" Victor asked impatiently with a frown.

"Do you think you can take the position if you are with Sophia?" Grace snorted. "Apart from anything else, if your grandfather knew this thing, do you think it would be so simple to make Sophia go away from you?"

After gesturing Victor's grandfather to her side, Victor remained silent. It was clear to know his grandfather's status and authority in Xiao family.

Xiao family's grandpa had established great prestige in Xiao family, and even Victor had learned some of Xiao family's style from his grandpa. And Victor was the Xiao family's grandpa's favorite child in his grandsons, which was somewhat about Victor was look like him.

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