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   Chapter 92 Question Her Back

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9391

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But Sophia couldn't. After all, Grace was the mother of Victor, and it was the one who gave birth to him and raised him. If Sophia did that, she would put Victor in a difficult position!

So she didn't plan to tell him!

Sophia lifted the corners of her mouth in a relaxing way. She said with a smile, "just that thing! I've told you this afternoon. One of my friends got into some trouble and asked me to solve it. "

"Friend? Which friend? " Victor didn't give up.

Sophia didn't know why Victor so persistent. She wondered who was willing to take the blame from her friends. But after a second thought, she thought it was her own business and she should not involve anyone in this. So she said, "you don't know her. I haven't contacted her for years. I was also surprised when she suddenly looked for me."

"Really? Huh. " "Is your friend a man or a woman?"

Sophia could feel a dangerous glint in Victor's eyes. If she said it was a man, she might make Victor jealous. "A woman," she said. They were just made up anyway.

Sophia thought that it was only a meeting with a female friend that could dispel suspicion, but the cold expression on Victor's face confused Sophia.

When Sophia was about to ask something, Zelda knocked on the door and told them the dinner was ready. Sophia replied with a simple answer. She smiled and asked Victor to get changed as soon as possible. Then she washed her hands and set the table for Zelda.

After Sophia got out of the room, Victor clenched his fists.

She was lying to him! He treated her wholeheartedly but she lied to him like this! If Teresa hadn't overheard her conversation with her colleagues by chance today, maybe he would never know that Sophia had gone to meet Jeremy? How many times had she met Jeremy without his knowing?

Victor's face was cold as he ate. Sophia carried on with her rice, looking up at him from time to time. She wondered what was wrong with him today. Was there any problem with his work? Even so, he couldn't vent his anger on her!

But Sophia knew that Victor was hard, so she didn't want to make a fuss with him. On the contrary, she felt sorry for him. Zelda was very considerate, and she prepared the food every day for the two of them, which was their favorite. Sophia got the food and put it in Victor's bowl. "You've worked hard. Have more," she said with a smile.

He used to feel happy when she picked up food for him in the past. But today, his face became colder and colder. Sophia felt cold from the back. So she had to give up talking to him and ate quietly with her head down.

Time ticked by. Sophia had imagined that this meal would be safe and sound in this gloomy atmosphere. But Victor suddenly broke the silence. "Did you get him the same food as you ate with him?" he asked. A

ld water had been poured on her when she heard it. In fact, the purpose of Grace's visit this noon was to drive Sophia away from Victor, and then help regain the position of Teresa?

As a result, when she heard the word of 'Teresa', she couldn't get rid of the humiliation that Grace gave to her! Especially when she saw that Victor would rather believe Teresa than her, she felt even more distressed. In a blink of an eye, anger boiled up inside Sophia. She had been humiliated by Grace in the past.

Sophia snorted coldly and her voice was filled with anger, "Teresa! Teresa! Since you would rather believe that woman than me, why did you choose to be with me? You can just marry Teresa. That will satisfy your mother!"

"Sophia, we're talking about you now. Don't change the subject," said Victor, feeling a little regretful when he mentioned Teresa just now

"Shall I change the topic?" Sophia seemed to hear something funny, "Victor, don't you want to know who I went to meet at noon? Now I tell you, the person who asked me out at noon is not my friend whom I haven't contacted for many years. It is your mother, Mrs. Grace!"

"What?" "Why did my mother come to you?" He blurted out in surprise.

"What for? Mrs. Grace asked me to make a price. She wanted to know how much money she had promised to give me, so that I could leave you and never come back to you! I'm not a prostitute! Victor, can you imagine how your mother humiliated me this noon! I have never been humiliated like this! But now, you are questioning me why I went out to see Jeremy behind your back? I'd like to know if you and your family are going to let me go? Maybe you and I are a couple, but that doesn't mean you can insult me like this! " The anger in Sophia's heart that had been accumulated for the entire afternoon exploded all at once, and in the end it was almost hysterical!

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