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   Chapter 91 An Interrogation

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On the other side, Victor put down the phone, devoid of any doubt of what Sophia had just said. However, at this time, Teresa, who was in her internship in the YS Group, walked into Victor's office. She smiled and said, "Victor, did you know where Sophia has gone?"

The expression on Victor's face disappeared when he saw it was Teresa. "Sophia just went to meet a friend. What are you doing here? Get out! " Victor snapped.

"Friend?" Teresa playfully repeated the word and sneered, "Victor, you know, the word 'friend' can come from a wide range. Why don't you ask her what friend Sophia has met?"

With a cold face, Victor replied without raising his head, "none of your business."

"It's none of my business! I don't have anything to do with Sophia. It's none of my business whether she's going to see Jeremy or not." Teresa inadvertently spoke out the name of Jeremy, and turned to leave after that.

When Victor heard the name of Jeremy, he was stunned again. He said to Teresa who was walking to the door, "stop!"

Teresa turned around and shrugged. She smiled and said, "well, you finally don't let me out."

"How do you know it's Sophia go to meet Jeremy?" With a grim face, Victor looked so depressed that it was almost suffocating.

Feeling the pressure, Teresa stepped back and said with twinkling eyes, "I... I just heard a colleague from her during lunch break! Why are you so mean to me? "

Victor looked at Teresa from head to toe, trying to figure out whether she was telling the truth. Teresa had always tried to get a hand in between him and Sophia, and she was extremely clumsy in mind. He was only afraid that Teresa wouldn't be trustworthy. The most important thing for them to be together was to trust each other! He couldn't suspect Sophia just because of a little sweet words of this woman!

Seeing the expression on Victor's face, Teresa knew that he didn't believe in her. Standing there, she clenched her teeth in anger. She thought to herself, 'why does he trust Sophia? Why?'

"Stop talking nonsense, Teresa!" "Don't think that I have no idea what you're up to!"

After hearing his words, Teresa felt very aggrieved. She bit her lips and said pitifully, "I knew it! You are always like this. No matter what happens, you choose to believe her without even asking! You take Sophia as a perfect fairy in your heart, and I, Teresa, is unpardonably guilty!"

Victor frowned, unwilling to see the disdainful expression on Teresa's face. He waved his hand and said lightly, "well, there's nothing to do with you. You can go out!"

Teresa turned around and walked to the door. Then she turned around and said, "Victor, you may not believe me. But what I said is true. Can't your cellphone fix Sophia's status? If you don't believe me, you can locate Sophia's phone and check where she is!" As soon as Teresa finished her words, she didn't wait for the response from Victor and

lt that Victor was a little weird today and he was extremely cold to her.

He was fine when he called her at noon, but his attitude was different after she came back! What's the problem?


In the villa.

When they got home, Sophia began to get dressed quietly. She was curious about what had happened to Victor. As soon as she put on the house clothes, Victor walked into the room, walked to her front, pinched her shoulders without any explanation, pushed her to the wall, and confined her in a narrow space with his hand against the wall.

"Vic... Victor? What are you doing... Hmm? " Sophia stared at Victor with widened eyes. She was so surprised that she had been silenced by Victor before she finished her words.

Victor's kiss was so passionate and violent that it seemed like the heat wave was going to swallow Sophia in this world. He held her with his hands and held her tightly, as if he were going to rub her into his bones and blood. It seemed that in this way, she would completely belong to him!

Sophia felt out of breath, since Victor held her too tight. She put her hands on his body and pushed him away. "Victor, what are you doing? It hurts! "

"Does it hurt? Do you know it hurts? " His voice was low and husky, echoing in the room.

Sophia stared at him in a daze. She cautiously wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. "What's wrong with you, Victor?"

However, Victor pushed her away roughly, held her wrist tightly and asked, "what's wrong? Sophia! Tell me, where did you go at noon?"

"At noon?" Sophia repeated, after a brief pause. 'Was it because she didn't not tell him where she was this afternoon?'

However... What should she say? In fact, Grace made Sophia uncomfortable that Grace deliberately make things difficult for Grace. Sophia could've told it to Victor, and asked him to talk to his mother. If she could ask him to help her persuade her mother, Sophia would be fine.

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