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   Chapter 89 See You

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Of course, Grace couldn't help but ask Connie eagerly, "what else have you heard? It doesn't matter. You can say anything you want to say. Since we are sisters, why can't we talk?"

Connie frowned and lowered her head. She seemed to be in a dilemma. After struggling for a while, she put on a brave face and said to Grace, "Grace, I didn't want to tell you this matter, but I'm afraid that I'll feel guilty if I don't tell you about it. As for what I'm going to tell you, you only need to know in your heart."

When Grace heard Connie, Grace was even more curious. "Connie, don't worry. I won't tell anyone," she added.

When seeing that Grace had swallowed the bait, Connie couldn't help but sneer in her heart. She nodded and leaned close to Grace, whispering in her ear, "I've heard that Isn't that Victor's uncle - Terence? He is coming back to take over the business of the YS Group! "

After hearing that, Grace's face darkened. If Terence came back to the YS Group, it would be a threat to Victor! No, she would never allow this to happen! She must make a plan as soon as possible.

Seeing that Connie had got what she wanted, she quickly added, "that's why I want Victor to get engaged to Teresa as soon as possible. In case anything happens, An family can take care of Victor. Or you should know that my husband is unwilling to poke his nose into other people's affairs. " With these words, Connie stressed on the words "other people's family!"

Grace stood up, thoughtfully, and said to Connie, "I see. Thank you, Connie." I will try my best to persuade Victor into engagement with Teresa."

"Well, thank you for your kind words. It's so kind of you to talk us for so long. I'll go back with Teresa." Since Connie had reached her goal, she took Teresa home and waited for good news from Grace!

After they left, Grace decided to have a talk with Victor. Although she didn't like the character of Teresa who often cried, it was better than Sophia that she had a dissolute life.

Besides, Sophia was only the illegitimate daughter of Jian family. She couldn't offer any help to Victor in his career. But Teresa was different. She was the only child in An family. If she married Victor, An family would certainly support Victor's career. In this way, even if Victor's uncle was willing to come back to take over the YS Group, he still needed to ask for the answer of An family.

Without hesitation, Grace dialed Victor's number and said to him, "come to me tonight, Victor. I have something to tell you."

Victor knew what Grace wanted to tell him without asking her. She wanted him to get rid of Sophia and accept Teresa. He didn't want to hear that anymore, but he couldn't refuse his mother's request.

"Mom, I know. I have work to do now. Let's talk about it later." Victor heaved a sigh and rubbed his forehead with h

ing on the table, she exuded an aura that no one could deny, and shouted, " then surrender! As an illegitimate daughter, she can't give you anything! Do you know that your uncle is coming back and ready to take over the YS Group? You need the help of An family now. You must get engaged to Teresa! Are you going to give up the YS Group because of a woman which your father left to you?"

Hearing that his uncle was going to work in the YS Group, Victor's eyes became sharp. He stood up with a domineering aura around him, as if he was ruling the world. He said loudly and firmly, "I'm the master of the YS Group. If my uncle want it, he can take it from me. I'd like to see if he has any ability to take it from me! I haven't degraded myself to a woman to maintain my career."

"You..." The more Grace heard that, the angrier she became. She was too furious to utter a single word.

Knowing that it was pointless to continue the conversation, Victor didn't want to argue with Grace anymore. He said flatly, "Mom, if that's what you want to say, I have made a clear decision! I have to go now. I will come back to see you some other day!" After saying that, Victor walked away while Grace was still silent.

Grace knew Victor's decision wouldn't change easily, but she didn't expect him to care so much about Sophia. It seemed that there was no hope for her to get rid of Sophia. It was depended on Sophia!


During the lunch break the next day, Grace made a call to Sophia.

Seeing the strange number displayed on the screen of the phone, Sophia was surprised. She answered it and said politely, "Hello, I'm Sophia. Who are you?"

"I'm Grace, Victor's mother."

A sense of foreboding crossed her mind when Sophia heard the familiar voice announce the marriage. She took a deep breath and asked respectfully, "aunt, what can I do for you?"

"Are you free now? I want to see you. "

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