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   Chapter 84 Get Drunk

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This sudden flirtation embarrassed Sophia. she lowered her head and said with a smile, "yes. I didn't have a chance before, and I'm not interested in the bar."

"Then why did you agree to come with me today?"

Rita asked, straight to the point.

Sophia's expression on her face suddenly changed. She said bitterly, "no matter how rational a person is, he or she will be troubled by the word" love ". Of course, I am no exception. I need to vent my feelings, so I came here today. "

While saying that, she picked up a glass of wine mixed with a new mix in the bar and drank it in one gulp.

"Is it because of Victor?"

Sitting next to Sophia, Rita felt a little sorry for this so-called rival in love.

So Sophia nodded and said, "to be honest, I don't have a good relationship with Victor. We could only get what we need through physical communication. Nothing else. "

Rita wasn't surprised to hear this. She had guessed it before. A very complicated relationship had been told to Rita before. And there had been a rumor about the YS Group. So she had her own thoughts anyway.

"But, I fell into it."

Sophia said in a slightly hoarse voice, struggling to swallow a mouthful of wine.

"I know it's not right or wrong, but I just can't control it. I tried to tell myself that this man is a bomb that I cannot approach. But the more I think this, the deeper I fall in love with him. When I came to my senses, I was in a world full of pain. "

She shook her head and looked at Rita with red eyes, hoping to get some response from Rita.

"It's normal for you to like Victor. He is such an excellent man. Every woman likes him."

It seemed that Rita was trying to comfort Sophia, but Rita felt that she was the same. Suddenly, Rita felt sympathy for herself. The bar was indeed a place to vent emotions.

"In fact, you can try to be with him. There is no possibility for me to be with him anymore."

Rita continued. She felt a little relaxed, as if a knot in her heart had finally been opened.

"It's impossible for me to be with Victor." Sophia responded.

"Why?" Rita asked in confusion.

"Victor doesn't like me. What's more, his family won't accept a woman like me."

Sophia said plainly, heaving a sigh.

"A woman like you? I don't think what kind of woman you are."

Rita didn't know too much about Sophia, but from what she had known about Sophia, she could tell that she liked Sophia's character.

"I'm the daughter of Caspar. I'm not a decent daughter."

Sophia didn't expect that she would tell Rita this heavy fact. When she mentioned "Caspar", Sophia felt that the word was a bit strange to her.

"So, you are an illegitimate child?"

This time, Rita was shocked

, without saying anything.

Rita looked at Sophia's expression on her face. She held Sophia's hand and felt her breath became even. Then, she was sure that Sophia was asleep.

But Rita knew she couldn't take care of Sophia since she was asleep, let alone deal with Sophia. After careful consideration, she still thought that it was the best to give her to Victor.

Then she took out her phone from her handbag. After a moment's hesitation, she called Victor.

It was already dark in the company, except that the light in the president's office was still faint on the top floor.

Victor rubbed his temples and found it was one o'clock in the morning.

After that afternoon, Sophia never appeared in front of him. She didn't go home or say anything. It was only when he asked Zelda in the evening that he knew that Sophia hadn't been home. This woman was getting more and more unruly!

However, he was still in the office.

At the thought of this, Victor's phone screen lit up and he saw Rita's name.

He answered the phone unpleasantly, "what's up?"

When Rita heard this, she flared up. "Can't I call you if I have nothing else to do?"

"Yes, my time is precious. I won't talk about anything else."

In no mood to deal with the others, Victor was about to hang up.

At this time, Rita said on the other side of the phone, "you can come here to take Sophia away. She is drunk and I can't take care of her by myself."

After hearing this, Victor's face lit up. He said in a much softer tone, "send me the address."

Rita was about to say something else, but a beep came from the other end of the line.

The next second, Victor received a text from his cell phone, "Guangyuan road "in the bar block.

Without a second thought, Victor picked up his suit jacket and left the company.

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