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   Chapter 81 An Uneasy Teresa

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Teresa replied absentmindedly the whole afternoon. The YS Group was so boring that everyone was doing their work step by step and did not allow her to make trouble.

But suddenly, Teresa walked towards the tea room when she saw Sophia in there.

Teresa's eyes suddenly lit up. She walked towards the tea room with two attendants she had just tamed. She decided to have some fun.

"I'm sorry, Sophia."

Wearing an aggrieved look on her face, Teresa said apologetically to Sophia.

Sophia raised her head to look at Teresa, but said nothing. She didn't stop the movements.

"Sophia, why don't you answer me? I know you're still mad at me!" Teresa was a little anxious. She rushed up to snatch the cup in Sophia's hand and said, "Sophia, don't be angry. Let me help you wash the cup, okay?"

Sophia didn't want to have anything to do with this woman. She held the glass and tried to get rid of Teresa's hand.

Out of nowhere, Teresa got a strong power and grabbed Sophia's glass.

The hot water had just been boiled. While they were struggling with each other, the hot water poured on each other's body. Teresa gave Sophia a push, and the steaming water had been poured on Sophia's body.

Teresa was scalded a little bit by the hot coffee and her hand shivered a little, so they didn't take over the cup. With a crisp sound, the cup fell to the ground and broke into a beautiful flower.

Teresa turned pale and prepared to squat down to pick up the shards of glass. When Teresa was about to stretch out her hand, two followers of her stopped Teresa.

But the girl witnessed all this. It was Sophia ungrateful to hurt Teresa.

"Sophia, can you explain this?"

One of the girl pointed at Teresa's burnt wrist and severely questioned Sophia.

Teresa pretended to stop her, but in fact, she added fuel to the fire, "it's all my fault. I can understand why Miss Sophia is in a bad mood."

Then Teresa was about to cry again.

But Sophia kept silent. She took a broom and swept the broken glass on the ground bit by bit.

But after a struggle with Teresa just now, most of the hot water was poured on Sophia's trousers. Only the insider knew it. It was so hard for Sophia to leave. She didn't want to have any entanglement with them.

"Aren't you going to apologize for what you've done to someone else?"

The girl blocked Sophia's way and insisted.

"You're crazy. Get out of the way!"

Sophia was so unbearable that it made her curse.

Originally, she thought that the reason why Teresa worked in the YS Group was that Teresa wanted to be close to Victor. It seemed that Teresa would like to drive Sophia away.

"Well, stop it. Let Miss Sophia leave. Maybe she has work to do..."

Teresa pretended to be considerate and thoughtful.

The girl had to let Sophia go. However, when Sophia was about to walk out of the tea room, she suddenly

walked into the villa in a haughty manner. The hemline of the red dress was as red as a fire which was about to spit out at any time.

"Miss Rita, what brings you here? Do you have an appointment?"

Rita was stopped by the assistant, but she was already intimidated by Rita's imposing manner.

"If not, can't I go to see your CEO?"

It seemed like Rita was here to make trouble. Recently, she was told that Teresa had been even more shameless to seduce Victor. So she decided to come to see what was going on here!

"I'm afraid that you may not want to come in." The secretary said honestly with an awkward expression.

"What's wrong with my relationship with Victor? I've looked through Victor's schedule. He's fine now. "

Then Rita was going to pass the secretary and entered the office. At that moment, Teresa happened to walk out from inside.

"Is this Miss Rita, the famous star? Why are you so angry in the early morning?"

Teresa grinned from ear to ear and seemed to be in a good mood.

Rita looked at Teresa up and down. Teresa was wearing a one piece light yellow vest. Teresa just walked out of Victor's office again. It was hard not to imagine anything bad.

"It's disgusting to see another woman who is always flirting with other men."

Rita controlled her anger and said unhurriedly.

Teresa was also a troublemaker. She didn't seem to understand what Rita meant. In a curious tone, she asked, "who is it?"

Rita raised her eyebrows and pretended to be helpless. She said, "HM, it's right in front of me!" Afraid that the woman in front of her might not quite understand her, Rita thought for a while and deliberately added, "someone in yellow clothes looks like a restless bee!"

Then Rita covered her mouth and burst into laughter.

The secretary of the schedule heard their conversation and couldn't help laughing. But she held back her smile after being glared at by Teresa.

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