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   Chapter 80 Going To YS Group For An Internship

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"I don't know. It must be that Sophia who keeps harassing Victor!"

Teresa clenched her fist, trembling with anger.

"Since you have been back for a period, you can go to Victor's company to practice in a few days. Keep your eyes on Sophia and don't give her any chance to do something!"

"Come on! I mentioned it to him earlier, but Victor didn't agree... "

Teresa's voice became lower and lower as she looked at Connie with an awkward look.

Connie knocked on Teresa's head and said disappointedly, "I thought it was a serious matter! It doesn't matter if Victor doesn't allow you to work as an intern, then you won't go? Victor haven't inherited all the property of Xiao family yet. He is not the only one who has the final say! "

She held the white and tender hand of Teresa and guided her daughter, "you can act like a spoiled child in front of aunt Grace. She loves you the most. In this way, even if Victor doesn't agree, so what? "

Teresa regained her usual composure and confidence as if she had lost them all. She said sweetly, "Mom, you are the best!"

"Listen, I really don't know what kind of person Victor is. But the more he doesn't want you to go to the company, the more you have to go! Do you understand... "

Connie continued to change teach her daughter, while Teresa listened to her carefully and nodded in agreement from time to time.

After dinner, Teresa called Grace. At first, she gave a hint to Grace that Victor didn't understand her heart, and even helped outsiders drive her away. Then, she explained her purpose for the internship. On the one hand, she could learn something from Victor; on the other hand, she could stay with Victor every day, and cultivate feelings.

When Grace heard Teresa crying, Grace felt even more sorry for Teresa, as she doted on Teresa. Hence, she agreed to Teresa's request without hesitation.

After getting Grace's pass, Teresa planned to go to the YS Group for an internship the next day. She didn't want to waste a day. She couldn't imagine how Victor's attitude towards her without her being around. Would he have made any progress with Sophia?


Next morning.

Teresa got up very early on purpose. She wanted to start a new life and treat Victor and Sophia in the best spiritual quality. Then, she would take back what belonged to her step by step.

Although Teresa was not exceedingly beautiful, she was pure and lovely. Today, she deliberately chose a pink dress with a waisted design, which not only set off her graceful figure, but also showed the noble temperament of a rich family. Looking at herself in the mirror, she nodded with satisfaction.

Then, Teresa drove her small sports car to the YS Group.

The news that "the future CEO's wife is coming to take an internship today" had been spread all over the company. The employees were eager to have a look at this person. Sophia's sensitive identity and the way she behaved in the company had raised everyone's curiosity.

At that time, a lot of employees

three people embarrassed.

Sophia put the document on the desk and strode out of the office.

Victor pulled his arm away from Teresa and kept a distance from her. He wanted to explain something, but when he thought of the disputes between him and Sophia, he was speechless.

Of course, Teresa was the most complacent. If she hadn't saw Sophia walked towards the CEO's office with a stack of documents in her hands, Teresa wouldn't have been so eager to find a man who mocked her out yesterday.

After the mistake just now, Victor's face darkened even more. Besides, Teresa knew that the man didn't want to see her at all. Taking advantage that the man hadn't lost his temper yet, Teresa wisely said, "Victor, since there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

After walking out of the office, Teresa thought about everything that had just happened. She grinned and said to herself, 'Sophia, it's just a beginning.'

Teresa ran into Jay.

"Miss Teresa, you look gorgeous today. What do you want to do?"

Squinting his eyes, Jay looked at Teresa from head to toe. Although he knew this woman since childhood, he was not cold to her or even didn't like her much, especially this woman looked arrogant and domineering in private.

Teresa didn't like this man who had a long face, so she said in an unpleasant tone, "nothing. I just came here for an internship."

"Is it because of the man inside?"

Jay asked, pointing to the direction where Teresa ran out.

"That's none of your business."

Teresa became a little impatient and wanted to end this boring topic.

"But I have to remind you that even if you and Victor are engaged, you'd better turn a blind eye to him and happily live before your marriage. It's good for both of you."

Said Jay in a soft voice, paying no attention to the attitude of Teresa.

"Turn a blind eye to it? I can't watch Victor having fun with Sophia! I'm telling you, Jay, stay out of this and just live your own life!"

After saying that, Teresa left angrily.

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