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   Chapter 68 The Union Of Mother And Daughter

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When Teresa was young, she knew that Grace was very interested in soup. Under the pressure of Connie, she specially went out to study it. Only in this way could she know how to deal with Grace's symptom.

In the process of learning to make soup, Teresa had suffered some hardship. But luckily she had learned how to cook. Today, she finally got a chance to show off in Xiao family.

"Teresa, I love you so much! Come on! Come here! "

As Grace gestured for Teresa to come over, she gestured to the maid next to her to fetch something from the room.

Then, the maid handed a small embroidered red box to Teresa.

"Teresa, open it." Said Grace in a gentle voice.

Teresa opened the box carefully and said happily, "aunt Grace, this is a jade bracelet. It has bright color and it must be very valuable..."

"This is what my mother left to me. Now I give it to you. I hope you will live up to my expectations."

Then, Grace grabbed Teresa's jade hand and put on the bracelet.

Teresa pretended to be embarrassed and said, "aunt Grace, it's too much. I can't take it..."

While saying, she was about to return the jade bracelet to Grace.

"Grace, don't spoil Teresa like this. Otherwise, she will get spoiled," said Connie.

Pretending to be angry, Grace retorted, "I told you to accept it. Just take it as a gift to make me happy today. Otherwise, I'll give it to another person when I regret giving it to you." Then she glanced at Sophia which had been ignored for all the time.

"Okay, aunt Grace, I will take it right away. See, I won't take it off after you put it on! Hee hee... "

After saying that, there was a flash of cunning in Teresa's eyes. The jade bracelet on her wrist was like a booty.

Grace gestured for Teresa to sit down next to her and explained.

Suddenly, Teresa seemed to be blown up. She knocked hard on her own head and said casually, "ah, look at my memory. How can I forget my mother and Victor!"

Then, Teresa rushed into the kitchen again.

At this time, she did not come out immediately. Instead, she rubbed her head, which was a little painful from her own knocking, and looked at the things that were already made on the stove, she took a long breath.

She thought to herself and said, "Teresa, you've really made a soup. Now you've taken care of Grace, and the next one is Victor!"

Then she and the maid came out with two bowls of soup and handed them to Victor and Connie.

Connie had drank thousands of experiments of her daughter, and she was almost fed up with them. However, when she took a sip of the soup, she still forced a huge smile on her face and felt extremely surprised. She praised repeatedly, "you're not here to learn the skill from a teacher!"

Teresa acted as if she was telling nothing and shook her head proudly. Then she looked at Victor expectantly, urging him to drink more soup.

In the eyes of the crowd, Victor had a bite and said lightly, "it's delicious."

"I knew it!"

Teresa was afraid of his cold response and disdain was fleeting in her eyes.

Speaking of this, it seemed that something occurred to Teresa. She looked at Sophia besi


"You are spoiling your son-in-law too much, my future mother-in-law. You are always speaking well for Victor."

As for the two women who were talking, Victor remained silent with an indifferent expression on his face.

A clear voice interrupted the conversation between Grace and Connie. She said with great expectations, "I have imagined how I look like in a wedding dress when I was very young. I had been hoping that the wedding could be held outside. Under the blue sky and white clouds was a large lawn, next to which there was a clear stream, which could be heard the sound of water running. Then, wearing a white strapless gown, I was too excited to speak. I was too nervous to open my eyes and was led by my father to walk on the red carpet. When I nervously opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the face of Victor... "

Every time I think of this, I'm really looking forward to it... "

Teresa's eyes were full of excitement as she imagined the ideal wedding scene.

Every girl dreamed of having a romantic and luxurious wedding.

There was a sudden silence on the table. Obviously, Grace didn't expect that Teresa would be so serious to say such words.

"When Teresa were young, her only hope was to grow up as soon as possible. I asked the kid why she wanted to grow up so fast. She said, in this way, she could marry Victor! " Connie said.

She imitated her daughter's tone, deliberately lowered her voice and said in a girlish voice.

"Well I always know Teresa's heart... " Grace said as she recalled the past.

"But, our Teresa is a bashful girl. A good girl always thinks of ways to get close to Victor. How much courage does she have to hold on to this day?"

"In fact, I can also see that Victor has always been unwarm to Teresa. I'm afraid that he just treats Teresa as his sister, and has no other intention. At the very least... After all, marriage was a big event and it was not a joke... If Victor doesn't like Teresa, Teresa will return to her position as his sister. Do you agree, Teresa? "

Connie got excited and chocked up with tears.

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