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   Chapter 67 Making Things Difficult

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At the same time, Sophia's hand was tightly held by Victor. To be honest, he encouraged her a lot. If she ran away this time, perhaps the relationship between her and Victor would never be repaired. She didn't want this...

Thinking of this, Sophia held his warm hand and tried to give this man some feedback.

When Grace noticed that Sophia didn't want to leave even though she hold hands with her son in this house, Grace felt very uncomfortable and got furious.

"Are you still going to stay here shamelessly?"

In order to protect Teresa from being bullied by others, Grace sometimes acted very gentle, while sometimes she spoke some harsh words...

"Mom, please don't..." Victor was about to say something, but someone's voice interrupted him.

"Okay, okay. Grace, don't be angry. Victor just took an assistant home, but he didn't say anything to her. You can't just blame her like that... Besides, my daughter Teresa is not such a stingy person. Does she fear that her marriage will be snatched away by others? "

The woman who spoke was Teresa's mother. Her voice was not very loud, but as gentle as that of a woman from the south.

But her words had a strong purpose. It seemed that she was trying to ease the atmosphere, but it made people more dissatisfied.

"How about this? I'll ask Victor what's going on!" Connie turned around and looked at Victor.

"Victor, are you coming back with this woman to deal with your business? You have been very busy in your company recently, haven't you?"

Taking a cold glance at Connie, he knew what she was up to, so Victor replied, "No."

It didn't seem to occur to Connie that Victor would say something like that. Flustered, she said, "oh my God..."

After a short pause, she continued, "maybe we all misunderstood. It seems that Miss Sophia is not a person who is fond of climbing up the ladder. This is the first time that she comes to our house, so I think it's better not to make the atmosphere so awkward. What do you think, Grace? "

Grace frowned and said, "Connie, you're too kind!" Grace turned her head and said to Sophia, "I've been through your age, and I know exactly what you're thinking about. Young people should still work earnestly. Not everyone has the honor to enjoy a sparrow turning into a phoenix! "

Speaking of this, Grace cast a stern glance at Victor. Her son had never brought her any trouble since he was a child. She didn't expect such a thing to happen!

At this time, the servant of Xiao family reminded her carefully, "Grace, the dinner is ready. If you don't eat more, it will be cold..."

Grace waved her hand to tell the servant to leave. Then she said seriously, "it's late now, and it's not a good time for you to have dinner here. If you're sensible enough, you'd better leave Xiao family right now! Don't let... "

"Enough!" Victor interrupted, em

eresa saw the whole things. Even though a fishbone was in her throat, Teresa was still happy at the sight of this. After all, she had to please Grace this evening.

Suddenly, Teresa raised her wrist and looked at her watch.

"Aunt Grace, Victor, please wait for a moment. I'm going to bring something to you!"

She blinked her eyes and said mysteriously, as if there was a surprise in it. Then she went into the kitchen quietly.

After a short while, Teresa took out a small bowl of soup from the kitchen. It was obvious that the soup was fresh and steaming. Before she walked to the table, they smelled something delicious, which made them drool.

"What's this, Teresa?"

Grace wondered what she was busy with.

"Aunt Grace, I made this soup specially for you in the kitchen. Although I am not good at cooking, it is a token of my regard. If you don't mind, you can have a try. "

Seeing that Teresa was obedient, Grace felt even happier.

Then, Grace took a spoon of water and sent it to her mouth, restless and expectant.

"Well... The taste of the soup was delicious, which fully reserved the taste of the food itself. The soup's concentration was just right, and it was neither too heavy nor too light. In addition, Teresa had also added some medicinal materials that were good for health, but they had no effect on the taste of the soup... Dear Teresa, you have spent a lot of time on it. The food you made is almost as good as that in a high-class hotel. "

After tasting it, Grace praised voluntarily. She had to admit that this soup suited her taste very much.

"No, I didn't. I was in poor health for some time when I was studying abroad. I wanted to improve my health, so I learned how to cook soup. I'm not good at cooking, but I think it's not bad. Aunt Grace, if you like it, I'll cook it for you every day! "

Although Teresa was being humble, she felt happy and satisfied.

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