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   Chapter 65 Take Her Home

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9283

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When Jay came in, Sophia was sorting through a pile of documents. She didn't notice the person that was coming.

"Hello, Miss Sophia. How was your night?"

Sophia surprised, she raised her head. This voice was... Jay? When the man's eyes met Sophia's, he winked ambiguously to her.

"Why are you here?" Sophia was surprised by his appearance. Besides, she had only met him twice including last night. How could he appear in her office?

"What? You don't welcome me? " Jay sat casually on the opposite chair of Sophia.

"No, I just feel a little surprised." Sophia smiled to him.

Jay smiled while looked at Sophia from head to toe. His eyes looked evil.

"I still like the dress you wore last night. It's a business suit, but it doesn't show your beauty."

Sophia blushed at his frivolous words. Embarrassed, she replied, "it's office hour. Of course I have to wear formal clothes!"

Jay was a fan of flirting with women. When he saw Sophia's expression on her face, his eyes lit up. It seemed that he had found something interesting.

"You haven't answered my question. Did you sleep well last night?" Jay looked at Sophia in front of him.

Sophia thought last night made her blush. This man! Last night, they sat in the same car. Jay knew clearly their relationship, but he still asked deliberately!

"This is my private affairs. Mr. Jay, you are way out of line!" Sophia got a little angry. She glared at Jay.

The man chuckled, "alright, don't be angry! I like joking! Then again, do you know that Teresa is his fiancee? "

Jay thought Sophia didn't know the truth, so he asked it directly.

Sophia lowered her head and felt bitter in her heart. She had known this even before Teresa came. Now even Jay had offered to tell her, but Victor still didn't tell her the truth!

Looking at Sophia's situation, Jay raised his eyebrows. It seemed that this woman had known it.

"Now that you know, I'll tell you the truth. An family and Xiao family are of the same generation. Although I don't like Teresa, I have to say that she is the best choice for Victor's marriage."

Jay said in a casual tone. Sophia's fingers clenched into a fist, and the fingernails dug out lines on her hands.

"I know that. I'm not thinking about anything. I can leave at any time if Victor wants to break up with me!" A bitter smile appeared on Sophia's face.

But Jay walked to her and patted her on the shoulder, "don't get me wrong! That's not what I meant! "

Sophia looked at this unusual man in confusion. Didn't Jay come to force her to say what he wanted?

"Of course! I'm here to tell you that you have to fight for what you like. What's more, Victor's mother accepted Teresa as her daughter-in-law. As long as you can stay with Victor, you

I will be there soon."

The tone of Victor's order made Teresa unable to refuse. She had to hang up the phone obediently.

Then, Victor called out Sophia next to him.

"Sophia, pack it up. Come home to have lunch with me later."

Sophia wondered if she had misheard. 'Did he ask me to eat with him at home?' She wondered.

It was important for her to go home and have dinner with the man's family. But who was she? As a bed partner or assistant of Victor?

Anyone who saw it would feel like it was Sophia to ask for an insult.

So she asked tentatively, "is Miss Teresa here?"

Victor glanced at Sophia and nodded.

As expected, Teresa, legendary fiancee of Victor, was also there. What was his purpose? Why did he take her home?

Sophia didn't understand. She resisted Victor's demand very much.

"Do I have the right to say no?"

Sophia didn't want to look at Victor's handsome face. So she looked out of the window and struggled.

It seemed that Victor had already known that the woman in front of him would say so. Waving his hand, Victor said in a helpless tone, "sorry, you don't even have the right to choose."

Sophia got the reply from Victor vented out all her anger, and there was a note of complaint on her face.

Seeing the frustrated look on the woman's face, Victor knew what was on her mind. With a hint of relief, he replied in a soothing tone, "it's okay."

Meanwhile, he was also considering how to tell his mother the truth.

Although Victor said it was okay, Sophia was still not in high spirits.

Actually, Victor's mother wanted to have dinner with Teresa. And Victor brought her. It was obvious that she was there to make a mess.

Sophia knew that if his family didn't get what they wanted, they would blame her for that.

But most importantly, Sophia didn't know who she was...

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