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   Chapter 61 Three Of Them

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Sitting opposite to Sophia, Jay had observed her for a long time. He wondered what this woman was thinking and why she was so absorbed in her own thoughts.

But soon he understood that the biggest annoyance of all women was love.

Jay raised his eyebrows and looked at the two people dancing on the dance floor with a pair of meaningful eyes. Jay couldn't help but think that how many women had fallen in love with and unforgettable for Victor!


At the same time, in the dancing floor, Victor was already disgusted with the woman in front of him.

He glanced at Sophia from time to time, and noticed that she was lost in thought.

This woman made him even angrier. Jeremy just invited her as his female companion today, but she even promised to dance with Jeremy. She didn't take Victor seriously!

The expression on Victor's face became colder and colder, and his movements became more and more stiff. At last, he let go of the hand of Teresa and said in a cold voice, "have you finished dancing?"

With that, Victor turned around and left the dance floor, and Teresa followed him closely behind.

"What's wrong, Victor? Why are you angry?"

But Victor ignored Teresa and kept walking.

Seeing this, Teresa got more panic. She quickly caught up with Victor and gently grabbed the corner of his clothes, asking in a begging tone, "Victor, was I wrong in dancing and not good to make you angry? I've practiced for a long time at home..."

Being chased tightly, Victor was about to say something, but a gentle voice appeared in front of them.

"Mr. Victor, why are you not dancing? You were so absorbed in the dancing floor just now, but now… Did you have a fight? "

However, Jeremy ignored Victor's provocation and got close to Victor deliberately. He took a teasing look at Victor and then rested his eyes on the aggrieved Teresa.

Teresa bit her lower lip tightly and dared not to breathe heavily. She just stared at Victor pitifully with her big eyes.

"Mr. Jeremy, you do care about my private affairs. But you overthought it," Victor said, as if he were talking with his old friend

After saying that, Victor prepared to leave.

But as Victor was about to take a step forward, he suddenly stopped, turned around and said to Jeremy, "you should think more about yourself."

Victor walked away casually, and Teresa followed him closely. They sat next to Sophia's table.

When Jay saw them coming over, he asked, "why don't you dance?"

Teresa pretended to be considerate and said by herself, "it's all my fault. I asked Victor to take a rest and kept him company when I came back."

Teresa gave a quick glance at Victor and then glanced at Rita and Sophia defiantly.

Victor ignored her and scanned Sophia's expression on her face. Seeing that there was no expression on So

uffy in the car or I drank a little wine, so I feel a little dizzy now. You know, I'm not good at drinking... "

"Ivan, bring Miss Teresa a bottle of water and help her sober up," said Victor to Ivan, who was driving carefully

Ivan held the steering wheel with one hand and passed a bottle of water with the other hand in the front row.

Teresa had no choice but to take it and drink some.

After a while, Teresa said, "do you want to have some too, Victor? I remember you drank a lot during the party."

Victor shook his head and glanced at ·Sophia sitting on the back seat.

Sophia got the eyes of Victor. Feeling a little upset, she turned her head and looked out of the window to the flying night scene.

Noticing that Victor didn't pay much attention to her, Teresa panicked and said with concern, "Victor, I know you are busy, but you have to take good care of yourself, especially in social occasions. Fortunately, I'm here now, so I can take good care of you... "

"I wish I could be a little. In that case, I could always stay with you and be with you whenever you need me..."

"Get some rest if you are drunk," Victor added

There was only Teresa sitting in the car. She was acting coquettishly and innocently. Victor occasionally echoed her, but most of the time, his eyes fell on Sophia on the side.

Although Sophia pretented to look outside the window, she couldn't help but listen to the unconscious words of Victor and Teresa when they were talking about.

In fact, she didn't want to hear it at all!

Thinking of this, Sophia shook her head, trying to make herself sober.

"Ivan, stop at the hotel ahead." Maybe it was because Jay felt his words were a little abrupt, so he casually explained, "I have something to do."

"Okay," replied Ivan

After Jay got out of the car, Sophia felt it hard to breathe, and she even couldn't breathe

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