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   Chapter 58 Teresa

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9378

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"But this isn't the one Mr. Jeremy has prepared for her."

Sophia gasped. She didn't expect that Victor would say something like that. If so, she would rather not come to the party. To be honest, she regretted it now.

Feeling Sophia was embarrassed, although Jeremy was confused, he continued to mediate, "this dress is indeed very suitable for Miss Sophia. Ashamed of myself, the evening dress I prepared for her earlier was slightly damaged because of my mistake. But it seems that the dress Sophia is wearing suits her better. "

Seeing that Jeremy was so frank and tried his best to explain for her, Sophia felt a surge of warmth from the bottom of her heart.

So she gave him a grateful look.

At that moment, Victor happened to see that woman flirt with another man in front of him!

This woman was really bold!

Victor fixed his eyes on the woman in front of him, making her not distracted for a moment.

Then, Victor continued with a meaningful question, which made them lose their previous calmness, "it seems that I have a good eye..."

Victor then rested his eyes on the couple with a cunning smile.

Rita had been confident that she would attend the party as Victor's date. Even if Rita didn't announce their relationship publicly, at least she would let the public know how they felt on their own.

But what Victor meant was that· he prepared a dress for ·Sophia! This dress was so fit. How could she keep boasting Sophia

Thinking of this, Rita lowered her head and looked at the dress on her. It was a limited edition from an independent design brand that she had asked her manager to endorse. It might be the only one in the world. However, compared with Sophia's clothes, Rita was a little jealous of this woman

"Victor, you are too kind to a subordinate. That's not good..."

Rita· could only say it as a family member to break the embarrassment.

She was worried and nervous, because she was bet that if Victor would help her.

And on the other side, Sophia felt guilty, which she had never spoken of. Sophia didn't expect that she would turn Jeremy down in this way.

She explained, "because the dress was broken, so..."

Jeremy didn't get angry. Instead, he gently held the trembling hand of Sophia and said, "thank you, Mr. Victor."

Jeremy moved her a lot tonight.

The two people in front of Victor made him very upset, but he didn't show his displeasure. Instead, he deliberately answered Rita's previous question in a doting tone, "Okay, you're the boss."

Hearing that, Rita became confident and smiled happily, revealing her white teeth.

At this time, Rita was willing to be a woman who leaned on Victor.

Then Jeremy said like a gentleman, "then we'll talk later. Have a nice day, Mr. Victor." Then Jeremy circled Sophia'

glass and took a sip of the wine, and then said, "welcome."

Then, Teresa ignored the other two people beside her and grabbed Victor's arms, acting like an inexperienced little girl. She said to him in a girlish voice, "Victor, you know what? Your mother didn't allow me to go back to the country, but I begged her. I said I would be lovesick if I didn't come back to you..."

After saying that, a burst of laughter came to the ears of people around them.

Rita, who was supposed to stand next to Victor, was forced to stand beside Jay by Teresa.

Rita stared at this self talking woman, arms crossed over her chest. A fire was ignited in her heart.

She didn't like this woman. But it seemed that Teresa was very familiar with Victor's house

However, Rita wouldn't act rashly without knowing what the situation was.

Thus, Rita had to control her anger, stood aside and watched.

"By the way, the cherry tree in our courtyard has bloomed. It's pink everywhere. It's so beautiful. Auntie also said she wanted me to move in earlier so that I could see you all the time... "

Speaking of this, Teresa's voice trailed off as she buried her head deeper and lower, almost leaning on Victor. Teresa flushed, like a girl who was about to get married, looking forward and shy.

"If you like, you can pluck several branches and plant them back," Victor replied, withdrawing his hands from Teresa's arms

Everybody was speechless at Victor's words

Rita almost burst into laughter.

Rita didn't expect that Victor would say something like that. It seemed that the so-called Miss Teresa in front of her was just unrequited love!

After making clear the situation, Rita came back to Victor and took his arm. She looked at Teresa with pride.

Teresa gave an angry look at this woman. What a shameless woman! Didn't Rita hear what she said just now!

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