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   Chapter 57 A Conflict

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9475

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It's not a big deal if she's alone in the room. The point was that Victor was in it now! Even though they had naked to each other, she still felt embarrassed to go out naked!

It had been only half an hour since Sophia got worried. But it took her more than an hour to get out of the room. She had been hoping that Victor could leave as soon as possible, but she hadn't heard anything.

After a while, the man like heard Sophia's sound from her heart. But then Sophia heard the door open.

She couldn't wait to get changed and come out of the bathroom only in a bath towel. She got goose bumps all over her body.

She found a comfortable Pajama from the wardrobe and took off the bath towel, preparing to change clothes. The door was opened again. With a book in his hand, Victor stood at the door.

Sophia made Victor speechless.

***Edward skipped the topic***

Sophia's wet hair scattered on her shoulder, messed up. She looked at him in shock. An impulse rose in Victor's abdomen.

"What… Why are you back? " Sophia stammered. She picked up the bath towel and quickly wrapped herself up.

"I just go to my study room to take a book. Are you… Seduce me? " Victor crossed his arms over his chest and looked at Sophia with a slight smile.

"I didn't! I just forgot to take my pajamas! Get out. I need to change my clothes. " Sophia easily got her ears red, which stood out on her snow-white skin.

Instead of retreating, Victor threw the book on the sofa casually and approached to Sophia step by step.

"Change what clothes? We might as well do something that is good for our health! " Victor lifted one of his arms against the wall.

"I... I I'm not feeling well today... " Sophia tried to grasp the bath towel tightly.

Victor looked down at her. His straight nose stuck to Sophia's and there was a wicked smile in his eyes.

"Dare you say that Aren't you seducing me? "

"I didn't! HMM... " Sophia mechanical retort. But just when she opened her mouth, the man's thin lips pressed on her, and the hot tongue sucked it wildly.

At first Sophia wanted to get rid of Victor, he pulled her into his arms and she couldn't move. But a moment later, she lost her strength and fell on him, letting the man immerse in the fragrance.

Victor pull the towel on her body and threw her onto the bed.

From Sophia's lips to her neck to her chest, ruthlessly left a mark on it by Victor Looking at the woman's blurred eyes under him, Victor raised the corners of his mouth and said, "remember! You are mine! "

It was all night of chaos. That night, Sophia didn't know that she had been taken how many times by Victor. She cried for mercy, but everytime she was carried to the brink of excitement by the man.

When Victor woke up the next morning, he noticed that Sophia was sleeping. Feeling

oon as they came in, they became the focus of the whole party.

In particular, the gossip about them has been spread all over the world recently. Although the person involved did not stand out to say anything, but looking at this, everyone had to guess if there was really something between them.

Sophia felt a little sad when she saw this scene, but she couldn't tell the reason.

But on second thought, she believed that Rita was beautiful and generous while Victor was a successful businessman. They must be together. Suddenly, it occurred to her that Rita had told her that Rita wanted to pursue Victor. 、

Sophia helplessly took Jeremy's arm.

Feeling this warmth of Sophia, Jeremy was a little joyful and could not help smiling.

"Mr. Jeremy, we meet again."

The cold voice of Victor made Sophia's heart jolt.

Jeremy spoke in a neither loud nor low voice, "yes, Miss Rita is very beautiful. You are a good match."

Rita was very glad to hear this. She said with a smile, "thank you. You and Miss Sophia are as good as each other."

A hint of displeasure flashed through Victor's face, but no one captured it. Victor cast a cold glance at Sophia who was holding Jeremy's arm. Victor said, "it suits you well."

It was a little embarrassing for Sophia to hear this, and the other two couldn't understand what this man was saying.

"The dress fits you well." Victor added.

Rita studied the woman standing in front of her from head to toe. Putting aside her fame as a star, Sophia was indeed a beautiful woman. She was perfect in both look and figure. Rita suddenly felt lucky that this woman was not her competitor.

However, the previous prejudice before didn't made Rita hate the woman in front of her, and even after a few contacts later, Rita liked Sophia more and more.

Perhaps, it was because of the personality charm that people often said.

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