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   Chapter 56 The Dress Was Broken

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 10006

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Sophia went to work as usual. she didn't want to cause conflicts between her and Victor, so she went home in the low-key black Benz.

She would be a fool if she took the subway with a car in her hand? Sophia said in mind.

Victor remained silent throughout the conversation. Even a hint of air could be sensed from his impassive, handsome face. It was quite embarrassing for both of them not to talk in the confined space. Sophia wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought when she saw the man's face.

When she got home, she got out of the car which took her great efforts. She finally didn't have to bear this strange atmosphere any more. It was said outside that the CEO of the YS Group was an iceberg man. It seemed that the rumors were true!

Staring at the woman's receding figure, Victor remained silent for a long time. 'Is she could not stand me for staying here a little longer?' He thought?

Zelda had thought that Victor and Sophia had gotten back together. But the thing was that Sophia carried a high-class clothes box and Zelda thought it was from Victor. Zelda was glad that Victor had realized his mistake.

"Give it to me, Miss Sophia! I'll hang it for you! It's the first time Mr. Victor buy clothes for a woman! " Zelda took the bag from Sophia's hand.

"Well… This is... "

Sophia didn't know how to explain. Was not this from your young master but another man?

Zelda and Web were very kind to her. Only they really thought that she could be with Victor, but they didn't know that the three-year contract was just a contract.

Zelda left before Sophia could finish her words. This young girl had a thin skin. Although she was old, Zelda knew this clearly!

Just as Victor walked in, he heard the conversation between Zelda and Sophia.

"Are you okay to lie to old person?" Victor lowered his head and got close to Sophia's ears.

His breath fell on her neck. Her ears slightly turned pink. She was eager to explain.

"I don't want to cheat Zelda, it's just..."

"Just what?" Victor stood straight and looked down at Sophia, with a pair of deep eyes mocking.

Sophia didn't think it necessary to make any explanation. No matter what, Victor wouldn't believe her. So there was no need for her to make any explanation?

"Since you can have lunch with Rita, why can't I accept Jeremy's clothes? We have agreed that we will not interfere with each other. Please keep your words! "

Her small face flushed because of anger, which made her look vivid.

If she hadn't spoken ill of me, I might have kissed her, ' Victor thought.

"Then you should also keep in mind that you are mine for the last three years. Don't try to leave me!" Victor went straight upstairs.

Looking at the man's slender figure, Sophia felt bitter in her heart. She had never thought of leaving, but she was afraid that she couldn't decide whether she would leave or not by then.

It had been a few days since speechless. Although Victor a

tor, whose eyes met hers. She was annoyed with herself. Why did she care so much about his opinion?!

"Yes, it fits you very well." A tinge of smile could be seen in Victor's eyes.

"Oh, really?" Sophia was embarrassed.

In fact, compared with the black one given by Jeremy, Sophia was more fond of this one. The strapless dress was too sexy and didn't really suit her. The fresh color suited her better. Although Victor was bossy and imperious, he was good at choosing clothes and having an eye for beauty!

Victor was in a good mood to see Sophia in his elaborate dress. For this piece of clothing, he specially found the most professional clothing design team in the city to make it overnight. He didn't want so many men present to watch Sophia tomorrow.

"I'll go upstairs and change it." Said Sophia in a happy tone.

After Sophia went upstairs, Victor slowly stood up and threw the black dress that he had forgotten to the side into the trash can.

"Mr. Victor, are we doing a bad thing! Miss Sophia, she... " Zelda asked, rubbing her hands.

With a warning in Victor's eyes, she didn't continue.

Well, just let them go. Although Mr. Victor was a forthright man, it was okay as long as they two could get along well with each other. Zelda thought that the high-end dress was a pity.

Sophia had no idea that the pitiful dress had been thrown into the trash bin. She got changed and hung it up. No matter what, the dress that Victor prepared for her, but in the design that could be seen that Victor had spent much time on it.

Although it was for Zelda, Sophia felt a little sweet in her heart. During the two days' cold war, every time she saw the cold face of Victor, she felt heartbroken. She pretended to be aloof on the surface, but how could she not care?

After Sophia got changed, she went to the bathroom to take a shower. But she didn't pay attention to the sound of Victor opening the door. She only found that she didn't take her pajamas halfway!

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