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   Chapter 50 Getting Angry

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After a while, Sophia walked out of the bathroom, dressed neatly.

She bumped into Jay.

They looked at each other, embarrassed.

With his eyes wide open, Jay was surprised to see the woman in Victor's house. Perhaps, the relationship between Sophia and Victor was deeper than he imagined.

Thinking of this, Jay could not help but look at her up and down in some vague way.

Although Sophia after freshening up, it was different from what she usually look in the company. Her dark brown hair was casually falling over her shoulders. She didn't wear any makeup and wore casual clothes. As a whole, she looked more pure and elegant than professional. She was really a stunner!

"No wonder Victor became impatient with me when I came here in the early morning. It turns out that he is trying to keep a mistress in his love house! You're so bad. You didn't tell me anything... "

Jay tried to ease the atmosphere and teased. He turned around and looked at Victor, with a little reproachful tone.

Instead of saying a word, Victor squinted at her, waiting for her explanation.

"Mr. Jay, I'm afraid you have misunderstood. The relationship between me and Mr. Victor is very simple. There is nothing else. It's not what you have imagined."

Sophia's slow voice, which carried politeness and respect, deliberately keeping a distance from the two men.

"You know what I'm thinking. How about you tell me?" Knowing that she would give him such an answer, Jay got excited and began to make fun of Sophia intentionally.

"I don't know. Please stop making fun of me, Mr. Jay."

Wearing a tired look, she didn't intend to talk to Jay.

Seeing Sophia's distant attitude, Jay's interest, which had just come to him, was swept away. So he quietly closed his mouth and didn't say anything else.

"Sophia, What's wrong? You look terrible."

Since Sophia walked out, Victor noticed that this woman was not in a good condition, and he was even more sure about this after she spoke.

But since Sophia had heard the conversation between the two men, she felt uncomfortable and didn't know what to say to Victor.

"I didn't feel well. I might have caught a cold last night."

Sophia tried to sound calm.

Without a second thought, Victor said in a soft tone, "then you can stay at home for a day instead of going to work."

Then Zelda came out of the kitchen with three bowls of sparerib soup.

"Mr. Jay, you haven't had breakfast yet, have some food? It's good for your stomach."

The three sat in the dining room, each having their own business in mind, enjoying the soup. The whole room was filled with the sound of spoon spooning soup.

Jay broke the silence first.

"Vic, you look great!"

After giving a glance at Jay who was sitting opposite

wling. After figuring out the ins and outs of the matter, Jay took the file from Mr. Han and went to see Victor.

Although Jay stayed in the office all the time, he had heard something about his friend this morning.

Hearing this, Victor was a little tired, he rubbed his temples and said angrily, "boss asked him to make a report again. Does he need a reason?"

After testing Victor out, Jay was very clear that his friend was just in a bad mood.

"You almost go ballistic," Jay shouted

Jay said meaningfully, sitting on the leather sofa in the office of Victor, playing with his sleeves.

"So what?"

"Well, nothing. Vic, don't look at me like that. I'm not the one who makes you angry. You should go to the one who makes you angry..."

Jay felt a little embarrassed when he noticed Victor's sharp eyes. He smiled awkwardly, indicating that Victor should look for someone who really pissed him off.

"It's no use getting so angry in the company. It has caused everybody panic, isn't it?"

"Don't be silly."

"What's wrong with you?".

The thought of that woman infuriated Victor.

He felt guilty for what he had done to her last night. He had seen the woman in a bad condition this morning and wanted to care about her. He didn't expect that heartless woman would keep him at arm's length and say such depressing words. What an ungrateful woman!

He would have taken that woman to have sex if she hadn't been uncomfortable.

Victor looked out of the window silently, with a cold expression on his face.

Sitting opposite to him, Jay was a little worried about Victor. Jay looked at his watch and found it was time for lunch. So he stood up and said in a relaxed tone, "all right, let's go to have our stomach full first."

Knowing that Jay did this for his good, Victor stood up and walked out of the office with Jay.

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