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   Chapter 49 Fiancee

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As Victor didn't receive any reply, he was driven crazy. He wanted this woman, and only he could own her!

After a long time, Sophia almost collapsed on the marble in the living room. The man on her body finally stopped and turned to the bathroom on the first floor to take a shower.

The light was off in the living room. Only a glimmer of light appeared on the door of the bathroom. Sophia's eyes blurred, and her heart was bleeding. She always knew that this man was capricious and moody. To her surprise, he didn't care about her feelings at all! After all, in his heart, she was just a tool to satisfy his physiological needs!

All her feelings that she had accumulated over this period of time vanished in an instant.

She struggled to stand up with the last bit of strength in her body. She leaned against the handrail, inching her way forward little by little. It turned out that it took only a few minutes to get there. At this moment, Sophia took a lifetime.

Finally, she returned to the bedroom.

Cautiously and cautiously, Sophia opened the drawer, took out the pills from it and randomly swallowed them...

Then she fell asleep deeply in bed.

Raindrops kept falling outside the window. The night came without warning, and nobody knew when it would leave.

At night, she made a beautiful dream. In her dream, there was no Victor, no one who made her sad. She stayed in a beautiful little village every day, waiting for her own happiness to come...

However, when she was asleep, the man quietly walked into the bedroom and stared at this lovely face for a long time with complicated expression. Then he tucked her in and tiptoed out of the bedroom.


The next day.

It was early in the morning when Sophia woke up.

After a rain, the air outside was fresh. There were two birds standing on the electric pole outside the window, making clear and pleasant sound.

Sophia glanced at the thin quilt on her body. She didn't take the quilt with her last night.

She stood up and walked with difficulty, then she poured herself a glass of water. After tossing and turning last night, she felt sore all over her body.

Unlike last night, she was no longer angry. Her mind went blank. The only thing she cared about was very weak and tired. She just hoped that this ridiculous contract could end soon.

When she was about to open the door and walk into the living room, she heard two people in the living room talking.

"Victor, now I have a piece of news to tell you. In fact, I came back this time not only because of your invitation, but also for the most important reason. "

The man was none other than Jay, Victor's friend.

Early in the morning, Ja


Thinking of this, Sophia somehow felt a sense of loss. They had had a fierce quarrel last night, but she was still shamelessly trying to figure out the relationship between them.

She didn't know what was on her mind all of a sudden...

"I just have a contractual relationship with her."

Victor seemed to confirm the fact or convince himself.

Sophia also seemed to be realized by Victor. 'I don't live in the same world with Victor. It's good for us to end our relationship as soon as possible. That way, we can return to our normal life, ' she mused.

Jay didn't buy it. It had been a few days since Jay came back from abroad. It was impossible for Victor to have any feelings for Sophia!

Jay sighed and shook his head.

After a while, Jay sighed and said slowly, "you will end this relationship sooner or later. Victor, you are always a man with a clear mind. My grandfather has always compared you with me since you were a child. He always said that you were mature, steady and well planned. I also believe in you without any doubt... "

And this time, Sophia, who had been hiding behind the door, was feebly lying on the floor, and her mind was in a mess.

There was no more sound in the living room. What had just happened was like a dream. Sophia even doubted whether the words she heard were real or just a dream.

The sun had already risen. It shone into the whole room through the window. The room, which was a little cold before, suddenly became bright. But for some reason, she didn't feel any warmth at all

Her sadness could not last long. Soon Sophia woke up. A new day just began. What she should do now was to cheer herself up to work.

So she walked to the wardrobe, picked up the new clothes, went to the bathroom to take a shower, and then went to work.

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