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   Chapter 44 You Are Jealous

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Then, Victor left the bar unhappily with Sophia. He couldn't help thinking about Sophia's attitude to him when they were in the bar just now.

Rita stood alone at the door, her eyes red. She didn't expect that after getting out of the bar, Victor's attitude to her could be so fickle. She was so upset.

"Miss Rita, it's not safe to go home alone at this hour. Let me drive you home," said a familiar voice behind her

Jeremy walked over gently. He was just like his name, a modest gentleman.

Rita answered, turned around and got in Jeremy's car.

"What the hell do you want, Victor?"

Sophia cautiously lowered her voice and glanced at Ivan who was concentrated on driving in the front seat. Then she turned around and angrily scolded Victor who had been trying to do something to her.

They had been sitting in the car since they parted at the entrance of the bar.

The dubious relationship between Victor and Rita kept flashing in her mind. She suddenly felt a lump in her throat and shook Victor's hand off her body.

Ignoring Sophia's refusal, Victor got even more aggressive. He pulled the woman next to him and pressed on her. The stink of alcohol almost drove Victor crazy. He kissed the woman under him like a wild beast.

The smell of alcohol and the unique scent of Victor had been constantly scattered on the tip of Sophia's small nose. She closed her eyes with anguish, almost getting lost in the crazy possession of the man in front of her.

However, the moment Sophia closed her eyes, she couldn't help recalling the dubious scene that Victor hooked up with someone else. Her heart was sour, but she was unable to express it. What the hell was the relationship between her and Victor? A mere assistant had an affair with a president? Victor could make an agreement with her today that he could sign a contract with thousands of women he was interested in tomorrow!

Sophia's anger and sadness overwhelmed her. She turned her head away, and her eyes were filled with tears, which flew across her cheeks to the leather seat. She kept her eyes on the night view passing by outside the window to show her resistance.

Finally, Sophia pushed away the man with all her strength and said in a cold voice, "Mr. Victor, you never lack of women. Why do you have to be anxious in this narrow space?"

"What's wrong, bro? Are you okay?".

It was the first time that she had refused him. Was she thinking of Jeremy?

Thinking of this, Victor pressed Sophia against the corner of the seat and kept her motionless.

"You have no right to reject me!"

Suddenly, the air seemed to be frozen.

Victor froze immediately. He didn't expect that Sophia would slap him.

He lifted his hand

direction, the audience abandoned the two products that they had released.

Nowadays, growing fast speed made people need more convenient and novel products. The endorsement event ended up with a severe loss, which enabled Victor to make up for his mistakes this time.

At first, Leon was still worried that once the new product was on the market, there would be a butterfly effect.

And it was really impressive that Victor cleverly avoided all the thunderstorm to blaze a new way.

On the other side, after receiving the news, Jeremy was also very happy. He picked up his mobile phone and called Victor.

After the morning meeting, Victor picked up the phone and heard Jeremy's gentle voice:

"Mr. Victor, you are indeed a business genius!"

"Mr. Jeremy must have heard about the latest news." Victor raised his eyebrows, lit a cigarette and said confidently.

"The new product has been listed and the whole situation has been reversed. Thank you for asking me to cooperate with you. Otherwise, the benefits will be all yours." Jeremy said in a relaxed tone. He knew that Victor was not a simple man.

However, at this moment, Victor didn't proceed as Jeremy had planned. Instead, Victor changed the subject.

"I'm flattered, Mr. Jeremy. I'm just a responsible boss. Do you know what boss is supposed to do? "

Upon hearing his question, Jeremy was intrigued. He raised his voice and asked, "what?"

"I mean we should not make our company lose money and cooperate with our companies to win the win-win situation. Am I right, Mr. Jeremy?" Victor's eyes narrowed slightly, he went to the ashtray and put out the cigarette.

Jeremy didn't expect that Victor would say so, so Jeremy was embarrassed. He smiled awkwardly and said, "Mr. Victor, you are so humorous. You know, business is an art!"

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