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   Chapter 43 See Jeremy Again

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9555

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No wonder in the early morning, Terence invited Victor's grandpa to come to the company. It turned out that Terence was invited to watch a play. Although Victor's grandpa rarely came to the company to learn the specific things, the director's purpose was so obvious that Victor could get the full picture at a glance.

Rumors had already spread all over the company. It was no exception that Sophia in the office was no exception. She worried the hell out of Victor.

The board had already investigated the cause of "allergic problem". Any sensible person could figure out that Xiao Group was stabbed in the back. Apparently, the board of directors wanted to make a big fuss about this and wanted to get Victor into trouble.

Sophia had witnessed today's prosperity in the business world.

In the business world, only when you felt complacent could you add fuel to the fire. You could never find when you were down.

The only factor that could affect a businessman was profit.

Sophia was worrying about Victor when a big hand raised her head.

When Victor returned to his office, he saw Sophia scene outside the window. Therefore, he pulled her up and strode her out of the office.

When Sophia realized it, she was already in the elevator with Victor.

"Where are we going?" Confused, Sophia squinted at the man standing next to her, expressionless.

"To the bar." His answer was too simple that made Sophia kind of unnatural.

Sophia's look caught Victor's attention. When he looked back at her sharply, Sophia hastily put on a make-up and turned her head back to the man.

Recalling what had happened today, she thought Victor wanted her to go to the bar with him maybe because he was in a bad mood and he wanted to relax. She didn't expect that the great CEO would get into trouble.

Thinking of this, Sophia suddenly felt a little funny and laughed out.

The next moment, Victor cast a sharp glance at her. What was the woman thinking? She was so happy that she even behaved so clearly in front of him.

When they got out of the elevator, Victor tightly grasped her slender, delicate wrist and pulled her out vigorously. They went straight to the bar.

Sophia seemed so normal that the man in front of her was still in a bad mood because of what happened in the day. After all, man like Victor was unpredictable.

The bar was in the center of the city, and when the night fell, the colorful lights cast on various men and women, making people have a sense of indulgence. Maybe, that was why most people liked to come to the bar.

Sophia thought so. But she was held tightly by Victor. They walked through the noisy crowd and went to the innermost seat.

Rita and Jeremy had been waiting for a long time in the booth. They were talking about something and there was a smile on their faces.

However, w

she quickly stood up and accompanied Rita to the bathroom.

After Sophia getting far away, Victor put down his wine glass and stopped smiling. He coldly looked at Jeremy and warned, "don't spy on something that doesn't belong to you."

Jeremy didn't get angry. Instead, he chuckled and said, "Mr. Victor, don't be so serious. Is Miss Sophia just an object for you?"

"It has nothing to do with you. All you need to do is to do your job well." There was coldness in Victor's eyes. He grabbed his glass and drank it up.

Obviously, Jeremy didn't take his words seriously. He ignored Victor and looked away.

"Sophia, I didn't expect you to be so nice. Thank you very much!" Rita said to Sophia who had been silent since she came out of the bathroom.

Sophia glanced at the familiar table in the corner. After a while, Sophia said weakly, "it doesn't matter. If I am helping you, I am also helping myself."

But Rita didn't listen to Sophia. Rita kept walking towards her seat. She wanted to meet Victor right now.

After waiting for a long time, Victor saw them come back. He changed his tone and said, "Mr. Jeremy, see you next time."

Like what they did at the beginning, Jeremy shook Victor's hand, "I'm waiting for your good news, Mr. Victor."

Victor was about to get out of the bar with a cold face, dragging Sophia out of the bar. This woman was so reckless. She actually made him angry the whole night.

At this time, a familiar voice came from the side, "it's so late, Victor. Can you send me home?"

After getting along with Victor in the bar a moment ago, Rita wanted to strike while the iron was hot so as to cultivate a close relationship with Victor. Rita linked her arm with Victor's, but was pushed away indifferently by him.

He was calm now and Rita was useless to him.

"I believe Mr. Jeremy would like to do it for me." Victor showed rejection on his face.

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