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   Chapter 42 An Uncle Who Took Pleasure In Other's Misfortune

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"Well, I think we all know what the lady said just now. The YS Group wouldn't explain too much about this matter in the future. The press conference is over now. Thank you for coming. The staff in the back hall will receive you later... "

Saying the last sentence on the stage, Sophia finally breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the work she had been through these days was not so many as it should be, which made her feel relieved.

In the spacious office, Greg turned off the tablet PC and stood by the window, looking at the scenery in the distance meaningfully.

Actually, Victor knew very well who caused the allergy. But he couldn't find evidence.

On the other hand, Victor felt that Sophia had helped him wholeheartedly to clarify his "allergic problem" today, which made him suddenly have a better impression of Sophia.

Thinking Sophia had done in the company these days, Victor could tell that she was not just a good-looking woman with good looks. 'How many faces of this woman I haven't discovered?' The corners of Victor's mouth involuntarily rose slightly, revealing a bright smile. Sophia was interesting.

It took Sophia a long time to pack all the papers and get back to the company to report this event to Victor.

However, when she just walked out of the hotel, she suddenly realized that this man who tried her best to help him was only a contractual relationship to her. In other words, he was just a bed partner. Besides, Rita was beside him. They just took what they needed and didn't have anything else to do with each other.

Suddenly, Sophia looked a little depressed. The excitement she had had before was all gone.

Sophia got back to the company unwittingly. When she recovered from her thought, she had already walked into Victor's office.

"Well done, Sophia."

Standing in front of the window and hearing the footsteps, Victor turned around to take a look at her and then looked outside.

"That's what I should do." Her mind was a mess, so Sophia answered coldly.

It never occurred to Victor that Sophia would be so cold to him. Although upset, he didn't say anything.

Although the problem of allergy was solved, it had a great impact on the market and the YS Group was more or less lost. At the same time, the YS Group's competitor, the Mu group, also launched a more novel product.

"Mr. Jeremy, our products have been greatly praised after they are on the market this time. I dare say that in another two or three days, they can replace the old products of the YS Group completely."

Jeremy's secretary followed him to report the sales situation of the product after it was listed. He also admired the wisdom of this man. When reporting, he deliberately stressed the word "old product". Because the YS Group's products couldn't keep up.

Although the new product was the better version of the YS Group, before it was launched on the market, the secretary was really worried about the sales situation for Jeremy.


isn't it?"

Speaking of this, Terence Xiao suddenly felt a little emboldened. What he said was not a made up story. All his words were certain facts.

"Today I hold this board meeting to discuss among us on the solution, at least things happen from you, you have to give an explanation, don't you?"

All the shareholders, who had been frightened by the powerful aura of Victor, seemed to be in an uproar after hearing Terence Xiao's words and nodded in agreement.

Obviously, the shareholders didn't trust Victor very much, and there were many people who were expecting something bad to happen to Victor.

Victor did make a lot of achievements, but in the eyes of the shareholders, they only saw interests and could not have any losses.

Victor's deep and sharp eyes were fixed on Terence Xiao. After knowing what his uncle had done secretly in the past years. It was just this kind of person who only fanned the flames behind, and even did not deserve to be his opponent. Victor never took him seriously.

After a long time, there was no expression on Victor's face. He said coldly, "well, what do you mean, uncle?"

After refraining himself for a long time, Terence Xiao spoke out everything that he had wanted to say with a smile, "Mr. Victor, as long as you give us a reasonable explanation, the board of directors will not continue to pursue it. Otherwise, the president is looking for someone else. "

"Terence Xiao is right. The board of directors only wants an explanation."

After hearing that all the shareholders around Terence Xiao supported him, he was relieved and smiled with satisfaction.

'No matter how capable you are, you are nothing but a drowned chicken that has been beaten by profits. I will see how you can turn the tide.' Terence Xiao almost laughed out loud at the meeting.

However, at the meeting today, the only reason why there was no speech was that Victor's grandfather was sitting in the middle. He frowned and looked at the scene in silence.

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