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   Chapter 41 Persuasion

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Sophia satisfied his answer. Then she turned to the bank and took out the rest of the money to him. The leader passed the note to Sophia and left with money.

Sophia got to the hospital soon. Lucy's mother had returned to the ward. When she walked in, Lucy's mother lowered her head in shame as soon as she got back from Sophia, and Sophia walked to Lucy with a glance at her mother.

Lucy's wound had scarred. When she saw Sophia, she turned to her and said, "you're here!"

Sophia nodded and handed the note to Lucy's mother, "I've paid back the money for you. Don't gamble any more. You've destroyed your own daughter. Do you want to force her to death?"

Lucy turned to her mother and hold the note, "Mom, how could you do this?"

Lucy's mother looked at them and burst into tears immediately. She went up to them, took Lucy's hand and said, "I won't gamble again. I really don't gamble any more."

Lucy shook off her mother's hand and turned around, tears streaming down her face. Lucy suddenly didn't know how to face Sophia. Sophia had helped her a lot, but she had done something wrong to Sophia.

Sophia went over and comforted Lucy, "or she really won't gamble any more. The most important thing right now is to get well as soon as possible."

Hearing Sophia's words when Lucy was most desperate, Lucy was moved and comforted. Lucy held Sophia's hand and looked at Sophia gratefully.

"Sophia. Thank you! We just met in the plain water, but you treat me like this. " Lucy wiped her tears and said, "I'll return the money to you as soon as possible."

"Don't worry about the money. But I have one thing that I think is more urgent than the money. That are the new products of our company." Sophia directly said to Lucy, "in fact, I have already known that you did it for the sake of your mother's one hundred thousand bills before, right?"

Lucy looked up at Sophia's face, and then lowered her head again and fell silent.

Sophia took her cellphone out of her pocket and handed the website of army to Lucy, "have a look. Now the whole Internet is because of you to resist the new products of our company. Although it has a great impact on our company, there are still many guests losing. Everyone loves beauty, but because of you, many people lose such a good goods. Don't you feel ashamed? "

Lucy raised her head to look at Sophia and said, "Sophia, I am so sorry. Yes, my face was not affected by the products from your company, but I can't help you. "

"Someone asked you to do it on purpose, right?" Sophia continued, "actually, I've guessed it from the beginning. No one in our company said that they would pay for your medical bills. That is someone deliberately did this to offend the public."

Lucy shook her head and turned to look out of the window. Since Sophia appeared, she had been very uneasy. She had long wanted to tell the truth, but if she stepped forward, she might not be able to stay in this city.

Sophia walked to Lucy and said to her,

mbling all by herself.

Lucy was very suffering. After all, it was her who committed the mistake. Although she wanted to clear up and make up for it, she was afraid that she would be put into trouble.

She shyly looked down the stage. A lot of reporters and numerous flashlights were standing under the stage, recording the moment. So she quickly lowered her head. Her lips had turned pale due to her bite, and her tightly held hands were slightly sweaty.

Although Lucy had promised to attend the press conference. But when she really saw the big shots under the stage, she was really scared and was in a dilemma.

Lucy turned her head and looked at Sophia by her side with pitiful eyes for help.

Sophia seemed to understand Lucy's thoughts very well. She nodded to Lucy affirmatively and gave her a reassuring smile.

After a fierce struggle in mind, Lucy finally raised her head and looked up at the reporters off the stage with a firm look in her eyes.

"Hello, everyone."

Lucy said the few words slowly but with no missing of her strength, and then she took a deep breath and continued:

"I am one of the persons involved in this' allergic 'incident. I want to make it clear to you. I was not feeling well some time ago and took a medicine to recuperate. I didn't expect that the drug in it had a conflict and caused my allergic reaction. Under the situation without investigation, I resolutely pushed it to the YS Group. I didn't expect it to cause so much trouble. Here, I sincerely apologize to the YS Group and also to the media audience who have been paying close attention to this matter. It is all my fault that caused these bad mistakes. I am really sorry. "

After saying that, Lucy's eyes turned red. She bowed deeply to the camera and then walked down the stage.

When Lucy went through Sophia, Sophia held Lucy's hand, which was a sign of appreciation. Lucy took a glance at Sophia in her eyes, and then pursed her lips slightly, and finally left the scene.

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