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   Chapter 40 Don't Move

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"What are you doing? I can walk myself. "

Victor put Sophia down on the sofa and warned her, "don't move!"

Sophia felt a little unaccustomed to see him walking back and forth in the room. She usually walked back and forth for him.

Victor had been busy in the kitchen for a while. Suddenly, like magic, he took out a bowl of noodles and put it in front of Sophia.

"Eat it." Sophia's eyes lit up when she saw the noodles on the table. She felt so hungry.

Sophia did got hungry, so she ate any food she got. However, Victor didn't laugh. Instead, he blamed her.

"Why don't you eat outside? Don't I give you enough money? " After that, Victor took out a bank card from his pocket, threw it on the table and said, "there is one million in it. Ask me for it when you're done."

Sophia almost spat out the noodles. Wasn't it a bluff? How long would one million need.

Sophia refused, "no, you can take it back. The salary given by the company is enough for me, and isn't it you who has paid for me all the time?"

Still mad at her, Victor ordered, "take it."

Sophia put the bank card on the table back to Victor.

"No, I don't need that much money, really."

She didn't want to owe anyone anything, not to mention owe a lot of money to Victor. Their relationship had already made her feel bad. If she accepted his money, she would become his mistress. She didn't want that to happen.

She was in a good mood because Victor was cooking noodles for her. But the thought of it made her feel a little sad.

After eating the noodles, Victor put the bowl back to the kitchen and carried Sophia back to the room.

"Go to take a shower." Victor picked up her Pajama and threw it to her.

Sophia took the pajamas from Victor and walked into the bathroom. It was the best time to take a hot shower when she was about to lie down. Sitting in the bathtub, Sophia accidentally fell asleep.

Victor waited a long time. So he stepped forward and said, "if you don't come out now, I'll get in."

Sophia got surprised and she immediately jumped up and said, "no, I'll come out right away."

"Whoosh!" Sophia couldn't help sneezing. She sighed and felt the water was cold. She was so tired that she didn't know she had slept for a long time. She put on her clothes and walked out of the bathroom. At the same time, Victor brought a towel and a hairdryer.

He came to help Sophia wipe her hair. It was the first time that he had offered to do her a favor, which made her feel so moved.

Sophia wanted to take the towel and said, "I can do it myself."

But Victor didn't let her get her bath towel. "Can't you just be quiet and stay put?"

This time, Victor didn't make any concession, so Sophia had to listen to him and let him dry her hair.

'Forget it, Sophia, it's hard for you to be served by anyone. Enjoy it.'

Victor blew her hair and then went to bed. But Victor didn't let her go easily.

"Take off your clothes."

Sophia turned around and said to Victor awkwardly, "I'm so tired today. Could you stop..."

Still emotionless, Victor ordered, "take off your clothes."



The leader glared at her and said, "you have worked in this industry for so long. Don't you know that it will interest you? Last time... "

"Okay." The leader wanted to continue, but Lucy's mother stopped him.

Sophia could tell that Lucy's mother was hiding something, but Sophia didn't tell her right away. She walked to the leader.

"I can give you money now, but you have to let Lucy's mother leave first."

The leader was so happy to hear that they could get the money. He turned to his opponents and said, "let her go. Anyway, she won't go far."

The leader then turned around and said to Sophia, "Miss, then let's go to get the money. I just want to have some cash."

Then Sophia nodded to Lucy's mother, indicating that she should leave now. Then Sophia followed the lead out, to the nearest bank.

When they got to the bank, Sophia took out her bank card and turned around to the leader, saying, "didn't you ask for money? I can give you under one condition. "

"Money makes the mare go." The leader giggled and said to Sophia, "you can ask me. I will tell you everything I can."

On second thought, Sophia asked, "does Lucy's mother often come to your casino to gamble?"

The leader felt happier when he talked about Lucy's mother. However, he requested to get the money from Sophia, then he would talk. Sophia took out 20000 and handed it to the leader.

"You have told me that I'll give you the rest. If you don't tell me, I won't give you the rest money."

The leader of the group had to listen to Sophia and said, "don't be silly. Lucy's mother? She's an acquaintance of our club, and she's a gambler. She borrowed more than one hundred thousand dollars from us before her daughter's accident and she lost the money. I don't know how she got more than one hundred thousand in a short time. Then something happened to her daughter. We didn't expect that she would gamble again in such a short time. But she was out of luck. She had lost tens of thousands of dollars in one stroke these two days. That's all I know. Give me the money now! "

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