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   Chapter 39 Breaking News

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"Mr. Victor, there's something that I want to tell you." Leon walked up to Victor's desk and asked.

"Let's not talk about anything else. I found something wrong. Please come and have a look," Victor added

Leon walked up to Victor and watched the computer with him. Victor pointed at the screen and said, "look at those guys. The time is almost the same. Go and check what is going on."

Leon nodded, "Okay, I'll do it right away."

After Leon left, Sophia walked up to Victor. Victor raised his head to look at her.

"Mr. Victor, what can I do for you?" Sophia wanted to solve the company's crisis with them. After all, she was also a member of the company.

Victor's eyes became dark. He found that Sophia suddenly had fighting spirit, but he didn't want her to get close to this thing. He knew that this was not as simple as it looked. There must be a huge plot hidden in it.

"Just mind your own business." "You can go now," Victor urged.

Sophia walked out of Victor's office and went back to her desk. She opened the computer to search for the new products. The Internet was full of negative news about the new products. She clicked on the first one, and there was a picture of a woman with sores on her face, which looked particularly disgusting. Sophia knew the products were all natural. So Sophia believed that there wouldn't be any problem.

Sophia memorized the name of the victim and the hospital with this record. It was time for lunch. Sophia wanted to go there to have a look and make everything clear. When it was time to get off work, Sophia took her handbag and went out. Victor just got out of his door and wanted to ask Sophia to have lunch with him, but Sophia had gone far.

Victor looked at her back and thought that she was still so stubborn that she could do whatever she wanted. Victor shook his head and flashed a smile. 'She is willing to do something for me. It's worth it, ' he thought.

To save some time, Sophia took a taxi to X hospital. After some inquiries, she finally found the online victim Lucy Wu. Sophia walked into the ward and gently knocked on the door. There was a woman in patient uniform and a woman in her fifties. She must be Lucy Wu's mother.

"Excuse me, are you Miss Lucy?" Sophia cautiously asked.

Lucy Wu turned back, her face was covered except her face and mouth.

"Yes, I am. Who are you?" Lucy Wu asked.

Hearing that Sophia finally found the right person, Sophia walked to introduce herself to Lucy Wu, "Hello! I am Sophia from the YS Group? "

Upon hearing the YS Group, Lucy Wu's mother rushed to pour the water to Sophia's body without waiting for Sophia to continue.

"Get out! You have hurt my daughter. What else do you want?"

Sophia was suddenly splashed with water, and she was shocked. But soon she took out the inspection report from her bag and handed it to her, "no, it can't be caused by our products. We have the test report. Our products are pure natural, and there is no hormones, so..."

Lucy Wu's mother snatched the report from Sophia and t

he sand cloth, and the sores had gone, but her face was terribly rotten, and yellow water kept flowing out.

Lucy Wu got closer to Sophia step by step, Sophia stepping back.

"It will be horrible, won't it?" Lucy Wu added! If you were me, what would you do? Will you forgive those callous competitors? "

Lucy Wu's heart was so broken that Sophia couldn't speak the words she wanted to say. Finally she was forced to go out, and Lucy Wu closed the door impolitely.

"Miss Lucy." Sophia called out outside the door.

No one responded. Sophia stood at the door and continued, "you know very well that our products are all right, right! Otherwise, you wouldn't have driven me out. Our products are purely natural. Hormones are responsible for your skin problems. "

The nurse walked from another direction. She noticed Sophia standing at the door, so she got up and said to Sophia, "Miss, this is the hospital. Keep your voice down. If the patient doesn't want to see you, I also hope you can leave as soon as possible."

Sophia nodded and she knew it was not the time to say anything more. She didn't give up. She wanted to have a talk with them tomorrow.

It was already late when Sophia got home. The light was still off. She thought, 'it's good that Victor has not come back.' She was so tired that she put down the things and went into the kitchen to heat up a cup of milk. She went to the refrigerator and found that there was nothing to eat. In desperation, the light was suddenly lit up.

Seeing that Victor stood up behind her, Sophia stood up. With a look of disdain, Victor said to Sophia, "you've grown up. Can't you turn on the light when you're home? Making such a loud noise. Are you going to tell me in this way that you have come back? "

Sophia looked a little bit odd. She didn't want to argue with him. She just wanted to get something to eat.

Victor found her change of expression quickly. He walked forward and suddenly lifted her up. Sophia almost spilled the milk in her hand before she could react.

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