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   Chapter 38 Protect Her

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"Yes! When Sophia moved out, I had threw all her old stuff. There's no need to keep here. " When they were gloating, they felt like being slapped on the face by Victor. Especially Peter, whose face was livid, didn't dare to look at Sophia.

Noticing that something was wrong, Caspar said, "Jenny asked your sister to come back for dinner. You said you had something to talk with her, didn't you?"

All people looked at Jenny at the same time, and she proudly leaned against Peter and said: "sister, I'm going to be engaged to Peter, and you'll bless me, won't you?"

"If you have a clear conscience, you can be happy even without others' blessing." Although Sophia was not in love with Peter anymore, it would be a dream for Sophia to wish them happiness.

Hearing Sophia's words, Jenny's face got stiff all of a sudden. She stared at Peter sideways.

"Sophia, I know I hurt you before, but it has nothing to do with Jenny. You can blame me for this! However... I still hope that you can bless us. After all, Jenny is also your sister. "

Sophia's calm heart suddenly burst into a surge of excitement. It had nothing to do with Jenny? How ridiculous! When Jenny first met Peter, Jenny knew the relationship between Sophia and Peter. But Jenny chose to betray Sophia! Jenny even deliberately let Sophia find their love! But now, Peter told Sophia that it had nothing to do with Jenny!?

It had been a long time since the last time Sophia saw Peter and Jenny, but those dirty scenes appeared in her mind again!

Before Sophia could make any comments, Victor said, "Sophia will bless you. Tell us when you get engaged and I'll give you a big present." After that, Victor lowered his head, picked up a piece of meat for Sophia and gently said, "eat more. You need to go to your sister's engagement party with a beautiful look."

Sophia raised her head and smiled to Victor. She shot a glance at Victor and smile at him. Everyone was shocked by this scene. Victor, who had always been cold, smiled gently to Sophia. Especially for Jenny, she was great to get the man she had robbed from Sophia. But she didn't expect that Sophia could be with Victor that every woman in the city wanted. Jenny glanced at Peter and thought he was far worse than Victor.

"Right! Sophia, you have to eat more. You look thinner than before. I feel heartbroken to see you like this. "

Hearing this, Sophia raised her lips slightly and said, "thank you."

"Please don't pick these up for each other. We are a family. Enjoy your dinner," Stellar said to everyone.

At this moment, Jenny stretched her foot to touch Victor's thigh. At the same time, Victor raised his head and happened to meet with Jenny's eyes. Jenny kept winking at him, which made Peter's face turn blue with anger.

"I heard that there is something wrong with the new product of your company. In fact, I know a lot of relevant people. If you need me, you can come to me at a

It's no use. The news conference at this time not only can't prove that our products won't be damaged, but more people will be more averse to our products."

Leon nodded in agreement, "what do you think we should do?"

With his eyes downcast, Victor didn't respond. He needed to stay calm, he told himself. Sophia lifted her head to look at them. Recently, there had been a lot of things happening in the company. She could tell that Victor was a little annoyed.

"You may leave now. I will think about it." Victor waved his hand, gesturing for Leon to leave.

Victor opened the computer and searched for the new products from the YS Group. He found that the Internet was full of negative news. Suddenly, a large amount of online water army pushed the negative news to the top. After a while, Victor found there was something wrong with the content of the newspaper. Especially the paid posters had posted it at the same time.

When Sophia noticed that Victor didn't respond, she walked out of the office and found that the people outside were all discussing about it. She knew they were all busy because of the new products. Seeing they were so busy, she suddenly wanted to do something for the company.

Sophia poured a glass of water for Victor. When Sophia got back to her office, Victor took a sip of the water and raised his head to looked at Sophia.

"Why there is no boiled water? Changed it."

Sophia looked at him helplessly and said lightly, "water is much healthy than coffee. If you don't want it, then I'll pour it away."

Victor laughed when he heard this. It seemed that Sophia was concerned about his health. Sophia got the glass of water from Victor, but unexpectedly, Victor didn't give it to her.

"I don't want to change it now." Victor took a sip of the water, overjoyed.

Sophia rolled her eyes at him and didn't know who he was.

At this moment, there were two suddenly knocks on the door, and Leon came in again.

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