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   Chapter 34 Jenny's Call

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There was a long silence in the office.

Staring at the screen of her cellphone, Sophia stared blankly at it for a long time. Then she took a deep breath, put the phone back on the table, and went back to her seat to continue working as if nothing had happened.

She had no intention of telling Victor. In her opinion, it was only a contractual relationship between her and Victor, and they were together for what they needed. As for her relationship with Jian family, there was no need to tell him.

"What are you doing?".

"What are you going to do?" Victor raised his eyebrows and stared at the stubborn look on Sophia's face.

'She really likes to keep everything to herself.'

Sophia put down the pen and suppressed the restlessness in her heart. She pretended to be calm and said, "what else can I do? I have nothing to do with Jian family. I don't deserve to be a stranger to disturb them. They are having a happy family."

Hearing this, Sophia could not help but laugh at herself, and the long eyelashes covered the gloom in her eyes.

Sophia was jealous. She was scared herself. All she wanted to do was to say that she didn't care about the end of the relationship with Jian family.

Thinking of this, Sophia hastily explained, "I mean that I have nothing to do with Jian family anymore, so I don't have to go back. What do you think?"

"Don't you want to know why your sister would call you?" Victor asked.

Sophia pursed her lips. To be honest, she was curious.

Jenny said that it was Caspar who asked Jenny to call her Why did Caspar ask her to go back? Didn't he try every means to win back the JH Group? Caspar must be very happy when he knew that Sophia had decided to leave Jian family. She couldn't find any reason why Caspar wanted her back.

"I'm curious. But my mind tells me that I shouldn't have come back. I will be bringing disgrace on myself if I go back." Sophia rubbed her forehead and said to herself sadly.

"In that case, how about I go back with you?"

"Em?" Sophia was startled, and she thought she had heard it wrong. Confused, she looked up at Victor and asked uncertainly, "you mean you want to go to Jian family's with me?"

Raising his eyebrows, Victor didn't say a word. The meaning in his eyes was obvious.

Wearing a smile on her face, Sophia tried to pretend not to hear Victor's words.

…… During the whole night, Sophia's work was over, and of course Victor was also in the office. It was too late for her to make it through, so she felt sore all over her body after sitting for a whole day. And then she noticed that Victor was reading the documents intently.

Sophia was so sleepy that she couldn't open her eyes. She stared at the big sofa and swore that she would fall asleep as soon as she touched the sofa. But Victor was next to her. If she fell asleep, she didn't know what Victor would do to her.

Sophia rubbed her eyes and tried to steady her sleepiness. However, she couldn't help lowering her head.


Oh, don't go. What does it mean if you go halfway through the meeting? Be careful, Mr. Victor will fire on you! "

"It's my fault that I was late. No matter how angry he with me, I will take it."

Sophia was confused, but she was more worried. This meeting was about the endorsement of Rita. Was there anything wrong with the new products?

With this in mind, Sophia strode towards the meeting room.

…… Before Sophia entered the meeting room, she heard the unpleasant voice of Victor from far away.

When Sophia stood outside the conference room, she suddenly hesitated.

After all, it was not appropriate for her to be in the conference room now, since she was so late. After hesitating for a while, she finally decided to knock on the door. The moment she raised her hand, her eyes happened to bump into Sophia who was in the conference room through the glass.

Sophia's feeling overwhelmed her. Her palms sweated.

At this moment, there was a strange silence in the meeting room. Everyone looked at Sophia standing at the door of the meeting room. Some of them were surprised, some were disdainful, and some were gloating...

Victor's words were sharp. Everyone in the company, and even the whole business circle, knew that anyone who dared to be late for his meeting was fired on the spot. And the woman in front of them had an unusual relationship with Victor. They wanted to see how he managed to deal with Sophia who was late for an hour.

Everyone was waiting to watch Sophia's joke. They were also glad that someone finally appeared to share a little of Victor's anger for them.

Even if Sophia herself, she thought that Victor wouldn't let her go.

But a moment later, out of everyone's expectation, Victor said two words faintly, "come in."

They were all shocked by Victor's words. No one had ever thought that their feared Victor could talk in such a calm manner!

Is the rumor true?

Mr. Victor actually didn't like men, but was he fascinated by a secretary?

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