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   Chapter 32 He Is A Devil

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Victor was naked on his upper body. His bronze colored skin and skinny figure drew much attention. The lines of his belly were partly hidden and partly visible, which made people want to touch him with her hand. What's more, some hair was hung on his legs casually. If the body was not covered completely, blood would spurt from her nose!

Sophia hurriedly turned her head and grabbed a clothes to put on.

The expression on Sophia's face was like a frightened rabbit. Victor lifted the corner of his mouth and reminded, "you put on the wrong clothes. It's mine."

"Well... I'm sorry. " Then Sophia hastily took off her clothes.

"I don't think you have suitable clothes. Let's go shopping and buy some. I'll introduce a person to you in a few days." Wearing clothes, Victor asked.

Sophia was no longer the panic in her mind. She glanced at Victor, who was reclining in the bed lazily, and frowned, "I don't think I need too many clothes. I think it's good to wear. What's wrong? Are you afraid that I will bring shame on you? "

"You have a clear estimation of yourself." Raising his eyebrows, Victor grinned and said, "you're worthy of being taught."

Sophia frown on her face widened. But at the thought of her relationship with Victor, a hint of sadness flashed through her clear eyes. She said, "on the one hand, I'm your assistant, you are my boss. I'm your subordinate. On the other hand, I'm your sex partner. I'm responsible for solving your physiological problem. Do you think it's necessary to introduce me to your friend?"

"Are you unsatisfied with our relationship?"

"No, I'm not." Sophia said faint sentences. When she looked at Victor, his bright eyes shone, which made Sophia get a short trance. But the next few words made him look a little cold.

"On the contrary, I think we are in a good relationship now. We are in a contractual relationship without any emotional burden. I just hope that you will not interfere in my private affairs in the future, just like the night before yesterday."

"Who the hell is that man? How could I know if you have betrayed me? "

"Believe it or not, it's none of my business." Sophia got angry for no reason. She didn't care about others' misunderstanding before, nor did she care about those words. But why did her heart ache when Victor said that he didn't believe her?

"It's no big deal. I'll know it sooner or later." With a bleak face, Victor got out of the bed. He held her face in his hands, and stared at the Sophia in his terrifying eyes. "Remember, you are mine. Whoever dares to touch you, I'll kill him."

Sophia's feeling in her heart shook a little. She raised her head and stared defiantly into Victor's gloomy eyes.

This man was a devil!

…… It was said that women could change their face faster than men, but Victor could change his face faster than anyone. One second he

to focus on her work. She looked up at the piles of documents in front of her. She felt like weeping but had no tears. What was more unbearable for her was that she felt empty in her stomach. She had a bad stomach, and she couldn't stand hungry at all. She didn't know how long she would feel if she kept starving this night. She also didn't know if her stomach was uncomfortable. The culprit who had made her work overtime had long gone, and she didn't know where he was now.

Having been starving to death, Sophia decided to get a cup of coffee to refresh herself. When she got up, her phone rang. It was Victor's phone. Perhaps he had forgotten to take it with him. Sophia had no intention to answer it, but the phone kept ringing. Sophia wondered if someone had something urgent to tell him?

When Sophia got back to the desk, her phone was still on. The caller ID was "Jay". Sophia suddenly thought of Jay that Zelda and Web mentioned to her last night. Could it be him?

Sophia was curious why the people outside said that Victor was a gay. Before she took out her phone, the ringtone stopped.

But after that, it never rang again.

It would be more realistic to have a cup of coffee in the tea room.

When she turned around, Sophia was freaked out!

She didn't even notice that Victor had followed her inside! Sophia restless and rubbed her chest and said, "are you a ghost? Why are you walking without any sound? "

"Have you done anything bad behind my back?" There was an evil smile on Victor's face, but Sophia didn't notice the look on Victor's face.

"If you don't trust me, you can be with me at any time. Are you satisfied with this?" Sophia was angry and said, "by the way, someone just called you. I wanted to answer it, but before I could do it, he hung up."

Then Sophia picked up her glass and left the office.

Victor stepped forward and stared at the screen of his phone.

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