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   Chapter 30 Who Is The Man With You

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After Sophia's words, the atmosphere in the office suddenly became depressed.

A sinister smile tugged at the corner of Victor's mouth. Before Sophia could respond, he pressed his lips against hers.

"Well..." Sophia began to struggle, squeezing a word indistinctly from her throat. However, in this situation, her rebellion seemed to become... "Accept."

She struggled, but he pushed her further.

Victor raised his eyebrows and held Sophia's jaw tightly.

Sophia suddenly opened her eyes and stared at Victor. She could see the taste of lust in his eyes. Did he want to...


Suddenly, Sophia took a bite of her silver teeth, and a taste of blood quickly spread from her mouth to her taste bud.

Caught off guard, Victor put aside Sophia of pain. Touching the bite corners of his mouth, his eyes were instantly filled with anger. "Was it fed by another man yesterday? !"

The moment he blurted out those words, Victor felt regretful and surprised. He didn't expect that he would be the first one to be hurt by those mean words.

At the thought of the man being intimate with her, his heart ached inexplicably.

Sophia's feeling overwhelmed her. She suddenly felt angry and wronged. Her hidden anger from yesterday afternoon to now finally exploded, "do you like to humiliate me so much! My dignity is not worth mentioning in front of you. Can you trample on it as you like! Yes, I have a contract with you. But so what? I'm a person, not a plaything for you to summon and swing! "

Victor narrowed his eyes with a hint of amazement in them.

Very well, he became more and more interested in this woman!

"Mr. Victor, the meeting is about to begin." The noise broke the eerie silence.

"Yes." Victor cast a sharp glance at an employee who was standing at the door. The employee shivered with fear, turned around and walked away.

…… The atmosphere in the meeting was also extremely low.

At the beginning of the meeting, the manager who was reporting work was given a harsh and strict account. The manager was so frightened that he trembled all over. He could say nothing except nodding and admitting his mistake.

Other senior leaders in the meeting held their breath. They knew the consequence of provoking Victor! They didn't dare to show any discontent even though they were scolded by Victor with a finger on their nose.

Greg vented his anger on the others. Watching Victor glowering at the others, Sophia couldn't help but curse inwardly, 'Victor is a replica of an ancient imperious emperor!'

"Is there anyone else who wants to report to me?" After lecturing several department managers, Victor gradually calmed down.

However, most people chose to be silent. Only one person said, "our company intends to sign a contract with Rita in one year, but the situation in the entertainment circle is changeable, Mr. Victor, have you thought about narrowing the contract?"

The one who spoke was Leon. After Leon finished, he noticed Sophia.

When the rest heard this, they broke out in a cold sweat. The news that Rita had a conflict with Sophia had spread all over the company yesterday. Besides, it was said that Victor had a special relationship with Sophia. So they surmised whether Victor was gay or not.

But according to what happened yesterday, Victor was on Rita's side, so Leon knew what had happened. It was useless to ask Leon now.

Sophia felt that Leon was looking at her, but she didn't get provoked. She remained calm and kept her eyes on the same as before, because Rita's matter had nothing to do with her.

"It's up to you. You will be in charge of everything for the new products, including the contract with the spokesperson. Don't ask for my opinion." After thinking for a moment, Victor said casually.

"Okay, I got it." Replied Leon.

"Who else has something to say?" Asked Victor.

All lowered their heads and kept silent.

"That's all for today's meeting. Dismiss." With that, Victor took the lead to leave the meeting room.

Leon walked up to Sophia and asked, "are you all right?"

Sophia was stunned for a second. Then she quickly realized that Leon was talking about the thing that she had had a conflict with Rita yesterday. She smiled and replied politely and politely, "yes, I'm fine."

"Rita is a star. It's natural for her to be a little arrogant and willful since she has worked in the entertainment industry for a long time. Don't take her words seriously. I promise it won't happen in the future."

Sophia looked at Leon in surprise. She didn't expect that he would come to comfort her. But from his words, she felt that he was taking Rita's s


"Mr. Leon seems to have a good relationship with Miss Rita?"

Leon replied frankly, "I was her classmate."

Sophia nodded her head and said, "I see. But don't worry, Mr. Leon, I won't take it to heart."

…… Sophia put all the files in order and left the meeting room. When she walked out of the meeting room, she heard the gossip around her.

"What's going on between Sophia and Mr. Victor? Why do I feel it so strange to meet them just now? " One of the employees said.

"Yeah, see? Mr. Victor's mouth almost broke. He was fine this morning when I brought him the coffee. " Another employee echoed.

"That's right. Mr. Victor stayed in his office for a whole night last night. The lights in his office were all on for the whole night. Was he waiting for Sophia?"

Hearing this, Sophia was suddenly stunned.

'Did Victor stay in the company the whole night?' No wonder his eyes were red and he looked tired. Was he really worried about her that he didn't go home for the whole night?

So she was... Did she put the blame on him?

Don't flatter yourself! Maybe he had something urgent to deal with. He was angry because she had disappeared without telling him for the whole night.

Sophia's self-deprecating smile made her walk towards the office.

…… The moment Victor went back to his office, his phone rang. Glancing at the caller ID, he picked it up.

"How is it going?" Victor asked straightforwardly.

"I only know that she stayed in New Moon Hotel for a night, and there was a man with her, but the identity of the man was not found." A man's voice came from the other end of the line. Hearing his words, Victor's anger which had gone away with great efforts surged up again.

"No need for further investigation." With these words, Victor hung up the phone. When he raised his eyebrows, he saw Sophia pushed the door in, which made him even more angry.

Sophia was taken aback by the look in Victor's eyes, and she paused.

She didn't know when she made him angry again.

"Mr. Victor, if you don't need anything else, I will go to the studio to have a look." She decided to stay away from him!

"Who allows you to go to the studio?" Victor shouted harshly, "get back. Just stay in your office and don't need to go to the studio."

Frowning, Sophia asked, "but Miss Rita..."

"You don't want to stay with me?" Victor raised his eyebrows and interrupted Sophia.

Sophia said nothing. She just didn't want to stay by his side. But did she have any other choices?

"You have no choice." Mike suddenly asked, as if he had seen through her mind.

Then she went back to her seat quietly.

The only thing that Victor did the whole day was to watch Sophia. It made her feel uncomfortable and pathetic that she couldn't even speak.

Sophia could finally get off work, hoping that time could be faster.

Squinting slightly, Victor fixed his eyes on Sophia. He couldn't miss every move of her, every expression. If this woman wasn't too stubborn, she should be a very pleasing woman.

"Mr. Victor, we are off duty." Sophia was so hard to attract the attention of Victor, so she reminded Victor of "kindness" on the off-duty time.

"Okay, I will go back after work." "Wait for me in the car," Victor said indifferently.

…… In the car.

Sitting on the copilot, Sophia felt like on pins and needles, and she kept biting her lips to relieve her uneasiness.

Why didn't Victor say anything on the way? It isn't the style of him. Or was he just kept hiding his big secret and planned to torture her once he got back?

She found herself different than before. In the past, she was very composed. Even when facing Stellar with a sharp smile and Jenny with contemptuous remarks, she was able to keep calm. But now, facing Victor opposite, she couldn't be as calm as she used to be.

She began to wonder what kind of feeling she had for Victor.

"Who was with you last night?" Her guess was right. After a long time of silence, Victor couldn't help but question her.

Sophia's heart jolted. How did he know she was with a man last night? Had he already known that she was Jeremy?

This man... It seemed to be more terrible than she had imagined.

"Do you think I don't know anything if you don't talk?" Victor's voice turned colder than before.

"I have nothing to do with him. I think there is no need for me to explain to you." Sophia said it in a calm voice.

"Don't forget the agreement of three years. In the three years, I will never allow my woman to betray me." Victor said word by word.

It was the first time for Sophia to see the serious look on Victor's face.

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