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   Chapter 29 The Secret Of Jeremy

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Jeremy smiled and shook the beer in his hand, "I know it's not your true feeling. It's just perfunctory."

Sophia didn't deny.

Jeremy's sincerity was beyond Sophia's expectation. But since they had only known each other for one day, it was impossible for Sophia to get rid of her vigilance.

Jeremy didn't seem to care about it. He took another sip of the wine and drank half of it in one gulp. As the half bottle of wine went down, his face became red. He stared at Sophia and said nothing.

Stared by Jeremy, Sophia felt uneasy. She said, "didn't you say you were going to tell me a secret? What is it? "

There was a strange light in Jeremy's eyes, "do you know? When I first saw you, I felt that you looked like someone. "

Frowning, Sophia thought that Jeremy was about to say something to make fun of her again, but it turned out that she misunderstood Jeremy this time.

She saw that Jeremy looked at her with expectation and excitement in his eyes, and said sincerely, "although I'm a little bold, you really look like my deceased mother. Her eyes, brows and temperament look exactly alike. You are just the replica of her when she was young. "

It was a little surprised that Jeremy had said these words. Sophia wanted to see if he was joking, but she didn't. now Jeremy looked very serious.

Sophia opened her mouth, hesitated for a long time and then slowly said, "maybe it's the fate that brings you here, but seeing me might make you unhappy."

Jeremy shook his head and said, "on the contrary, I'm very happy. In fact, I am a strong man in others' eyes. I am strong in everything, so I will never easily express my feelings, but in front of you, I find that I really can't control myself. "

Sophia's fingers tapped on the glass, and her heart could not help but feel sad. She was deeply aware of the feelings of Jeremy.

Since she didn't have a father, she had been a tough girl since she was a child. She would not show her weakness to others easily. She besieged her sensitive and fragile heart. As time went by, she became a copper wall, unable to let herself go, and no one else could enter her heart.

Even to her own father, she always kept a close watch on him.

It seemed that they were the same kind of people, but Jeremy was good at using another side to hide himself.

"Your mother must be very happy if she knows your intention. Like you, I lost my mother and my father became someone else's father. " Sophia shrugged her shoulders, trying to make herself sound as relaxed as possible.

"You are also a person with story." Jeremy nodded, opened another bottle of wine and toasted with Sophia, "cheers for us who are pitying each other!"


Sophia didn't drink much before, but since she talked to Jeremy, she found that the two had many similarities, such as flavor, taste and so on. When they chatted, they drank more.

Sophia's feeling made her head dizzy. The remaining sense told her that she couldn't drink this much. If she drank like this, she couldn't even recognize the way to her room!

"I... I'm going back. " Sophia rubbed her temple, feeling dizzy. When she was about to stand up and go back to her seat, she almost fell down to the ground.

However, Jeremy quickly reached out to take her, "since you are drunk, let me send you back."

"No... You don't have to... " Sophia refused. She insisted on going back on her own.

Jeremy sighed, "you're drunk. How can you go back? I asked you to drink with me, but you were so drunk that you were unconscious. "

Jeremy carried Sophia to her room. Sophia blushed and fell asleep.

Suddenly, his phone rang. It wasn't his. Jeremy looked around and found it was a phone on the table. He paused for a moment, walked over and hung up.

"What an innocent woman!" After saying that, Jeremy went to the bathroom to get a wet towel and put it on Sophia's forehead. When he put it on her forehead, the woman in the bed had already fallen asleep, and her rosy cheeks were as attractive as being rouged.

Jeremy stood at the bedside and looked at her sleeping look, feeling lost in thought.

After a long time, Jeremy finally came to his sense. He took out his phone and dialed a number.

…… The next day.

The first ray of sunlight came into the room through the thick curtains of the hotel. The whole room became bright.

She slept well that night and didn't even have a dream. During this period, Sophia was still in a trance, and then had a feeling of being drunk and having a headache all over her body!


Sophia's feelings sobered more than half! She suddenly sat up from the bed. Oh no! She was so drunk and had no idea how she went back to her room last night!

Sophia's feelings surged in her mind. All she could remember was that she was drinking with Jeremy, and then...


Sophia suddenly thought of something, and she looked down to see that her clothes were still neatly dressed. She felt secretly relieved.

Fortunately, the clothes were still there

and nothing bad had happened!

Sophia though she felt lucky in her heart, when she thought of what happened yesterday, she couldn't help shivering. She was lucky. Jeremy was a gentleman. If the man she met with was someone with ulterior motives, perhaps...

Sophia shook her head, too frightened to think about it.

After she gradually calmed down, Sophia checked the time. It was still a little time to go to work, so she got up and took a shower slowly. When she took a shower, she found the hangover was still lingering in her body.

After she washed up, Sophia made her clothes and picked up her bag to go to work directly. When she was checking the bag, she noticed the light of her cellphone on the table was still flickering.

A bad feeling suddenly crossed Sophia's mind.

When she turned on the phone and saw there were dozens of missed calls, her heart missed a beat. There were so many missed calls, most of which were from Victor and the telephone of the YS Group.

Did anything happen in the company after she left yesterday?

But she was a little surprised that Victor called her so many times. After all, a big president like the CEO of the YS Group didn't have the time to call an assistant.

Confused as Sophia was, she arrived at the company as soon as possible.

…… In the YS Group.

The moment Sophia stepped into the YS Group, she sensed that the atmosphere was different. Normally, when other people saw her, the special assistant, they would greet her in a polite way. But today, everyone else was hiding from her as if she was a plague. The few people who liked gossip before were very busy today.

Everything was in a mess. Sophia wanted to ask someone about what had happened, but before she could get close to them, all kinds of excuses had gone.

It was ridiculous!

Sophia muttered to herself and walked straight to her office.

The moment she caught sight of Victor in front of her, she realized what was going on!

As a CEO and with a long face, no wonder other employees dared to make trouble in the office.

"Good morning, Mr. Victor." Sophia greeted, trying her best not to look at the horrifying expression on Victor's face. After she cleaned the table, she got down to her work.

When Sophia pushed the door open, Victor narrowed his eyes and there was a sudden dark light in his deep eyes. He had thought that Sophia would explain to him about yesterday, but he didn't expect that Sophia would get busy with work and give him the cold shoulder!

Why didn't she care to challenge his bottom line!

"Where did you go last night?" The simple but cold voice, which was obviously filled with anger, drifted into Sophia's ears. She was frightened to tremble by this voice, and then she thought of dozens of missed calls in this morning's mobile phone!

Sophia lowered her head and said in a calm voice, "you are my boss during working hours, so off work time is my personal. I'm sorry, I can't tell you."

"You think you have some privacy in front of me?" Victor said in a cold and thin voice, which sounded trembling to Sophia's ears. Apparently, Victor wasn't going to let her go.

After listening to this, Sophia's heart suddenly sank. He was always superior and commanding to her, and she was like a puppet at his disposal.

"Mr. Victor, don't forget that we have a contractual relationship." Sophia's voice became colder, but she deliberately avoided his eyes.

It was almost unacceptable for Victor.

"Come here." Victor squinted at Sophia and said in a commanding tone.

Sophia was in a dilemma.

With displeasure, Victor stood up from his seat and loosened his tie. He got to get Sophia and looked down at her.

"Why didn't you answer my phone?" A skeptical voice came over her head.

Sophia paused for a second and then replied plainly, "I was sleeping, so I didn't hear the phone ring."

"Didn't you hear me? okay? A man with you? So you decided to hang up my phone? " There was a hint of danger in Victor's voice. He slightly bent over and looked at Sophia in a cold face.

Sophia's feeling made her look up, only to see a handsome face close to her. She instinctively wanted to move back, but the next second, her chin was grabbed tightly.

"Look at me and answer my question!" Holding her delicate and fine chin, Victor forced her to look straight into his eyes!

It was impossible for Sophia to get rid of Victor. She raised her head and looked at the man in disbelief. It was not until now that she noticed the exhaustion on his face. Although he was angry, his dark eyes became red.

Sophia was so strange and confused. What was wrong with him...

"Answer me!" Obviously, Victor's patience was running out. This woman could easily irritate him!

Sophia frowned and said indifferently, "no comment."

She was drunk last night and didn't know how to explain since Victor called her so many times? Did she tell Victor that she drank with a man? Then it would be impossible for Victor not to pull her down!

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