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   Chapter 27 Favor Rita

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Leon, who was standing beside them, really wanted to cover his eyes and ears. This woman was so shameless and he didn't know what to say to Rita.

Sophia stood straight without any weakness, looked straight into Rita's eyes and said slowly, "if you can't cooperate with me, our company has to change another actress. Wasting some money to save our company's form, it was not a loss for the YS Group."

It was hard for Rita to believe that the once submissive girl had suddenly become such a powerful woman. Rita felt a little uncomfortable about this change, so she turned to the other side and said, "well, fine. You win. Reshoot."

"Thanks for your cooperation, Miss Rita."

Rita called a makeup artist and called her to come in. Then Sophia glanced at Rita and looked at Leon. "Although Rita has a bad temper, but she shouldn't be a bad person, so please forgive her."

Leon was quite fond of the small girl with thoughts. He reached out his hand to her politely and said, "thank you for your help. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have dealt with this matter so quickly."

Sophia was a little shy and her face flushed red. She shyly held Leon's right hand and said, "don't be shy. We're all colleagues."

Rita, who was doing her make-up, saw Leon talking cheerfully with Sophia through the mirror. She closed her eyes to cover the anger in her eyes. What a bitch! Everything Sophia saw in the morning must have upset her. That's why Sophia helped Leon handle her!

All the staff returned to their normal work gradually. After the incident, no one dared to speak ill of Rita, for fear that she would lose her temper!

"Sophia, I want some water." After taking a group of promotional photos, Rita began to order Sophia who was as a supervisor.

Sophia tightened her lips and said, "Miss Rita, wait a moment."

Sophia poured the pure water into a cup and handed it to Rita. However, the glass fell to the ground accidentally. Rita's shoes got wet because of the broken glass.

It was unexpected that Rita slapped Sophia across her face. The sound of this slap reverberated through the whole studio. The sound was so loud that everyone in the studio was stunned. People who saw this scene couldn't believe their eyes. However, no one dared to offend Rita.

"You couldn't hold the cup tight, and my shoes got wet." Rita shouted before Sophia could say anything

When John walked past the studio, he saw Sophia was holding her face with her hand. John couldn't help but feel uneasy and walked towards the inside.

When John got closer to Sophia, he saw her tears running down her cheek. When he saw her swollen cheek, he felt a little sad. He took Sophia behind him and coldly said to Rita, "Miss Rita, there should be limit for doing things. Don't take others' forbearance as the bottom line. We really can't tolerate a person like you!"

"It's ridiculous that an assistant protected another assistant."

Rita snorted and looked at Sophia behind John.

Sophia hold her hand tightly. She had no father, but she had never suffered such a loss. Rita must be unreasonable now.

"John, don't say anything more. It's okay for me to get slapped." Sophia wiped her tears and tried to smile to John. When did she become so coward!

However, right at this moment, Victor, who was walking in the studio, happened to see this scene, which was totally different from the one that John comforted. Victor's dashing eyebrows shot up, and the look in Victor's eyes suddenly turned cold. He didn't even know that his right-hand assistant was interested in his bed companion. As a man, how could he not know what John was thinking!

"John, what happened?" "What's going on?" Victor asked.

"Your assistant broke the cup. I have spoken a few words to her. Then the other assistant said the YS Group doesn't allow me to stay." Rita glared at John as if she was threatening him with her chin.

"You're such a sweet talker, Miss Rita," answered John.

"Well, that's enough." The two were about to argue with each other, but Victor stopped them. He kept looking down at Sophia, and said, "Sophia, you're so clumsy. How can you do it?"

Sophia didn't make any sound, and her grievance almost crushed her. Only one side of Rita's words made Victor realize that she was wrong. Victor was so reasonable.

"Mr. Victor..." John wanted to defend Sophia, but his hand was grabbed by Sophia. John wondered if Sophia had to bear this slap?!

Sophia never raised her head. She bent down and apologized to Rita, "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm sorry to have frightened you."

After finishing her words, Sophia ran out of the studio. She couldn't stay there for even a second. Victor was just her bed partner. He misunderstood and hated her. It had nothing to do with her.

Victor stood still and looked at the gate of the studio. 'What's wrong with her? She d

idn't even defend herself? And why had she kept her head down? It wasn't like Sophia who would bow to him.

"Miss Rita, you deserve to be a big star. Your acting skill is superb." Said John in a sarcastic tone. He didn't even look at her, as the way such a snob looked at her made him sick!

"John." "What's wrong with you?" Victor asked, looking at John with indifference. Victor knew John and John would never be such an arrogant man

John was his special assistant. If it hadn't been for the serious matter, he would never have gone through such terrible things. John acted like this maybe because of... Sophia?

Then John walked out of the studio. Victor raised his head to look at the monitoring. It seemed that he had to look the monitoring from beginning!

After John got out of the studio, he caught up with Sophia. Looking at her red cheek, he took her to a nearby medicine shop and bought an ointment that could reduce swelling.

They walked to the bench of the park and sat down. Sophia brushed her hair with her fingers and asked John to apply medicine for her. She couldn't help but ask, "do I look like a steamed stuffed bun now?"

John smiled gently at her and replied helplessly, "yes, you are also a cute bun."

This girl didn't consider herself at all. If it wasn't her fault, why should she bear all this silently?

Sophia's eyelids twitched. She really wanted to get herself disfigured. The man named Victor must be a man who only paid attention to appearance. If she got ugly, perhaps he would release her in advance.

Looking at Sophia who was in a daze, John didn't know what to say. He said, "although we haven't known each other for a long time, I still find one advantage of you."

Confused, Sophia looked at John and thought to herself? She asked, "what merits? Tell me. This is also a good news for me. "

"You are a careless girl. You apologized to the person who slapped you for no reason. Otherwise, you would have been slapped. But you turned your head and said," didn't I hurt you." Are you an idiot? " Which had indeed added salt to Sophia's wound.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Thank you for leaving a hole in my heart."


John put the ointment back to the box in his hand, and instructed, "apply it three times a day, and it'll be effective for the swelling to heal within two days."

"I see. Thank you for standing up for me just now. And thank you very much." Sophia thanked him from her heart. It was her fortune to meet a man like John in this cold world.

"You're welcome. As long as you don't get yourself injured again, that will be the greatest thanks to me." She was such a sincere girl that he had no idea how much she would suffer in the future.

Sophia pouted in a smile. It seemed that she was also enjoying the beautiful scenery. With a warm-hearted person by her side, she felt very comfortable.

After they had walked for a while, Sophia said to John, "I want to be alone. Can I? You can go now. I'll treat you to dinner some other time. "

Although John was worried about her, he finally nodded his head. He thought it was good to be alone. Sometimes, it would make others feel depressed if someone else was with them. After he said goodbye to Sophia, he went straight back to the company without going everywhere else.

In the YS Group.

After Sophia was gone, the atmosphere in the studio became awkward.

Obviously, Victor was on Rita's side, but anyone who was not blind could tell that Victor had a worse expression after Sophia left. Nobody dared to talk to Victor, and even Rita went to ask the make-up artist to fix her makeup.

"Mr. Victor, shall we continue filming?" One of the workers asked gingerly, afraid that he had said something wrong and infuriated Victor. However, it was not a good way to keep the deadlock.

After a moment of silence, everyone present heard the cool voice of Victor, "keep on filming."

Then Victor turned around and left the studio.

They didn't feel relieved until the shadow of Victor disappeared.

"Why does Mr. Victor suddenly come to the studio today? I have never seen him come to a place like this before. It's so strange!"

"Enough! Don't you feel the weird atmosphere?"

"That's right. Are the rumors true? Does Victor like Sophia? "

The gossips kept going. Leon straightened his face and reprimanded the gossipers, "if you like the gossip so much, why don't you go to the CEO's office and behave yourself?"

On hearing this, they shut up immediately.

"How are you feeling now?" Leon asked as he walked up to Rita who was fixing her make-up.

Rita pushed the hand of the makeup artist away. She glanced at Leon who looked pale in the mirror and said, "you mean it's all my fault? In this case, I don't think it's necessary to be photographed today. We'll talk about this after things are clear. "

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