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   Chapter 22 The Relationship Between Us

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"Rita?! Now that you are here, let's go to your office and talk about it! " Victor glanced at Rita and then looked away.

Rita couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. Usually, men would be lecherous when they saw her, and she would be disgusted. But Victor turned a blind eye to her. His eyes didn't stop at her body for a second.

Rita took a step forward and said in a soft voice deliberately, "Okay, Mr. Victor!" Rita leered at Victor.

But Victor didn't respond. He just looked around and Rita also looked around that she found that the people around her were all strange, as if she had done something she shouldn't.

After searching for half a day, Victor finally saw Sophia hidden behind the pillars. He strode towards her.

"Miss Sophia, you're so inefficient with your work!" Sophia's shoulders shook when she saw him.

Sophia didn't expect that Victor would find her in front of so many people. She slowly turned around.

"Yes, everything is ready, Mr. Victor." Carrying the tray in her hands, Sophia whispered to Victor.

For the sake of so many people, she didn't dare to refuse Victor.

John calmly looked at the scene in front of him, and there was a rare gleam in his eyes when he looked at Sophia.

"Go back to the office!" Victor nodded, a slight and angry voice rising over Sophia's head.

Rita was shocked by the expression on Victor's face. It seemed that the president of the YS Group was indeed a powerful person. However, when his assistant served the coffee a little bit slower, she was scolded by Victor in front of everyone.

She took a look at Sophia who was walking towards them, and sympathized with Sophia. Waggling her slim waist, she followed Victor.

All the employees were amazed by this scene. They all looked so serious about their work

John had planned to leave the office, so he didn't have much to talk to Victor and walked towards his office quietly.

Sophia didn't know what to do, but stood there. And Victor's words made her feel ashamed of herself. But she couldn't contradict Victor.

Moreover, it was not appropriate for her to step in at this time. Everyone knew that Mr. Victor liked to do shameful things in his office, which she knew well.

So she had intended to sneak out of his way to avoid him, but he called her back to check on her. Alas! 'That guy is really stubborn.'

Sophia silently followed them. After entering the room, she walked to Victor, put the coffee on the table politely and sat back in front of her desk.

Rita looked at everything Sophia did, feeling that Sophia was just a small assistant, and was no different from the staff working in the YS Group.

However, what surprised Rita most was that she had never seen an assistant in the same office as the CEO?!

She stared suspiciously at Sophia's calm face, trying to find out anything, but Sophia's simple and calm face made her give up. She had to think that it was a management mode in the YS Group.

"Miss Rita, please have a seat." There was a slight smile on Victor's face.

Rita replied politely as she settled herself on the nearest sofa to Victor. With a courteous smile, Rita stared at Victor's face intently.

A strange smile tugged at the corner of Victor's mouth. Wisps of white smoke rose from his coffee mug.

He picked up the cup and tasted it. But when he just took the first sip, his expression became very strange. This cup of coffee... This cup of coffee was salty.

This woman... Restraining his anger, Victor regained his composure. Slowly, he put the coffee back on the table.

Rita noticed the sudden change of Victor's facial expression. Her eyes shifted from the cup of coffee to Sophia. Rita's expression became unpredictable.

Who was that woman? Why was she in the same office with the president of the YS Group?

"Miss Rita, have you read the cooperation plan? What do you think? " Looking at the plan given by the market department, Victor said indifferently.

"Yes, I did! I'm willing to cooperate with your company and be the spokesperson of your company's products. " Rita replied.

In fact, Rita had come up with a plan. She thought that if she took the invitation, she would have more chances to meet Victor, then...

However, there was one question that had been wandering in Rita's mind for a long time. She still couldn't figure out. That was why the staff of the YS Group had looked at her in that way just now.

"Okay. I look forward to working with you!" Victor stood up and stretched out his right hand.

"I'm looking forward to it too!" Rita said with a bright smile on her face.

She stood up, stretched out her left hand and shook

with his.

Victor's hand was a little cold. His fingers were slender, and the back of them was smooth. His broad palm gave people a sense of safety.

Seeing that his hand was still held by Rita and it seemed that she wouldn't let it go, he knitted his eyebrows. He raised his head and looked towards Sophia.

Sophia had hidden herself behind the computer screen, so he couldn't see the expression on her face.

Feeling inexplicably irritable, Victor pulled his hand out of Rita's hand.

"Okay, Miss Rita. If you agree, I will arrange manager Li from the marketing department to discuss the salary and products with you." Taking back his hand, Victor closed the project plan on the table.

As long as Victor handled the formalities, he could finish it. But since Rita had come to him by accident, he had to ask the organizer out of courtesy.

"Okay!" Rita felt empty and disappointed. She had thought that she could take this opportunity to contact Victor more, but it turned out that she still needed to talk to Leon Li.

But soon she realized that since Victor was the president of the whole group, he couldn't do everything in person. But as long as she worked here for a day, she wouldn't miss the chance to see him.

Thinking of this, Rita began to look forward to cooperating with the YS Group in the future.

Victor wanted to have a talk with Sophia, but he found that Rita was still in the office. So he had to remind her again.

"Miss Rita, why don't you leave?" If it weren't for John's persuading him to admit that Rita was the most popular star at the present, Victor would have already driven her out according to his temper, instead of asking her such a question.

Although Sophia was sitting at a desk, she kept an eye on the surroundings. When she heard the sharp question from Victor, she almost vomited blood. She couldn't believe her ears?!

Rita blushed scarlet with shyness when she heard this. But Rita liked this kind of cool, mature man.

"I have another question for you." Rita raised her head, her sparkling eyes gazing at the handsome man.

She had never been so nervous in front of a man since she was born. She had heard that the CEO of the YS Group was gay and was likely to love... The man.

"Please go ahead." Victor didn't think his tone was inappropriate. He just thought that Rita was not a big star but a young girl who had just stepped into the society.

"Can I be your girlfriend?" Rita would not miss any chance to sleep with a handsome and rich man like Victor.

After Rita finished speaking, she twisted her arms to calm herself down.

Victor thought that Rita would ask him about the products or the salary. But he didn't expect that she would ask him about himself.

But this woman was bold and straightforward enough. Although he didn't dislike this type of women, he had no feeling for Rita at all.

Victor glanced at Sophia from the corner of his eye. But Sophia sat in front of her desk and acted as if she didn't hear it.

"Mr. Victor, I just found the way your employees looked at me was very strange. Have you already had a girlfriend?" When Rita didn't receive any response from Victor, Rita blurted out her thoughts.

"Sophia, what's our relationship?" Instead of answering Rita's question, Victor threw the question to Sophia who pretended to be a wooden man.

Rita then realized that there was another person in the room. It was Sophia of Victor's assistant. However, Sophia was so simple and quiet when she got into the room that Rita had already forgotten her.

Rita had thought that Sophia had nothing to do with Victor, but now it seemed that they had a special relationship.

"Bed companion!" Said Sophia calmly, as if she was talking about an ordinary thing.

When Rita asked the first question to Victor, Sophia got worried inexplicably. She was afraid that Victor would agree, which even frightened herself.

If so, Victor wouldn't keep asking Sophia. But when Sophia thought of this, she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. She didn't know why she felt this way.

"A bed partner? !" Rita exclaimed in disbelief.

Rita knew what a companion meant. A companion in bed meant a couple in need. She didn't feel surprised for big shots like Victor. But a companion in bed was just a primitive desire combined, and there was not much emotional foundation. Did they have the same kind of relationship?

"You are just bed companions?" Rita asked, confused.

"Yes! We have signed a contract. Our relationship is just a bed partner. We do not interfere in other people's privacy and their friends! " Sophia described the contract to Rita, word by word.

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