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   Chapter 21 A Beautiful Female Star

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Victor strode out of the car. He didn't enter the building, but opened the door on the other side.

When the car door opened, a woman in black high-heeled shoes stuck out and drew everyone's attention.

Sophia was planned to get down by herself. But before she could open the door, Victor had already opened it.

There were only a few people standing at the entrance of the building, but Sophia could feel that several strong lights were staring at them. Sophia didn't know what Victor was doing, so she got out of the car.

Taking over Sophia, Victor put her hand in his arm and walked into the building.

"Why did you do that?" The moment they stepped into the special elevator for the CEO, Sophia pulled her hand out of Victor's arms with a cold face.

Sophia had kept smiling all the way. It was hard for her to refuse Victor in front of so many people. But when they were alone, she just wanted to get away from him.

"I like it." Victor answered with a thin smile.

Sophia was almost choked to death by Victor's words. This kind of person couldn't be communicated at all!

When the elevator arrived, they walked out of it in tandem.

Sophia caught everyone's attention. However, when she looked around, she found any employees working so hard.

When Sophia arrived at the door of the CEO's office, Sophia stood there, but she didn't go there.

"Should I report to the human resources department?" Sophia asked Victor who was pushing the office door.

"You don't have to report to anyone!" Victor said indifferently with a frown.

It seemed that Sophia wasn't his special assistant. She was his personal assistant! She was in charge of everything related to Victor.

"Your desk." Pointing at a corner of his big plate table, he said in a serious tone.

"No way!" Sophia replied in a loud voice.

Sophia had thought that she would have a separate office like John, and that would be why he called her if necessary. But now, it seemed that Victor did not plan to give her a single desk. What was this? It didn't look like she was working.

"Don't push me too far! I'm here for work. Shouldn't I have a desk? " Sophia frowned and said in a discontented voice.

"Well A desk? No problem! " It turned out that she only needed the desk, and it was no problem for the president of the YS Group.

Victor walked to the telephone, made an internal call, and Victor's voice passed through the phone, "get a set of office chairs and a desk for the president office."

"I'm going out to work!" Sophia was defeated by Victor's understanding. When did she say that she wanted to stay in the same room with him?

And this room, to the extreme, was disgusting and disgusting. If she stayed with the hooligan like Victor in this room, she couldn't escape when he became out of control.

"You are my special assistant. Of course you have to work with me!" Victor raised his eyebrows and ignored Sophia's request.

"You..." Sophia was so angry with his words that she could hardly speak. This man was so overbearing and self-righteous!

Soon, someone came in. They set the table and chairs in the office, put away the notebook and other necessities. After that, they left in respect. During the whole process, they didn't dare to see Victor and didn't say anything.

Was it because the personnel of the YS Group was well behaved or because Victor was too strict.

Sophia looked up. Although Victor was only wearing a dark colored tailored suit, the moment he stood there, he gave people a feeling of coldness, bringing people a feeling of king that they wanted to worship.

Sophia sat in front of her desk, but she did not know what she was busy with. She could only open the computer's screen to check the development history of the YS Group.

As time passed, Sophia had already been studied for two hours. The notebook slowly read down several pages, which were about the YS Group. From the development history to the present, from the scope of its operation, and from the management mode.

If it weren't for Victor, she would be very happy to work here. Sophia thought.

It seemed that Sophia hadn't got any thing done for a long time from Victor. This was beyond Sophia's expectation.

She stretched herself, rubbed her sore shoulders and then raised her head to look at Victor.

A beam of beam of light shone on the large square table while Victor stared at the screen without blinking. The sound of keyboard kept coming. A little sunlight sprinkled on his dark hair, glittering faintly. His per

fect face sparkled in the sun. His smooth skin like a sculpture made people want to touch it, but... But the nature coldness between his eyebrows made people step away.

"I didn't expect that Victor is so handsome when he is working hard." Sophia thought quietly.

It was said that the man who worked hard was the most handsome.

"Are you in love with me?" Victor lifted his head and glanced at Sophia. A mysterious smile appeared on his lips, which made Sophia get nervous.

"Nonsense!" Sophia contradicted in a loud voice, but her face flushed bright red.

"Coffee." Said Victor lightly, pointing at the cup on the table.

The task assigned by Mr. Victor was so simple that she couldn't help but roll her eyes. Then she walked to Victor and raised his glass.

"Remember, I don't add milk or sugar." Victor stared at his computer without raising his head.

Sophia clenched the glass in her hand, feeling so sentimental in her heart. Did Victor take her for the servant he asked!

After Sophia pushed the door open, she ran into Mr. John who was standing outside.

"Hi, Miss Sophia." He stood with a smile on his face.

"Hello, Mr. John!" This man was so polite that Sophia never detested him.

"I'm coming for Mr. Victor." John stared at Sophia who was wearing a calm expression on her face, but his eyes couldn't help changing.

"He is inside." Sophia made a gesture of welcome and responded.

Sophia hoped one day she could be as calm and composed as John was when he left.

…… Sophia walked to the tea room with a cup in her hand. There were some colleagues there, who stopped talking and left when they saw her.

Sophia knew that what Victor did today must have been spread in the company, so the staff of the YS Group would definitely stay away from her. After all, she was Victor's woman.

Sophia gave a sneer from the bottom of her heart. Originally, she looked down upon women who relied on nepotism. She didn't expect that she would end up like this.

Sophia was still depressed after she made the coffee successfully. Seeing the coffee in her hand, she couldn't help thinking of Victor's cold expression, and quietly took her hand to the flavor box.

"Hurry up. Here comes the famous star Rita He!"

"Where is she? I will go too. Wait for me! "

When Sophia just walked out of the tea room, she heard someone yelling, as if the person was a very important celebrity. Her name was Rita He!

Rita He?! If Sophia remembered it right, Jenny had mentioned several times that Rita He was a famous female star now. She was able to record, film and advertising.

Sophia shrugged her shoulders. She didn't care about the gossip news, so she knew nothing about the stars. She wouldn't have known anything if Jenny hadn't mentioned it to her.

But why didn't she go to the movie theater but come to the YS Group?

Sophia followed the crowd and saw the so-called big star from afar, Rita He.

Rita He wore a tight skirt, which tightened her amazing good figure. Although she was bright, she was not as charming as Jenny. Her waist was so thin that only one part of her waist could be held. The skirt was covered with a little snow-white ankles, causing countless imaginations.

Sophia could not help but gasp in admiration. Rita He's figure and appearance were absolutely the best.

Four men in black followed Rita He and surrounded her in the middle when they saw the excited crowd.

"Clank, clank, clank..." The door of the CEO's office opened and Victor strode out, followed by John.

"I didn't expect the CEO of the YS Group to be so young and handsome." Rita He's eyes lit up the moment she saw Victor.

In fact, Victor just wanted to know why it took so long for Sophia to make a cup of coffee. But when he arrived at the door, he heard a big noise. He thought it was Sophia's thing, but when he opened the door, he saw another woman.

John had asked Rita He to wait for him in his office. But to his surprise, she had come to him. When he saw the frown on Victor's face, he walked up to Victor and explained.

"Mr. Victor, I have mentioned to you Miss Rita," John introduced. John was standing next to Victor.

The employees, who had been shielding and about to ask Rita He's signature, had gone back to their posts after the door of the CEO's office was opened. But they were attentive to Rita He and discussed on the computer.

Since the people all left, Sophia was likely to be found by Victor that she loafed on the job. So Sophia quickly found a pillar to hide inside.

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